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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† July 2005

July Meeting, Tuesday July 19th, 2005, 7:00 PM, at John Lambergís,

14148 Cross Trails Drive, Chesterfield MO 63017-3309, Phone, (314) 434-4467

Arrive anytime after 6:00 p.m.; meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. The club will provide grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Attendees should bring a dish or dessert to share, your beverage of choice and lawn chairs.

Presidentís Epistle, By Dave Massey

Here we are in the heat of the show season (pun intended).On June 11th Creig and I went to the British V8 convention in Terre Haute and saw many modified British cars including a couple of V8 powered TR6's and a Spitfire with a Ford 2.3L inline four warmed up to 160 HP.One of the TR6's was fitted with a 408 cubic inch Ford V8 and was probably the fastest car out on the drag strip.But I wonder how well he would do on the autocross course (not that there was one at this convention).There were also some V8 powered Austin Healey's and one Morgan Plus 8 but mostly it was MG's.The predominance of Rover power plants was encouraging but a surprise was the fact that Ford power plants outnumbered Chevrolet but a wide margin.But the cars were not the only thing that was hot.The weather was hot and muggy.But that did not deter the enthusiasts.Neither did the occasional rain shower.

The next weekend was Father's Day and you'd think that would be an automatic kitchen pass to go to car shows, but alas there were none.Although, the weather was nice.

June 23 - 25 found the TRA national in Branson.This one was just plain bloody hot.(Or King Hot as Rowan Atkinson would say) Hot enough to send many folks into hiding in their hotel rooms during the heat of the day.St. Louis was fairly well represented.We saw Chris and Kathy, Arlie and Linda and his entourage including Charlie Borrine, his personal machinist (what kind of guy takes his machinist to car shows?), Don and Suzanne came down in their Toyota so that doesn't count, and Linda and I were there from the club.There was a gent named Lee from St. Louis there as well but he is not in the club.Linda and I drove down with Ken Gano from Charleston who took his rather unorthodox TR3 which just may have made some of the members of the originality police apoplectic.At least we hope so.I took lots of pictures and maybe some of them will get into this newsletter.I'm a bit saddened by the fact that there were not more St. Louis representation considering how close it was, the fact that it hasn't been this close before, nor is it likely to be this close in the near future again.On the other hand if you were saving your money and vacation for VTR, which will be almost just as close, good for you.

I just sent off my registration for VTR.Since it is in Rockford, Illinois this year I hope many of you are doing the same.This is about the closest it ever will be to St. Louis unless we decide to host (and that ain't gonna happen).A mere 5 hour drive up I-55 to I-39 and you are there.There is much to do including the driving events (both competitive and fun type) technical sessions from some very knowledgeable people who have been playing/working with Triumphs for many years, social events where you can meet folks from all over the US, Canada, and quite possibly off shore.Get a new perspective on the hobby.This year's show starts on Tuesday and the car show is Friday with the banquet on Friday evening.For us, this means we can drive home Saturday morning and get done all the chores we let slide and be ready to resume our humdrum existence fresh again on Monday morning.

Don't forget the Portland Place Cruise and ice cream run on July 13th (rain date July 14th).

See you on the road (and in Rockford, I hope)

TRA 2005 in Branson MO June 23rd-26thPhoto Document.

Composite view of the show field.Photos by Don Huber.

†††† ††††††

Chris Kresser - concorse award. Massey Photo†††† Gayle & Thomas Culbertson with Don Huber. Huber Photo

Left photo by Dave Massey, right by Don Huber.Iím told that the license plate tells the story.Is this perhaps the first left-hand drive TR2?

Donít these lines say ďearly 50ís styleĒ?!Photo by Don Huber


Arlie King shining his award winning TR3.Photo by Don Huber.


Tenative Westmoreland/Portland Place Drive, By Chris Kresser

Currently, we are contacting the trustees of Westmoreland and Portland Place to arrange a mini parade through their neighborhood with a stop at Ted Drewes after the drive.

The date targeted is WEDNESDAY, JULY 13 (with a rain date of Thursday, July 14).

We will confirm and provide details at soon as the arrangements are finalized.

All cars are invited regardless of make, model, or age.

Champaign British Car Festival Report,By Chris Kresser

The Champagne British Car Festival in Champaign, Illinois was well attended by the St. Louis Little British Car enthusiasts. Congratulations to the following award winners:

MGB Chrome Bumper Class ††††††††† Robert Rushing†††††††††††† 3rd Place

MGB Rubber Bumper Class †††††††††† Gary and Robin Hayes3rd Place

Triumph TR-2, 3 & 3A Class ††††††††† Chris and Kathy Kresser††††††††† 1st Place


Austin Healey 100 and 3000 Class (There were ten cars in this class, five from St. Louis.)

Mel and Gail Parentin†††††††††††††† 3rd Place

Best of Show Governorís Choice†††† Chris and Kathy Kresser

Photography Class†††††††††††††††††††††††††† Linda Massey†††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1st Place

The St. Louis attendees were: (apologies if someone was missed on the listing)

Jack and Bonnie David, Gary and Robin Hayes, Steve and Robin Hurst, John Lamberg, John and Jan Lore, Chris and Kathy Kresser, John and Carol Mangles, Dave and Linda Massey, Roy Matteson and Joan Carroll, Mel and Gail Parentin, Robert Rushing, Lou and Marilyn Salini, Paul Schuessler and Kathy Henning.

Stories about those Triumph Cars By Kathy Kresser

Joe Mann and his wife, Mary Ann, are long time members of the SLTOA.They live in Pinckneyville, Illinois.The club has made a couple of visits to the Mannsí to drive his various cars and picnic in the backyard.†† Joe tells me he has always been interested in cars, but his father refused to have "junk" in the yard.†† Joe started collecting cars in the early 1960s.His original purchase was a 1923 Ford T Truck, then a 1921 Ford Model T Coupe that he bought in pieces.He traded the Coupe for a 1922 Ford Model T Roadster, which he still owns and intends to keep forever as this car has a special place in his heart.

Actually, several cars have a warm spot in Joeís heart, including

1961 Triumph TR3 (Sold April 2005)

1932 Pierce Arrow Club Sedan (Under Restoration May 2005)

1927 Pierce Arrow Series 80 Deluxe Roadster

Joe has been Chairman of the American Thrashman Car Show for 42 years.He has driven his Pierce Arrows to several national meets in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, Massachusetts and Mount Hood, Oregon.He loves driving these beauties, despite the headaches they can cause when something breaks.He hammered the rod bearings on a trip to Indianapolis and on a trip to Wisconsin.One time he was towing the Pierce Arrow to Texas with a 1998 Olds.The Olds blew an engine; he parked the Olds in Arkansas, unloaded the Pierce Arrow and drove it to Texas.Nothing much slows down Joe on a mission.

With so many cars, when does Joe have time to drive them?He says he doesnít.In fact he spends more time repairing and restoring the cars.He owns the cars he loves and enjoys his time tinkering with them.He says you can bite off more than you can chew when it comes to cars and perhaps this is where he is.Recently, he sold a 1961 Triumph TR3A and last year he sold a 1924 Ford Model T Touring car.†††

Additionally, Joe has four Whizzer Motor Bikes for entertainment; one is a 1946 model.These bikes have a motor mounted to the frame and a gas tank on the crossbar; one must peddle to start it.

Mary Ann didnít like the car collection at the start, but gradually she has come to admire them and is the treasurer of the Egyptian Antique Auto Club.

In his free time, Joe also repairs and restores clocks including four Tower Clocks.One was built in St. Louis around 1900 - another item Mary Ann learned to appreciate.†††

If you havenít been to Joe Mannís, it is worth the trip to see his Pierce Arrow and Model T as well as the many beautiful clocks.

Happy Motoring to Joe and Mary Ann.




Dates For Your Calendar

Nothing new was added this month.Please check the May issue for many events through the end of the year




Classified Ads:Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

v     I just wanted to let St. Louis area Triumph folks know that Sue & I are putting our TR3A up for sale.

It would be my pleasure to see it go to someone in the St. Louis area so that the new owner could join SLTOA (if not already a member) and we would be able to see the little guy at SLTOA events. So, step one is this message to you all.

Just contact me at KDahman01@earthlink.net if you have an interest in buying the car, and I will send details. Thanks, Ken Dahman

Editorís note: With an asking price of only $14,400 it will be gone very quickly.If it isnít already!

v     Service manuals for sale.TR250 supplements, MGTC, MGA, Jaguar etc.Call David Norton (636) 332-3900 Lake St. Louis.

v     1973 TR6

Well maintained. Ready for the road! Good paint and body, rebuilt engine, new top, tires, gas tank, red with tan seats and top.Was asking $6,750. Recently replaced the clutch and the brakes and need to sell it.Asking $5900 now. Valerie Rovira v1014@sbcglobal.net 314-878-8230

v                 FOR SALE: Spitfire parts - Downdraft WEBER carb & intake manifold,

Factory steel hard top, needs headliner & TLC, 4-13X5" factory steel wheels-.5" wider than most- allows 1/2" wider 175/70-13 tire.No reasonable offer refused.

Craig Madsen 636-240-1407 (H)314-309-0752 (cell) - OK anytime

v                 Selling Triumph TR7ís; one 76 TR7, 4 speed, blue 44,000 original mile car 90ís restorationpaint and interior vary clean, new radiator and updated electronic ignition. One 78 TR7 , 5 speed, metallic green with California Moonroof , header new tires. Parts car 79 TR7 with engine and 5 speed. The 76 and 78 cars have no rust. Need to sell all together. $6000 obo or trade for boat or Pontiacs. Cars are in Wichita, Kansas. Have more pics. Contact Steve at samaddy1@aol.com. or call 316-393-5352

v                 1980 Spitfire - I have had this car for 16years. This car has been keep in a garage most of its life. It has not been driven very little so the mileage is around 35K. I would like to sell her to someone that would use her.Please let me know if you know anybody that may be interested. Robert Desrosiers HM 210-497-5162San Antonio Tx.


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