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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                               March 2006

March Meeting, Tue. Mar. 21st, 2006, 7:00 PM, at Culpepper's, Kirkwood

Culpepper’s location: 312 S. Kirkwood Rd. (314) 821 7322

President’s Epistle, By Dave Massey

As I write what may be my last epistle I wonder where did the time go?  Oh, yeah, it drug by at an excruciatingly slow pace.  Seriously, it has been a fun two years and with the changing of the guard at the March meeting we will be entrusting ourselves into the hands of a very capable successor.  The March meeting will be at the Culpepper's in Kirkwood so come out for the election of new officers.

And to set the ball in motion I have reserved the Bevo Mill once again for the Christmas party.  Mark your calendars for Dec 8th and we will have a jolly time just like at last year's party. The deal is the same as last year’s; we will have a buffet style dinner followed by the auction.  And like last year we will open the invitation to the MG and Austin Healey clubs.

In the more immediate future we will give the Polar Bear Run another try.  The freak snowstorm caused a cancellation of the original drive but how many times can we get unlucky like that?  So turn out for the Polar Bear II starting at Gravois Bluffs on March 26th and maybe this time we will make it down to Sandy Creek Covered Bridge.

On April 15th is the annual Wash Up/Tune Up at the home of Keith Bester hosted by Keith and the Austin Healey Club.  This is a good opportunity to prepare your car for the Easter Car Show the next day.  This Horseless Carriage Club event is the premier event of the season for the old car hobbyist in St. Louis.  Craig Madsen is organizing a special registration for the club members attending and we want to have as many cars there as we can to show St. Louis that there are still plenty of Triumphs on the road.  If you haven't already signed up with Craig do so now.  It's a party and a chance to see some really neat cars we don't normally see but for this show.  And the registration fees are cheaper en mass.

For those who enjoyed the VTR last year and would like to attend another but feel that Ft. Worth in July is too hot you can opt for the South Central Regional Convention in Jenks, Oklahoma March 20 - 22.  They are having a show that includes a Funkahna, Autocross, Rallye, Concours and Participant's Choice car show and a banquet just like the big shows but at a cooler time of year and closer to home.  For more information go to www.greencountytriumphs.com or call me since I am planning on going myself.

Memorial Day weekend will once again find many of us in Champaign IL for the Champagne British Car Festival and this year the theme is "Return to Camelot" so dust off that old suit of armor and restring that cross bow and head up north to Champaign and see if Arthur can really sing "The rain always waits till after sundown."

I got an Email from a gent in Italy, Pier Franco Princivalle, who is putting together a website with a database of all the TR2's and TR3's still on the road.  He is looking for information to put up there.  Check out the website at http://web.tiscali.it/registroitalianotr3/english.htm and see all the cars already there.  If you would like to have your car listed send him an Email with the year of manufacture, Commission number, your name and any location data you feel is appropriate.  He is concerned about your privacy and state is all that is listed for many cars on the list.  It's a pretty impressive list so far and still far from complete.

See you on the road.  Dave

Dues are Due

It is that time of year again.  Time to renew your membership.  Maintain your membership by making out a check to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association (or SLTOA) in the amount of either $10 or $20 and mail it to Bonnie David 500 Marie Dr, St. Charles, MO 63301.  Ten gets you an e-mail note with a link to the monthly newsletter and $20 gets a hard copy in your mailbox.  If you have any questions you can call Bonnie at (636) 949-0825.  Please renew today!

The Easter Car Show  By Craig Madsen

APRIL 16 marks the date of the 2006 Easter Concourse D' Elegance. Each year the show is held in the upper Muni parking lot at Forest Park. The lower lot is reserved for the Modified & Hot Rods.

While not everyone is available to attend for obvious reasons, this show attracts a large number of cars of all different makes prior to year 1981. What could be better than hanging out with your fellow Triumph junkies and at the same time providing a public service? One of the great things about this show is that there is no awards or judging ( unless you specifically request it)  You're there to hang out and have a good time. Onlookers come in their Sunday best, joggers, cyclists, dog walkers - everyone seems to be relaxed and enjoying the day.

This signals the beginning of the touring season for me. If you can get all the pieces back together for the Easter Car Show, you'll be off and running for the duration of the driving season.

Lest we forget WASH-UP / TUNE-UP held at Keith Besters' the Saturday before (APRIL 15) Ask any member for directions. I've yet to actually make it to one, seems I'm always putting on one of those before mentioned parts on either my Fathers or Daughters car that day. You'll never have a bad time at Keith's.

We currently have over ten cars signed up. Half that number are Spitfires so we're looking for representation of the other models as well. At this time we have no TR4, TR250, or GT6, We could also use more 3's, 6's. 7 & 8's. We'll take more Spitfires - we'll take anything as long as it's British!

Cost is $12.50, pretty sure it's non-refundable, I believe they have this thing rain or shine. (doesn't mean you can't go home if it starts pouring). This is an excellent opportunity to make maximum use of your checks. You can write one check to Bonnie to renew your membership and include car show registration on the same check. One stop shopping! Be sure you mention registration is included to Bonnie so she can cross you off the list. The way this works is after you have paid Bonnie, I will receive 8 1/2X 11 Dash Cards from the Horseless Carriage Club. I will forward these cards to you. Your Dash Card is your admission pass when you reach the park. You'll need to fill it out and bring it with you. Cars need to be in place I think by 11:00, and things ususally thin out about 3:30 - 4:30. More info to come as I get it!

Last year we reserved 15 spaces and had 14 cars, this year I'm shooting for 20 - we're half way there! Remember to bring your lawn chairs & warm clothing - see you there!

Backwards Hat guy seeks Presidential seat!  By CraigMadsen

As one that truly enjoys our get-togethers, last year I corralled some of you to the Easter car show, 14 cars in all, a cool gray day as I remember. I thought at that time, if everyone in the club just volunteered for one thing, think what the possibilities could be… So, I’m volunteering, and YES I have an agenda! Don’t panic it won’t hurt at all – I also have three requests, 1st  - another volunteer to get us 15 cars to the Easter car show, 2nd  - a TR8 and it’s owner to the Easter car show this year. There are a couple of options here, (only 14 more to go) We didn’t have one last year.

Lastly, everyone sign up one new member before next years Christmas party. As incentive, (if our comradery isn’t enough) I would propose those that DO get next years dues waived! You all would have to vote on that one. I can’t think of any thing more fun than being surrounded by even more Triumph junkies!

We have such great people that thanklessly give of their time and energies year after year

- Our Treasurer Bonnie David (and don’t think Jacks not supportive here)

- Our News letter Editor Creig Houghtaling, THAT’S a lot of work.

- Our past Presidents that every month keep us on tract, entertained and informed

- Our group of regulars that invite us into there homes to hold the monthly Meetings

- Our resident journalist Kathy Kresser never fails to make her monthly contribution.

- Our Grille meister Carl Schmidt keeps us fat & happy, always there for our June picnic 7 the Creve Coeur car show

SO, ask NOT what the Triumph car club can do for you…

Wouldn’t it be great to have a “new member profile” in the newsletter every time we sign up someone new-what great groundwork to get to know someone better? Or a progress report column on various members projects - where is Steve at on the spitfire restoration? Dave on the TR3? What’s John up to This time!? I’ll bet there are all kinds of stuff going on out there I don’t even know about.  So WHO would write these columns? Kathy can’t do it all..

How about guest speakers at some of our meetings? Give our members additional incentive to actually attend. Also there IS that issue of a running mate, that shouldn’t be hard, I’m not planning on dropping dead anytime soon - I’ve got a spitfire to get back on the road, a TR6 & 7 to maintain, and a TR8 to get started on…

So why am I doing this…..

2006 Polar Bear Re-Run - March 26th

We tried to run February 12th but we got snowed out.  We had lots of participants at the beginning but after the first sliding stop most people bailed out.  So we’ll try it again March 26th.  The following are details copied from our web site www.sltoa.org.  Go on line to see the route.  Print out a copy of the map and bring it along.  Craig Ingraham took the photos here.


From the web:

Hosted by SLTOA on Jefferson County roads and at the home of Kay & Creig Houghtaling.

Sunday, February 12th, 2006    We will try this again.  Sunday March 26 at the same time.  This time we will have perfect weather!!!  Or at least no snow!  But this is St. Louis and even though the date is later there is no guarantee.  So if the weather looks threatening, call my home number  636-305-1143 or my cell phone (unlimited weekend minutes)  314-401-7817.  You can also check back on this page or SLTOA's front page.  Sunday morning the 26th I'll put in a go or no-go note if there is any threat of weather.  If the weather looks clear, presume we are ON.

Two other changes:  Instead of chili by Craig Ingraham, this time we will have burgers, dogs, and brats by Craig Madsen.  Two liter sodas and some beer will be provided.  Please bring what ever else you would like to share.  (food, drinks, deserts, etc)  Second, we will not do the poker cards and SLTOA ball cap give away for a door prize.  The poker card handout is too difficult to do.  Food and lots of good company will have to substitute for hat freebees.


On our snowed out run (Feb. 12th) we must have had at least 20 cars in attendance.  (MGs, Triumphs, Jags, Healeys & more than a few SUVs and other more reasonable cars for a snowy day.)  If the weather is better, we could have more.  Or it could be fewer because it is not as much of a challenge.  We'll see.  Whatever happens, the route is beautiful and whoever shows up will be just as beautiful!

We will print more maps, but if you have one from the 12th or print one from this site, please bring it along.  Thanks!

Note:  The route for 2006 has no gravel roads.  All paved!

Come one, come all! Every British car enthusiasts is invited. Yes it is almost spring, but most of our cars have tops for some cold weather protection if needed. But you can never tell. This is St. Louis. Many past Runs have been warm enough for open top cruising. But if it turns out to be at the other extreme, too cold for your classic British car, break out the modern SUV and join the party.

On Sunday morning March 26th, let’s meet in Fenton just south of Highway 30 off Highway 141 on Gravois Bluffs Circuit City parking lot at 9:30 AM. At that time we’ll hand out maps for a fabulous tour of Jefferson County back-roads, then depart at 10:00 AM. First and last stop will be the home of Creig & Kay Houghtaling at 36 Copper Mountain Court just south of Fenton. At the end of the drive (about 12:30 PM) we will have burgers & brats at the Houghtaling’s. Burgers & brats (condiments plates and utensils) will be provided by the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association and be prepared by master chef Craig Madsen. Participants are invited to bring other food and drinks as desired for potluck sharing. That is why the first stop (after Gravois Bluffs) will be the Houghtaling’s.

Gravois Bluffs Shopping Center is located on both the east and west side of Highway 141 just south of Highway 30. There is almost every name store and restaurant you can imagine. So meet your friends an hour or two early to shop or have breakfast or a cup of coffee. Our meeting place on the open end of the Circuit City parking lot is right between Steak & Shake and Starbucks. This is on the East side of 141, but there is a lot more on the west side if you are early enough to have the time.

It’s almost spring. LET’S PARTY!!!

Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or 636-305-1143, or  to place a free ad in this newsletter.

ü                           Two too many luggage racks!

Before they go to E-Bay - one for TR6, the big low one, one for the TR7/8, the usual style both good shape, $79.00 - Take your pick.   636-734-3937 Craig Madsen

ü                           TR3 detachable hard top for sale. White in color.  Generally good condition but missing latching hardware (which is available at very reasonable cost from several sources - Moss, Victoria British, Smoothline) and weatherstrip needs replacing.    This top looks like the model  currently offered by Smoothline which, I believe, is the old Parrish Plastics design and now sells for an outrageous $1000.   As I no longer have a need for the top, I'd be grateful if you could pass on this info to those members of your club who might be interested. I'm offering the top for  $300 OBO.     allen6013@sbcglobal

ü                           This photograph was forwarded to me from Dave Massey.  Here is the information that I have regarding these parts:  E-mail address: N197TR4 @ cs.com - Subject: TR6 Stainless Carbureter Steel Heat Shield  -  Photograph: TR3/TR4 to the left TR6 in the middle Alloy TR3/4 front engine mounting plate.
  Club Discounts would be available, if 2 or more folks are interested in anything and it is shipped to one address.  I'm adding more and more stuff. I hope to make #197 faster.  Joe Alexander, TR4 racing enthusiast and long time Triumph owner.

ü                           Dave Barker at US Electronics just upgraded to an enclosed trailer and is selling his old one.  It has a built in Warn winch with a battery only about a year old. Also have real nice heavy aluminum ramps. Built really heavy and pulls great. I had fender gussets and new front jack stand put on in September 2005.  Any questions call my cell 314-517-0148

ü                           Looking for a Spitfire.  This is another item forwarded to the newsletter by Dave Massey.  hello my name is steve;   I live near aurora illinois and im looking for an affordable spitfire.  I was 17 when i purchased my spitfire from elk grove h.s. in 1992.  I loved that car. I took it everywhere with everyone.  About 3 years later my son was born.  Money was tight and i had to sell the car for almost nothing.  Im not rich but if you know of anyone that has a spitfire that is in ok to good shape and they are not looking for a lot of money please post this message i hope to hear from some people.   --   In a later email he said he was looking for something in the $2,000.00 range.   --   NFI.  Contact him directly at sid1871 @ sbcglobal.net if you can help him get back into a Triumph!


St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

Creig Houghtaling, Editor

36 Copper Mountain Court

Fenton, MO 63026