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www.SLTOA.org†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† May 2005


May Meeting, Tuesday May. 17th, 2005, 7:00 PM, Steve & Sandy Streetís

2378 England Town Rd.63129-4349,

Phone, (314) 846-2554

Arrive any time after 6:00 p.m.; meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. The club will provide grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Attendees should bring a dish or dessert to share, your beverage of choice, and lawn chairs.


Presidentís Epistle, Dave Massey

Talk about good timing, the driving season has just begun and my health is on the mend.Now to get out and enjoy all the driving opportunities that are coming up.Elsewhere in this issue is a comprehensive list of Triumph related activities compiled by our social directors Chris and Kathy Kresser.Many thanks to them for their efforts.Also note that the May meeting will be at the home of Steve and Sandy Street in the deep south (Telegraph Road) so be sure not to go to the usual spot this month.In fact the meetings will be hosted by various members through September so watch the newsletters for directions.

Prominent on the agenda this month will be the Champaign British Car Festival in the end of May, the TRA in Branson in late June and VTR in Rockford, IL in late July. And there are many local activities interspersed so we are not lacking for stuff to do.But if there is something that you think would be neat and don't see it on the list and are willing to undertake setting it up, volunteers are always welcome.

Impromptu drives are not unknown to us, either.If the urge to drive somewhere takes you and you would like to invite some club members, do so.We have been known to pull together a drive at the last minute and have as much fun as something planned out months in advance.

See you on the road.Dave

Dues Are Due

Anyone who does not renew this month will be removed from the roster and will not receive the June newsletter.

This year members have an option to reduce their dues to $10 per year by opting to receive only e-mail notification of the newsletter.Some members are already familiar with this option but they have not received any monetary benefit in the past.This is the way it works.Members who choose this option get an e-mail notice when the newsletter is finished.In the e-mail are three links to three different versions of the current newsletter.The links open files from our web server.The first link is to a simple web version that any browsers like Internet Explorer can open and read.This is good for reading the letter, but it is not formatted to lay out on 8.5 x 11 pages like the hard copy of the newsletter.An Acrobat version is formatted to read and lay out on 8.5x11 exactly like the hard copy.Acrobat reader software is available free to anyone to download.Or if you have Microsoft Office software (or other software that will open a Word document) the original Word document is available.Either the Word file or the Acrobat file can be printed exactly as the hard copy you would get in the mail (except you can have color!!!).Links to the html versions are also provided through the web site.The other two versions are only available through links from the e-mail notification.

For those who still like to have a hard copy in the mail, donít fret.This will still be the option most will choose, but your dues will be $20.

Please mail your dues (either $10 or $20) to Bonnie David at 500 Marie Drive, St. Charles, MO 63301-0500.Make your check payable to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association or SLTOA.

The following members need to renew for 2005: Gary & Chris Allgood, Frank & Nancy Axelrod, Dennis & Pam Battern, George W. & Shirley Bentz, Keith Bester, Brian & Robin Borgstede, Steve & Kim Bruzek, Jason Buchek, Jim Berger, Ronald N. Danna, Ed & Shirlee Donnan, Jared W. & Kathy Jackson Flood, Ariel Bash & Decla F. Gardner, Byford & Kay Gullett, Karl & Margaret Kenkel, Sam Lawson, Don & Barb Lea, Fred Lenkman, Mike & Patti Lewis, Joe & Mary Ann Mann, Mark Marshall, Katherine Cuba/Michael Mason, Tony Panchot, Bill & Jacquie Reck, Royce & Lynn Rollings, Paul M. Schuessler, Kurt & Betty Schumacher, Michael R. Shepard, Ron Spiegelman, Tom Stark, Mark & Barb Trebacz, Mark & Darcy Weinstein

If we have made a mistake and you have already renewed, please let us know so we can correct it.Bonnie David (636) 949-0825 or Creig Houghtaling oldtoys@brick.net

Stories About Those Triumph Cars By Kathy Kresser

This month I talked with Gary Allgood about his TR4.I love his enthusiasm for Triumphs -- hope you will also.

Gary, when did you purchase your car?

Gary's Red TR 4

I purchased my TR4 in 1999 from a SCCA racer in Appleton, Wisconsin. He is a racing friend of Jack Drewís, who is a Northern Illinois resident and Triumph TR4 racer. Jack was selling a basket case and suggested I look at a car he had contemplated purchasing for a racer. He said the car was too "clean" to strip into a full race car, and would rather see it kept "original" with an owner who would appreciate and take care of the car.The rest is history.

What inspired you to buy a Triumph?

When I was nine years old I spotted a beautiful TR6 in the garage of a neighbor, I had no idea at that time what it was, but it looked better than a go-cart, and not much bigger. This was in the early 70ís, so the car was nearly new. His Air Force son kept this car in the garage and, of course, the garage door was always open during garden and yard work days. So I of course nosed around and asked questions. From that time on I always had a "need" to have a TRÖ

For a long time I looked at TR6ís, but with a young family I was lucky to have a beat up pickup truck let alone a sports car. When I became serious in the late 90ís I looked at what was available and decided I liked the look of the TR4 and decided to look at them as well as TR6ís.

Does the car have an official name?

No name, I am not a name my stuff kind of guy I have guitars too and never name them. I figure it is like naming a cow or a chicken.If you have to eat it someday then having named it would make it difficult to digest. Anyone have any TR4 recipes?

Are there any horror stories about the car?

I have no horror stories about this carÖ yet. The only horror story I have is how my Father and older professional mechanic Brother told me at 19, I would be crazy to own a Triumph. "You will always be working on it -- you donít want a Triumph." Well, today working on it is for relaxation, and I love it. But looking back to when I was 19, I am pretty sure that was sound advice at that time.

Tell me some of the fun things you have done with the car?

A "frame off restore" in my brotherís shop was a highlight.The work is documented and photographed on the SLTOA website http://www.sltoa.org/members/allgood/default.htm .Also, the many organized and last minute cruises.There is nothing better than taking an old two-lane highway and letting the exhaust tone and wind relax you. Who needs a radio?

What is one of your favorite drives?

Well, if I had to pick one, it would be the 2003 Champaign British Car Festival. We took many cruises.The best was to the local air force museum. We took a cruise that was led by a very aggressive driver, all I can say is too bad John Lamberg couldnít make it.

Your teens are nearing the driving age; will they be allowed to drive your toy?

They get wheel time once when they start driving, with me as a passenger! With the work my brothers and I put into it, the TR is really like a spoiled kid that stays out of the elements, so I doubt I will toss them the keys to this one. My eldest son, Kyle, actually drove many miles of old US 36 after the 2003 Champaign British Car Festival as we worked our way to Springfield to visit my parents after the show -- Illiopolis to Buffalo, Illinois to be exact. You should have seen his smile! Christopher will get his chance later this year.He is getting pretty good with the automatics, so look out. Sarah -- well she is right around the corner too.

Do you handle your own mechanical repairs?

Yes and when I am baffled I call or visit with other SLTOA club members to work it out, and have been known to visit TR owners websites for information. The one thing about owning a Triumph is there is always someone that has done it and is more than willing to help you in one way or another.

What types of mechanical repairs/upgrades have you made to the car?

In addition to the restoration, the only things that are not "stock" are Koniís in the front, alumincoat steel header Monza exhaust, Crane Electronic ignition, Holley electric fuel pump and regulator, old school Les Leston style wood covered steering wheel and the stock, but not this TR4, stock American Racing Wheels magnesium wheels. This TR was a wire wheel and overdrive car, but the magnesium wheels are proper for these TRís as they were a factory option.

Do you have other car purchases on your dream list?

Dream list right? Well how about a Jaguar D Type, XKE, XK140, Corvette preferably pre-68, Porsche 356 and/or early 911, BMW M6 pre 1989. I could go on you know!Donations gladly accepted.

Thank you, Gary, for taking the time to share your thoughts.Spring is in the air, so enjoy that car.

Gary and Chris AllgoodTR4-Born on Date:30 January 1962

Dates For Your Calendar

May 17th††††††††† SLOA May Meeting at Steve and Sandy Streetís

May 22nd††††††††† SCCA St. Louis Region Rally (Location to be determined)

May 27th-29th†† Champagne All British Car Show - Champaign, Illinois - Altmgb2@yahoo.com - 309-662-3020

June 3rd-4th†††††† Marques on the Green - Louisville, Kentucky - Bluegrassclub@aol.com - 502-459-6794

June 7th††††††††††† SLTOA Picnic/June Meeting

June 9th-12th†††† British V8 Convention in Terre Haute http://britishv8.org/Events/2005V8MeetFlyer.htm

June 23rd-26th†† TRA National Meet - Branson, Missouri - All Triumps Welcome - JWSTR2@yahoo.com - 713-937-8247

July 10 ??†††††††† SLTOA Mid Summer Drive/Picnic (To be determined)

July 16th†††††††††† London to Brighton - Indianapolis, Indiana - Details later

July 17th†††††††††† Cincinnati Car Show - Cincinnati, Ohio - Details Later

July 19th†††††††††† SLTOA June Meeting at John Lambergís

July 26th-29th††† VTR - Rockford, Illinois - Info@vtr2005.org - 815-332-3119

Aug. 10 ??†††††† Second Annual Portland Place Tour - St. Louis, Missouri

Aug. 13th-14th18th Annual British Heartland Auto Fest - Davenport, Iowa - Nswanson@mchsi.com - 309-764-1423

Aug. 16th††††††††† SLTOA August Meeting at Jack and Bonnie Davidís

Sept. 3rd-4th††††† Kansas City Car Show - Kansas City, Missouri

Sept. 11th†††††††† British Car Festival - Palos Hills, Illinois (Chicago) - Very large show - 600+ cars - 630-773-4806

Sept. 17th†††††††† SIR British Car Show - Newburg, IN

Sept. 17th†††††††† Balloon Race/ Hanger Dance

Sept. 18th†††††††† St. Louis All British Car Show - Sponsored by MG Club - Creve Coeur, Missouri

Sept. 20th†††††††† SLTOA September Meeting at Ron and Jodi Spiegelmanís

Sept. 25th†††††††† SCCA St. Louis Region Rally

Oct. 2 ??††††††††† Bias Winery Tour

Oct. 8th††††††††††† St. Louis Scottish Games and British Car Display therein - www.stlouis-scottishgames.com

Oct. 15th-16th†† Fall Color Drive (Overnight) 300+/- total miles)

Nov. 15th†††††††† SLTOA November Meeting

Nov. 20th†††††††† SCCA St. Louis Region Rally

Dec. 9th††††††††††† SLTOA Holiday Party



Classified Ads:Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

v     Welding hood and Timing light for sale

Was making room in my shop last week and I noticed that I had one to many welding hoods left over from my days at Nooter.So, I have available one serviceable, professional quality, fiber glass welding hood, with dark lens in place. Cost about $45 back then, $5 now.

Last weeks garage sales produced an "Inductive Timing Light, Model L-200" at $4.Couldnít resist it even though I have two already.Sold new at AutoZone for $28.Looks like new and is a tool that most anyone who messes around with LBC cars needs to have.First $4.00 gets it.

Karl Schmitt (636) 797-4203KSchmitt1@jcn.net

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v     Wanted: TR6.Call Kevin McMahon (314) 997 7752 (O), (636) 207 6838 (H)

v     Cars for sale;Charlie Key, British Cars of America - 314-428-9335

TR7 convertable,original red paint, no rust, needs brake work. asking $2700.314-428-9335

TR7 coupe, low miles, paint needs to be polished, has a dent in left front wing, rare car. asking $2500. Lotus 7 made by RM, it is a prototype car they used for shows to sell their cars.MG Midget chrome bumper car for sale, have a chrome bumper MGB, have a late model MGB with AC that works!314-428-9335

v     80 Triumph Spitfire for sale. Fire. Call Terri at (618) 281 5125 (O) or (618) 2814579 (H)

v     TR6 LH and RH "Door Skins" for sale.They are still in the box and purchased from TRF.They are currently selling at TRF for $129.95.I am asking $80.00 for each.Mark Marshall (636) 928-6289 (Res) (314) 862-8000 ext 631 (Ofc)

v     Selling Triumph TR7ís; one 76 TR7, 4 speed, blue 44,000 original mile car 90ís restorationpaint and interior vary clean, new radiator and updated electronic ignition. One 78 TR7 , 5 speed, metallic green with California Moonroof , header new tires. Parts car 79 TR7 with engine and 5 speed. The 76 and 78 cars have no rust. Need to sell all together. $6000 obo or trade for boat or Pontiacs. Cars are in Wichita, Kansas. Have more pics. Contact Steve at samaddy1@aol.com. or call 316-393-5352

v     Service manuals for sale.TR250 supplements, MGTC, MGA, Jaguar etc.Call David Norton (636) 332-3900 Lake St. Louis.

v     1980 Spitfire - I have had this car for 16years. This car has been keep in a garage most of its life. It has not been driven very little so the mileage is around 35K. I would like to sell her to someone that would use her.Please let me know if you know anybody that may be interested. Robert Desrosiers HM 210-497-5162San Antonio Tx.

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