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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                               November 2005

November Meeting, Tues. Nov. 15th, 2005, 7:00 PM, Culpepper's, Kirkwood

Culpepper’s location: 312 S. Kirkwood Rd. (314) 821 7322

Editor’s Epistle, By Creig Houghtaling

This is where Fearless Dave usually writes his bit, but I guess he decided to take a break this month.  So here is my two cents worth.  Everyone had a nice meeting at Cullpepper’s on Oct. 18th.  We’ve decided to meet there again in November.  December meeting will be our Christmas party on the 9th.  Then we’ll be back to our regular meetings January 18th.

The next big event after the Christmas Party is the Polar Bear Run, which has been scheduled for February 12th.  This year it will be a Jefferson County drive starting and ending at my house in northern Jefferson County (just south of Fenton).  I’ll put a map in the January newsletter.  If anyone has some good roads or stops to suggest, please contact me.

This month Kathy has Lou Salini’s Healey restoration story.  December I’ll put in a Z-car restoration story.  Some of you might remember a Datsun Z I had for sale a couple of years ago.  Well, the buyer, Jon Ochenas, has done a gorgeous restoration!  The brand is different, but the passion is the same.

SLTOA Christmas Party – Friday Dec. 9th 2005

Bevo Mill at Morganford and Gravois - 7:30PM cash bar, 8PM Dinner - $10/person
Reserve now by mailing payment to Bonnie David, 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301-0500

Tell Me About Your Little British Car. By Kathy Kresser

St. Louis is home to several classic car clubs. Owners of these classic cars are happy to share stories about their cars. This month, I chatted with Lou Salini from the Gateway Healey Association. I am sure you will enjoy his comments:

Lou, how many Healey’s do you own? I own four:

·        1956 100-4 BN2 Silver with black racing stripe, black interior.

·        1957 100-6 BN4 Red with black coves, black interior.

·        1959 100-6 BN6 White with dark blue coves, blue interior.

·        1965 MKIII Phase 2 BJ8 Red with black interior.

Did you restore each car? I restored the 1956, 1959, and 1965 models. The 1957 is an unrestored car which was my first Healey purchased in 1995.

Which Healey is your favorite? The BJ8 is our favorite for overnight trips.

How did this love affair with Healey’s start? While I was in the Army in 1955-56, I was able to drive a 1948 MGTC quite a bit. It was great fun and very slow. The Healey had just made its appearance and was everything the MG was not -- fast, well-handling, and beautifully designed.

What delights you the most about these elegant cars? I think Healeys have a timeless design. They are a delight to drive, exasperating when they break, fun to fix and the people, especially kids, love to look at them.

And, did I mention that they are a delight to drive and they sound greeeeaaat?!!

1965 Austin Healey MKIII Phase 2 BJ8

Lou, tell me about your restoration work? The first car I restored was my ‘59 BN6. Keith Bester (a St. Louis classic car guru) was my mentor and graciously provided garage space to work on the car.

1959 Austin Healey 100-6 BN6

Then, I bought a partially restored ‘56 BN2 and Keith and I collaborated on the car. When it was finished, we sold it.

I decided that I wanted to restore a BJ8, which was a two-year project. In 2001, a ‘56 BN2 became available and I could not resist. The restoration was about one and one-half years.

1956 Austin Healey 100-4 BN2

Typically, my restoration work includes:

Replacing worn parts in the engine or completely rebuilding it. Checking and/or rebuilding the transmission and overdrive with plenty of help from Keith Bester.

Cleaning, repairing and repainting the radiator.

Disassembling the body and sending the steel parts to be chemically dipped. I hand strip the aluminum front and rear shrouds.

The body repairs are done by Tom Roy with grunt work by me. Tom and I fit the body panels after I have completed a drivable rolling chassis.

Painting is done by Tom with minimal help from me. I can’t paint a chair without the paint running.

Installing an interior kit from Moss with the exception of the seats, which I send to an upholstery shop.

Cleaning the chrome bits and rechroming where necessary. All the fasteners, clips, etc. are zinc plated.

Sending the gauges to Nisonger for repair.

Installing the convertible top.

Installing stock-painted wire wheels that I seal for tubeless tire use.

Currently, I am debating whether to restore my ‘57 or sell a couple of cars to finance some other restoration project.

Lou, I am impressed with the amount of hands-on restoration work in your projects. It must be quite satisfying when you have a finished product.

What other restoration projects could be in store for you? Kathy, there are several choices such as: a Triumph TR6, a Jaguar XKE fixed head coupe, a Jensen Interceptor or a Corvette.

When choosing a car to drive, what drives the decision? Marilyn’s opinion and I quote “my mood.” Actually, it is a bit more scientific. It is really, whatever car starts when we are ready to go except for trips, and then it is the BJ8 with roll-up windows and a regular convertible top. Marilyn likes comfort!

Generally, this car thing has enabled Marilyn and me to meet some of the most delightful people and share great times. When I retired, I added a 28’ X 40’ addition to our existing two-car garage, which enables me to enjoy my love of these cars by giving me space to restore and work on the cars.

Kathy, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the people we have met making this avocation a wonderful experience.

Thank you, Lou, for sharing your thoughts with me. Many classic car owners share your sentiments concerning the people they have met through the classic car gatherings, shows, drives, etc. Enjoy your cars!

Lou and Marilyn Salini

TRA 2006

The TRA National Committee is pleased to announce that the 2006 Triumph Register Of America National Meeting will be held at Burr Oak State Resort Park in Ohio on 14-18 June 2006.  For more information please contact Bruce Clough, TRA National Meeting Coordinator at (937) 376-9946, or clough@erinet.com.

New Member Introduction

From: Ronald Livorsi

Sent: Monday, October 03, 2005 4:10 PM

To: Creig Houghtaling


I picked up your email address from a Google search regarding British Car clubs in the St. Louis, MO area.

I am a current member of TRAC (Triumphs Around the Chesapeake) a club located int the greater Baltimore, MD area. Although I have not been too active in the club due to other recent and personal commitments, I am relocating to Cape Girardeau, MO in a couple of weeks.

I would be interested to see if there are any other TR-3ers in my new home area. My car is a little 'ill' right now and what with relocation and such will not be seeing the car physician for a while yet. I do have a custom made tandem wheeled trailer for the TR, which was purchased for this first trip down from Baltimore, and it was a dream to pull as it tracked perfectly and the TR had a great ride. This will also allow me in future endeavors to perhaps trek an interstate or two without trepidation and kind of dismount in a more rural run area to enjoy the surroundings and sounds. But, that would be a springtime adventure.

Please respond to this email address which will remain active for another week or so while I obtain the new telephone and cable connections in Cape. Appreciate you help and kind attention.

Ron Livorsi


611 Yarmouth Road

Towson, MD 21286

410 821 9051


From: Creig Houghtaling

Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 10:29 PM

To: Ronald Livorsi

Subject: RE:


I'm so glad to hear we are getting a new Triumph people to the Missouri area.  We don't have any current members from Cape Girardeau, but there are past members, Jerry & Margaret Sanders,  They are TR6 owners.  We have current members (TR6 owners) in Farmington, Gay & Cookie Wilkinson,

So what brings you to Missouri?


Creig Houghtaling www.sltoa.org


From: Ronald Livorsi

Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 10:58 AM

To: 'Creig Houghtaling'

Subject: RE: Triumph Club

Well, I guess that I will be joining the St.Louis branch shortly. Although the only thing that drives right now is the trailer that the car is sitting on, though there is hope that spring and the car will both be beautiful.

I am relocating from Baltimore area voluntarily, for a change. My work has had me mostly taking assignments out of the Chicago (home) area starting in 1986 through the last one to Baltimore in 2000. This meant that I was living away from family and friend with the occasional exception of re-assignment to the Chicago office for a period of time (not more than 2 years), and then off again. I guess I really found a love for British cars on my first relocation assignment, London, England for 4 years. Actually tried to bring back a 1952 Benley sedan but the pound to the dollar was a killer and it was not economically possible.


Back home I got into a Honda Gold Wing, but after totalling it, my daughters kept saying the next toy must have 4 wheels. So, remembering that I always did enjoy the sight of a TR-3 in England, I found out that one of my project managers owned one and was interested in selling – and I bought it and found another way to throw money to the wind - for the thrill of driving with your elbow but a short distance from the ground. Certainly more to it than that, but I do enjoy the times that both the car and me are out and about.

I also notice that your past member lives at 2034 Kevin - that is the next street over from my location at 2014 Allen Drive. Small world. I will have to contact them when I get down there at the end of this month.

I will also contact the organization come November, as before then I am on this merry-go-round of travel, preparation to move out and move in. Fortunately my daughter also lives a couple of streets away as well (main reason for the relocation) and between her and my lady the unpacking will be less difficult.

Thanks for your response and I look forward to meeting with you one day soon.

Ron Livorsi

2014 Allen Drive

Cape Girardeau, MO



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