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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                               April 2005

April Meeting, Tuesday Apr. 19th, 2005, 7:00 PM, Culpepper's, Kirkwood

Culpepper’s location: 312 S. Kirkwood Rd. (314) 821 7322

President’s Epistle  Spring fever.  No time to write.  Check here next month.

Dates For Your Calendar

April 17th          Polar Bear Spring Drive

April 19th          SLTOA Meeting at Cullpeppers in Kirkwood 7:00 p.m.

April 24th          SCCA Rally at Columbia , Illinois (About 60 miles) - Jagfixer@rdr.net

May 6th-8th       Bluegrass British Bash, Lexington, Kentucky - Car Show/Drive, Derby Party - Bpdahls@msn.com

May 7th            MG Club Fling in the Spring Drive with - Dinner at Pierre Marquette Park -314-995-TOMG

May 17th          SLOA May Meeting at Steve and Sandy Street’s

May 22nd          SCCA St. Louis Region Rally (Location to be determined)

May 27th-29th   Champagne All British Car Show - Champaign, Illinois - Altmgb2@yahoo.com - 309-662-3020

June 3rd-4th       Marques on the Green - Louisville, Kentucky - Bluegrassclub@aol.com - 502-459-6794

June 7th            SLTOA Picnic/June Meeting

June 9th-12th     British V8 Convention in Terre Haute http://britishv8.org/Events/2005V8MeetFlyer.htm

June 23rd-26th   TRA National Meet - Branson, Missouri - All Triumps Welcome - JWSTR2@yahoo.com - 713-937-8247

July 10 ??         SLTOA Mid Summer Drive/Picnic (To be determined)

July 16th           London to Brighton - Indianapolis, Indiana - Details later

July 17th           Cincinnati Car Show - Cincinnati, Ohio - Details Later

July 19th           SLTOA June Meeting at John Lamberg’s

July 26th-29th    VTR - Rockford, Illinois - Info@vtr2005.org - 815-332-3119

Aug. 10 ??       Second Annual Portland Place Tour - St. Louis, Missouri

Aug. 13th-14th  18th Annual British Heartland Auto Fest - Davenport, Iowa - Nswanson@mchsi.com - 309-764-1423

Aug. 16th          SLTOA August Meeting at Jack and Bonnie David’s

Sept. 3rd-4th      Kansas City Car Show - Kansas City, Missouri

Sept. 11th         British Car Festival - Palos Hills, Illinois (Chicago) - Very large show - 600+ cars - 630-773-4806

Sept. 17th         SIR British Car Show - Newburg, IN

Sept. 17th         Balloon Race/ Hanger Dance

Sept. 18th         St. Louis All British Car Show - Sponsored by MG Club - Creve Coeur, Missouri

Sept. 20th         SLTOA September Meeting at Ron and Jodi Spiegelman’s

Sept. 25th         SCCA St. Louis Region Rally

Oct. 2 ??          Bias Winery Tour

Oct. 8th            St. Louis Scottish Games and British Car Display therein - www.stlouis-scottishgames.com

Oct. 15th-16th   Fall Color Drive (Overnight) 300+/- total miles)

Nov. 15th         SLTOA November Meeting

Nov. 20th         SCCA St. Louis Region Rally

Dec. 9th            SLTOA Holiday Party

How Green is the Valley?

Any excuse is a good excuse for a drive in the country! SCCA St Louis Region has four rallies planned for this year. The first on April 24 is a gimmick rally. No time, speed or distance chores. Just a bunch of questions regarding signs. This is a short drive of 60 miles and two hours duration in the Columbia IL. area. I'm sure that the SCCA folks will try to lure us into the later TSD (time, speed, distance) rallies, but even those can be used as excuses for a nice drive in the country should you choose to ignore the TSD part of the rally. In any event, check out the info on the "How Green is the Valley?" rally below. Hope to see you there.  Chris

How Green is the Valley?

On April 24, 2005, the first Road Rally of the St. Louis Region SCCA will be the “How Green is the Valley?”.

The starting point will be in Columbia, Illinois, at Southport Dr., located in front of the Illinois Emission Test Center. From South County cross into Illinois by way of JB Bridge on I-255 E and exit Columbia on IL Hwy 3 South, then exit Palmer Rd. Turn right onto Palmer then again onto Southport. From N. St. Louis or Illinois, either 255 S in Illinois to IL hwy 3, or 55S in Missouri to 255E.

Registration starts at 11:30 A.M., with the first car leaving at 1:01 P.M. Novice meeting at 12:15 P.M. and all drivers meeting at 12:45 P.M. Bring Clipboard, pens/pencils, small calculator, and a time-of-day clock. Must have a working odometer. Entry fees are $15 for SCCA members and Car Club Members with ID, $20 for non-members.

The total mileage will be about 60 miles, with the finish location at Breadeax Pizza in Millstadt, Illinois. Points will be awarded to SCCA members for year end awards, all Novices will be awarded certificates for position. This event is classified as a “ sign gimmick”. Contestants will fill in the blanks relating to signs found along the route. Come out and enjoy a leisurely drive thru the scenic spring enriched bottomlands and bluffs of Monroe County, Illinois.

You may e-mail Larry Kronemeyer at: jagfixer@rdr.net,or call 1- 618-476-3201 to answer questions that you may have, and to let us know you are participating.

The 2005 TRA National Meet

Get Your Registration in NOW!!!

It’s time to start planning now, how you’re going to load your Triumphs with everything you need to take to Branson!!!   How in the world will you fit golf clubs, suitcases and extra suitcases for everything you want to bring back, coolers, auction items, and the spouse?  Sounds like you may need two Triumphs!

It’s getting closer and more exciting every day – the first TRA National Meet west of the Mississippi River!  Hopefully, you know by now that we’ll be awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies for ALL classes represented in two separate shows – the traditional TRA Concours show for TR2’s, TR3’s, and TR4’s only, and a Participants’ Choice show that is open to all Triumphs, regardless of year or model.  You may enter your TR2, TR3, or TR4 in either show.  And, Best of Show trophies will be awarded for both shows!

Besides the shows themselves, we are planning a great weekend of drives through hilly, winding countryside in the beautiful Ozarks; a very entertaining evening on the Branson Belle; a challenging autocross that will be second to none; an awards banquet that will be a great time for all; and weather that will be hard to beat anywhere in the country for the end of June!

Don’t miss out on our Early Bird Registration to get 15 FREE raffle tickets.  It’s important to get your registration in NOW, not only to get those free tickets for the GREAT door prizes, but also to be assured of Triumph group seating for the Branson Belle Riverboat cruise, dinner, and show.

The 2005 TRA National Meet schedule of events, registration form, contact information, and Branson information is on our website at www.TexasTriumphRegister.org.  It’s also available on the TRA website at www.TriumphRegister.com, and on the VTR website at www.VTR.org.  Hotel space at the Dutton Inn is quickly running out, but there’s plenty at the Day’s Inn, so make your reservations and get your registration in TODAY!!!

2005 TRA National Meet  --  Schedule of Events

Thursday, June 23:

       7:00 AM –       10:00 AM        Early Morning Breakfast Run

       9:00 AM –       12:00 Noon      * Registration, Hospitality, Auction Items Drop-off

       2:00 PM –          6:00 PM         * Registration, Hospitality, Auction Items Drop-off

       7:30 PM –        11:00 PM         Branson Belle Riverboat Dinner and Show

       On-your-own                           Scenic Drive – South

       On-your-own                           Scenic Drive – West

       On-your-own                           Stone Hill Winery Tour

       On-your-own                           Attractions and Shows of Branson

       On-your-own                           Outlet Malls Shopping

Friday, June 24:

         7:00 AM –     10:00 AM        Early Morning Breakfast Run

         8:00 AM –       4:00 PM         * Registration, Hospitality, Auction Items Drop-off

       10:00 AM –    11:15 AM         Judges School

       11:30 AM –    12:30 PM          TRA Membership Meeting (Members Only)

         1:00 PM –       4:00 PM         Poker Rally

         5:00 PM –       7:00 PM         Welcome Dinner

         7:00 PM –       9:30 PM         Lucas Olympics

         7:00 PM –     10:30 PM         TRA Auction

       On-your-own                           Scenic Drive – South

       On-your-own                           Scenic Drive – West

       On-your-own                           Stone Hill Winery Tour

       On-your-own                           Attractions and Shows of Branson

       On-your-own                           Outlet Malls Shopping

       On-your-own                           Car Wash and Bath Time

Saturday, June 25:

         6:45 AM –     7:45 AM         Judges’ Breakfast

         7:45 AM –      9:00 AM         Concours and Participants’ Choice Set-up

         9:00 AM –    12:00 Noon       Concours and Participants’ Choice Shows

         1:30 PM –        5:30 PM         Autocross

         7:00 PM –      10:30 PM         Awards Banquet and Raffle

       On-your-own                           Scenic Drive – South

       On-your-own                           Scenic Drive – West

       On-your-own                           Stone Hill Winery Tour

       On-your-own                           Attractions and Shows of Branson

       On-your-own                           Outlet Malls Shopping

       On-your-own                           Car Wash and Bath Time

·        Registration, Hospitality, Auction Items Drop-off at the Dutton Inn

2005 TRA National Meet  -  Hotel Update

This update is a follow-up to yesterday’s (3/16) Hotel Announcement.  We have been made aware of an additional complication – the Dutton Inn is now booked full on Thursday night, 6/23.  Due to a missed communication, they did not free up all their rooms for us on that Thursday, and as a result, they have no more availability now for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights, June 21 – 23.  As of 10:30AM today, they only have 11 rooms left (all for our show) for Friday and Saturday nights.  You can reach the Dutton Inn at 1-888-388-8661.

Again, the Day’s Inn across the street has rooms available for those nights.  The Day’s Inn is directly across the street, but due to the winding roads and hilly terrain, the walk from one to the other is significant.  You can reach the Day’s Inn at 1-417-334-5544.

The 2005 TRA  -  National Meet Auction

What is it, and how does it work?

If you’ve never attended a TRA National meet, then many of you may not be aware of what the Friday night auction is, and how it works.

You’re allowed and encouraged to bring items that you are interested in selling through an auction format.  These items often consist of car parts and accessories, but they’re not limited to those areas.  You may bring crafts, art pieces, etc. – anything you wish to auction off.  You’ll get 80% of whatever amount each of your items is sold for; the other 20% goes to the management.  You may set a reserve price for an item (i.e. – if it doesn’t sell for at least that price, then you don’t have to part with it), however, we have the right not to re-auction reserve price items, due to the time involved to do it.  The auctioneer will determine a reasonable starting bid and the appropriate bidding increments for each item at the time of auction.  This is an extremely popular and fun event, and we encourage you to take part as a bidder, a seller, or both.  And, our auctioneer guarantees an entertaining time!

All items brought for the auction, need to be taken to the TRA registration desk when you get to Branson and check in.  We’ll make a record of each item; identifying to whom it belongs, a reserve price (if appropriate), assign you a number, and give you a receipt. 

We look forward to seeing all of you then!

Special Announcement by Ronnie Babbitt

I'm excited to announce our guests of Honor for this year's Southeastern VTR Regional on September 29-Oct1st, the event will be held on Jekyll Island Georgia. Racing legends Mr. Robert "Bob" Tullius and his Former Crew Chief Mr. Lawton "Lanky" Foushee will honor us with their presence as we celebrate The Glory Years of the Group44.

One of the highlights of the event will be the Blackboard Session where these gentlemen will discus their success and championships. We expect to have a large contingent of auto crossers for the event. Having total access to the regional airport allows us to use the runways and the taxi ways; this enables us to conduct a fast long and winding course. Along with the Cars show, tours and games we will have several tech session.

These sessions will be conducted by JK Jackson, Chip Collingwood of UK Motorsports, and Phil Pharries of Classic Motoring Accessories. Also on hand will be The Roadster Factory, and a display of their candy store. Gentlemen please mark this date down this is one you don't want to miss. Make plans to attend the VTR national in July for the meat and potatoes then come to Jekyll Island for the desert. Visit our website at www.sevtr.org <http://www.sevtr.org/> 

4th Annual Brits in the Ozarks All British Car & Cycle Show

Benefitting the Razorback Chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Mark your calendars, it is once again time to plan for the Brits in the Ozarks All British Car & Cycle Show.  Being at the mercy of the Arkansas Razorback football schedule and the enormous gathering of Harley people known as Bikes, Blues and BBQ means that the event this year will be held on September 24th.   As before the show will be at Agri Park just north of the University or Arkansas campus in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

Last year we decided to try having a special guest come and mill around with participants as well as speak during dinner.  That experiment went over well so we are doing it again.  This year we are excited to host legendary racer (of mostly odd British cars), enthusiast, and raconteur Anatoly (Toly) Arutunoff. 

The event will again include a parking lot party the night before the show, September 23rd,  at the host hotel, the Quality Inn in Fayetteville.  As a new addition this year, for those who want to come a day early, on Friday morning, September 23rd, we will have maps and instructions for a self-guided drive on Ozark back roads that we are calling the Arkansas 200, which coincidentally happens to be about 200 miles long.  Please let us know in advance if you are coming to try this terrific drive.

To our amazement this event has raised $40,000 for MDA in our first three years.  In 2004 we hosted 125 vehicles brought by entrants from 8 states.  This is a laid back show focused on the cars and fellowship among the rusty faithful.  Come join us and be a part of a great weekend of great roads, great cars, great people, and wonderful stories from Toly.  We’ll see you the weekend of September 24th.

For more information see www.britishironnwa.org or contact Bill Watkins at bwatkins@watkinslawoffice.com. 

Classic European Sports Cars                               British – German – Italian - American

www.Wilson Motor Co.com

679 International Ave.  Washington, MO 63090

Dennis E Wilson, Pres.                    636-239-6781

E-mail: wmco@sbcglobal.net     Fax: 636-239-7873

Now with service and repair for your Triumph, MG, or Austin Healey.  Call today!

Ken Dahman snapped a few pictures while at Sebring in Florida

For all the photos, go to:


Ken Dahman  '59 TR3-A  St. Louis & Bonita Springs, FL

Missouri Endurance Rally Report By Creig Houghtaling

The 2005 full rally was run by two Triumph teams, Team Falstaff (Ray Maxwell & Patrick Hughes) in a TR4 and Team 1 (Creig Houghtaling & Phyllis Wilson) in Craig Ingraham’s TR6.  The rally included 12 stops in southeast Missouri, a distance of between 754.5 miles and 838.3 miles depending on the route driven.  Team 1’s mileage was 756.6 miles and Team Falstaff’s mileage was 756.6 miles.  This mileage was good enough for second and third place with the next team coming in at 778.4 miles, but…  We finished a bit late.  About two hours late.  We were having too much fun.  Since all the stops were within a closer range this year we thought we had plenty of time.  But we didn’t.  When you take every gravel back road possible to save miles, you can’t drive very fast.  Oh well, next time we’ll get em!

Dues Are Due

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Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

v     61 TR3,  Call Joe Mann, (618) 357-8168, joegmann@webtv.net

v     Wanted: TR6.  Call Kevin McMahon (314) 997 7752 (O), (636) 207 6838 (H)

v     Cars for sale;  Charlie Key, British Cars of America - 314-428-9335

TR7 convertable,  original red paint, no rust, needs brake work. asking $2700.  314-428-9335

TR7 coupe, low miles, paint needs to be polished, has a dent in left front wing, rare car. asking $2500. Lotus 7 made by RM, it is a prototype car they used for shows to sell their cars.  MG Midget chrome bumper car for sale, have a chrome bumper MGB, have a late model MGB with AC that works!  314-428-9335

v     80 Triumph Spitfire for sale. Fire. Call Terri at (618) 281 5125 (O) or (618) 2814579 (H)

v     TR6 LH and RH "Door Skins" for sale.  They are still in the box and purchased from TRF.  They are currently selling at TRF for $129.95.  I am asking $80.00 for each.  Mark Marshall (636) 928-6289 (Res) (314) 862-8000 ext 631 (Ofc)

v     Selling Triumph TR7’s; one 76 TR7, 4 speed, blue 44,000 original mile car 90’s restoration  paint and interior vary clean, new radiator and updated electronic ignition. One 78 TR7 , 5 speed, metallic green with California Moonroof , header new tires. Parts car 79 TR7 with engine and 5 speed. The 76 and 78 cars have no rust. Need to sell all together. $6000 obo or trade for boat or Pontiacs. Cars are in Wichita, Kansas. Have more pics. Contact Steve at samaddy1@aol.com. or call 316-393-5352

v     1980 Spitfire - I have had this car for 16years. This car has been keep in a garage most of its life. It has not been driven very little so the mileage is around 35K. I would like to sell her to someone that would use her.  Please let me know if you know anybody that may be interested. Robert Desrosiers HM 210-497-5162  San Antonio Tx.

St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

Creig Houghtaling, Editor

36 Copper Mountain Court

Fenton, MO 63026