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www.SLTOA.org                                               October 2005

October Meeting, Tuesday Oct. 18th, 2005, 7:00 PM, Culpepper's, Kirkwood

Culpepper’s location: 312 S. Kirkwood Rd. (314) 821 7322

President’s Epistle, By Dave Massey

As you read this about all the driving events for the year will be history.  I hope you had an enjoyable year driving and showing you Triumph.  I made it to five car shows, three of which were out of town.  This was a low mileage year for me as the furthest drive was a mere 300 miles away.  But I have gotten plenty of seat time on my daily commute.  Having a relatively short drive and no interstates makes driving the TR8 to work a rather pleasant experience.  And with the increasing urban sprawl and traffic density this is not an option for many of us.  That is one factor that makes the club drives so much fun.

Now that the driving season is mostly behind us we will be moving the club meetings to more traditional venues like restaurants.  The October meeting will be at Culpepper's in Kirkwood and November is yet to be determined but we have a task force looking into other options.  If something interesting pops up we will go there as an alternative to Culpeper's who have been most accommodating and I rather like the food so the alternatives better be good.

The December meeting will be conducted at the Christmas Party on December 9th at the Bevo Mill.  If you haven't sent in your reservations to Bonnie, do so now.  This has been a popular set up and we have been going for several years.  If you have never gone you might not be familiar with the "Trash - N - Treasure" auction we have every year.  The way this works is each couple brings two gifts.  One is a pleasant gift (please don't spend too much, $10 is plenty) and the other gift is an old car part or broken tool.  Since everything is wrapped, nobody knows what is a nice gift and what is not.  Each person is give an amount of phony cash to spend at the auction and there are quite a few surprised faces when the gifts are opened.  Great fun.

Is there much interest in holding the January meeting at the Schlafley Bottleworks again.  It was very well attended even though we were not served in the meeting room (extra cost).  We were able to use the room for our meeting since it was not occupied but that is a roll of the dice if we don't pay for the room.

After that it is time to elect a new president since this is the end of my two year term.  So start thinking of the next vict...er candidate to lead this august group of intrepid sportscar enthusiasts.  I am retiring.

See you on the road.  Dave

Fall Color Tour to Balducci Winery - Oct 16

Meet at the Smoke House at 10:30  -  (Chesterfield valley, east end of Chesterfield airport rd.)  The destination has been changed to Balducci Winery.  They have a somewhat better menu choice than Bias and hence you will not HAVE to bring lunch. You may bring your own food if you wish. We will be joining with the MG club for this drive. The drive should be about 11/2 hours and 50+/- miles from Smoke House. If you run late, the drive straight down Highway 94 is short. About 3 miles past Augusta on 94.  Winery site: www.balduccivineyards.com.

Halloween Rally and Party – Oct 29

Watch the SLTOA mailing list for details or call Dave Massey at (314) 966-6056.  Or check with the MG Club - Club HotLine: (314) 995-TOMG or John Mangles at (314) 426 1600.

SLTOA Christmas Party – Friday Dec. 9th 2005 –

7:30PM cash bar, 8PM Dinner - $10/person Reserve now by mailing payment to Bonnie David, 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301-0500

Tell Me About Your Little British Car. By Kathy Kresser

The 2005 St. Louis All British Car Show treated the attendees to a wide selection of classic British cars. This year, I interviewed several owners about their cars. Here are their comments when asked about their favorite experience in the cars and the longest drive they have taken.

q       Robert Rushing, 1971 MG.

My favorite experience in this car was track day at the Phil Wicks driving school. We drove on the track all day. The longest drive I have taken in the car was the endurance drive around the Lake -- 1,155 miles in 32 hours. The car has been with me since high school -- 21 years ago.

q       Rich Griffin, 1971 MGB.

The Missouri Endurance Rally (900 miles in less than 24 hours with no breakdowns) was the greatest time in this car.

q       John Mangles, 1958 MGA

Just driving the car is a wonderful experience. The car is fresh on the classic car circuit this summer after a 2-year frame up restoration with modifications. To date the longest drive was to Grand Rapids and back plus the 24-hour endurance run -- a total of 1,900 miles. The car is named Mel, short for Solanum Melongena (the Latin name for eggplant), because the car is eggplant in color. Ruby, John’s previous car, an MGB, is leaving for a new home.

q       Patrick Hughes, A30 Austin A54

The best thing about the car is simply driving it. It is quite an attention getter. It is like driving the Mr. Bean car. Mainly, I drive around the local area. It is fuel efficient at 40 mpg. I recently changed the tires after a panic stop one day. I locked the rear brakes and lost NO speed. The pavement had four little black lines for skid marks. I decided the tires were too bald for safe driving.

q       Conrad Roellchen, 1953 Sunbeam Alpine Talbot

This car was an impulse buy 40 years ago. I put over 400,000 miles on the car, It has been driven 24/7 over the years -- my Sunbeam and guitar went everywhere. I still enjoy the attention and comments the car receives on a constant basis. It is a beautiful car to own and is a part of my being.

q       Mark Schmidt, 1974 Triumph TR6.

I enjoy driving to the British Car Shows with Marianne. Longest one-way trip is less than 25 miles; after all it is a British car -- what do you expect?

q       Gary Hayes, 1966 “Lotus” Super 7

My first and favorite experience in this car -- was driving it 1,500 FEET TODAY from the tow bar to its location on the show field. The car, the Blue Money Pit, as his wife calls it, is out of the garage after a frame up restoration starting in 1999.

q       Steve Street, 1980 Triumph TR7

The car is fun to drive despite the multiple head gaskets. I drive it around town. I call it names, but we cannot put those things in print. Sandy, my wife, calls it the money pit.

q       Craig Madsen, 1979 Triumph Spitfire

Really fun car. I have owned the car for only six months, so it does not have a name or at least nothing we can put in the print.

q       Jeff Weintrop, 1972 Triumph Spitfire.

The best experience was the first time I saw the car after the paint job - wow! The longest drive was to Joe Mann’s picnic in Pinckneyville, Illinois - four hours round trip. “Blue” is the car’s name.

q       Steve and Robin Hurst 1962 Austin Healey MK II 3000

The absolute best experience was driving the car to the 2003 Washington D.C. Austin Healey Conclave. It was nearly 2000 miles. Steve and Robin say they have owned “Our Baby” for six years, four months and three days to be exact.

q       John Lamberg, 1977 Triumph Spit 6

My best experience was driving the car home for the first time two years ago. The longest drive was to Rockford, Illinois and back for the 2005 VTR National meet.

q       Joe Kelley, 1973 Triumph TR6

A memorable experience was driving to Kansas City the first weekend we owned it and sucking diesel exhaust all the way. “Mum’s TR Car”, named after my wife, the queen at my house, has been with us for 18 years.

q       Janel Demick, 1974 ½ MGB

My favorite experience is every time I get behind the wheel. Driving the car home for the first time was exhilarating. I drive the car constantly. I call her “B” and have put over 7,000 miles on her since the purchase date almost one year ago.

q       Byron Golfin, 1967 Sunbeam Tiger.

My favorite experience was driving to the first Sunbeam show 20 years ago. The longest trip was about 750 miles to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. Originally, Ginger was the name due to the brown color, but now she is a redhead.

q       Tommy Gordon, 1967 MGB

My favorite recollection of the car was buying it in England in 1967. While in the U.S. Air Force, I ordered the car from the factory, toured around England, and shipped the car back to the States. At the port in Newark, I inquired as to the status of my car and learned it was on the ship just outside the port. The dock handlers were on strike and remained on strike for six months. I have driven the car all over the United States. It has 150,000 miles on it and everything is original.

q       Dennis Degrodt, 1960 Triumph TR3A

I fondly recall a drive to the Lake of the Ozarks and back as well as a drive to Hannibal, Missouri. I have owned the car for 30 years.

I apologize if I misstated a comment. It is always interesting that the responses are so similar. Classic car owners love their cars. Thank you for your time.

Editors note: Photos of the car show that are included in this article were taken by Don Huber.

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