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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† April 2006

April Meeting, Tue. Mar. 18th, 2006, 7:00 PM, at Tom Starkís, Ladue

Arrive any time after 6:00 PM.Meeting at 7:00 PM.Tom will provide turkey, soft drinks and bangers & mash (bangers are a nutritional disaster but the English love them).Members can bring a dish to share and any alcoholic beverage they want.If the weather is good we can meet out-doors.A few extra chairs would be good.

Presidential Ramblings,By Craig Madsen

This year (2006) is off to a great start, we've got five new members, Terry Merrell, Dave Schulz, Jerry Funk, Mark Weinstein, & Paul Schuessler. Hopefully they're getting acquainted & enjoying their new found comrades. Welcome once again. Dave Schulz has jumped on the bandwagon and volunteered to orchestrate year 2007 Easter car show.Much appreciated.

Before I get off on another tangent, a big Thank You to past Pres. Dave Massy for all he's done, scheduling the Christmas Party & in particular for being persistent about the rescheduling of the Polar Bear Run. It was "THE BOMB"(that's good). See related article in this outstanding publication.

The February meeting included a mini seminar on Thermal Management given by Charles Borrini, owner of JCM Machine & Coatings. I found it to be both informative & interesting. Hopefully those in attendance did as well.

The March meeting saw a changing of the guard as Dave passed on to me the ever coveted butter knife that he bangs on the glass with. After it was announced that he had passed the Firearms Safety Course, John Lamberg was elected Vice President. Return Office holders (& thank God), Bonnie David Treasurer, Creig Houghtaling Editor, a noticeably vacant Office, Secretary, has been filled by Matt Gossett. Webmaster Gary Algood was reinstated for another year even though he wasn't there. (see what happens when you don't show up for the meeting!) Chris Kresser has officially accepted the unofficial position of activities chairman unofficially. (I think that's right) Kathy Kresser has promised to keep writing, and Carl Schmidt is going to keep grilling. I'm certain that I've missed or am going to miss something sometime so see disclaimer at end of article.

We nailed down the next Four meeting locations, APRIL will be held at Tom Starks house, Directions are elsewhere in the newsletter. We may have a visit by the owner of Gateway Media Blasters for a mini seminar if it can be arranged, so be there or be square. MAY we will revisit the new Chuck-A -Burger location in St Charles. JUNE is the Summer Picnic located at Des Peres Park, actual date to be announced. JULY will be held at the always enjoyable residence of our Vice - John Lamberg.

UPCOMING EVENTS OF INTEREST in frontwards hat orderAPRIL 15&16 Wash up/Tune up at Keith Besters & The Easter Car Show.APRIL 18 Club Meeting at Tom Starks house.APRIL 20-22 VTR South Central Regional Convention located in Jenks Oklahoma, info @ www. greencountytriumphs.com or contact Dave Massey as he is already signed up. MAY 5 every first Friday of the month there is an impromptu gathering of all make & models at the Stratford Inn across from the Chrysler Plant, this goes on all summer, until maybe October. cars arrive about 3:30 and come and go at will. There is always some group selling brats & stuff so you won't go hungry. I always enjoy seeing what others have done even if it's not our make. Model T Swap Meet, wanted to have a date for you, I don't but I'll get you one. It's something I try not to miss, what with my car parts fetish & all. I just like being surrounded by al! l that neat hardware. (that should be enough to scare away any potential girlfriends)†† -That's all I've got for now!


I will at sometime in the next year, forget, or misspell somebody's name (that's already happened) forget somebody did something very important, fail to give credit where credit is due, forget I'm supposed to be somewhere & at what time, make somebody unhappy & not even know it. SO - Please accept my humble apologies in advance, I assure you I will do my best to not let any of these things happen, and in no way if it does happen will it be intentional. Some times things slip through the cracks & we look like a putz!††† ...and do my best to do my duty to God & country!†††††† (Thank God for spell check) Craig

March 2006 Minutes of the SLTOA

Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm held at Culpepperís restaurant in Kirkwood, MO.

Outgoing President Dave Massey thanks the people from his administration before announcing the voting for the new yearly officer positions.

††††††††††††††††††††††† After the voting was tabulated:

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† President††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Craig Madsen

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Vice President††††††††††††††††††††††††† John Lombard

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Treasurer††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Bonnie David

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Newsletter††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Creig Houghtaling

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Secretary††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Matt Gossett

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Events chairperson:†††††††††††††††††† Chris Kessler

New Business:

Polar Bear Run:††††††††††† Having been rescheduled, the Polar Bear Run II will be held Sunday, March 26th.The SLTOA will be met by members of other British Car Clubs for a delightful drive starting at the Gravois Bluffs Circuit City parking lot at 9:30 am.Members are encouraged to bring the maps from the last run.

The Sandy Creek Covered Bridge may be open for members to have their pictures taken †††††††† by this lovely landmark if there is enough interest.

Current membership roster:Incoming President Craig Madsen asks for a current membership total and is told there are 75 current members for the SLTOA.

John Lamberg motions that if a current SLTOA member signs up a new member to the SLTOA, the current member will have their dues waived for 1 year.

††††††††††† The motion passes.

߆†††††††† Future SLTOA mtg. venues:

††††††††††††††††††††††† April 2006††††††††††††††††††† the home of Tom Stark

††††††††††††††††††††††† May 2006††††††††††††††††††† Chuckaburger in St. Charles County

††††††††††††††††††††††† June 2006††††††††††††††††††† Des Peres Park for summer picnic (Call Joe Mueller for more information)

††††††††††††††††††††††† July 2006†††††††††††††††††††† the home of John Lombard

߆†††††††† Treasurer Bonnie David will need the signature of current President Craig Madsen for the VTR insurance.

߆†††††††† Upcoming Events:

††††††††††††††††††††††† Polar Bear Run II:†††††††† Sunday March 26th at 9:30 am at Gravois Bluffs in Fenton

††††††††††††††††††††††† MG Club MO Endurance Rally:††††††††††† Saturday and Sunday, April 1st and 2nd

††††††††††††††††††††††† SCCA Gimmick Rally:April 9th.See their website at www.stlscca.org for more info.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Wash up/ Tune up at Keith Besterís:April 15th.Come by any time after 10 am. Potluck lunch will be served and members are encouraged to bring a dish.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Easter Car Show at Forest Park:†††††††††† April 16th.Members will be leaving Keith Besterís home at 9 am.Cars need to be in place no later than 11 am.

††††††††††††††††††††††† SLTOA meeting:††††††††† April 18th at the home of Tom Stark.

††††††††††††††††††††††† MG Club Rally: April 23rd.Departing Chesterfield Valley Target at 1 pm.

††††††††††††††††††††††† 38th Annual Swap Meet:April 30th.Riverport, Earth City, MO from 6 am to 4 pm.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Derby Day Show in Lexington, KY:May 5th and 6th

††††††††††††††††††††††† MG Spring Fling:May 5th and 6th.Road trip to Ste. Genevieve with optional overnight.Contact Chris Kessler for more information.

Dues are Due

It is that time of year again.Time to renew your membership.Maintain your membership by making out a check to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association (or SLTOA) in the amount of either $10 or $20 and mail it to Bonnie David 500 Marie Dr, St. Charles, MO 63301.Ten gets you an e-mail note with a link to the monthly newsletter and $20 gets a hard copy in your mailbox.If you have any questions you can call Bonnie at (636) 949-0825.Please renew today!

Anyone not renewed in April will be dropped from the roster and will not receive the May newsletter.The following 2005 members have not renewed yet.

Mel & Barbara Alcorn, Cheryl Swift/Bob Berger, Keith Bester, Mark Birdsong, Brian & Robin Borgstede, Steve & Kim Bruzek, Jason Buchek, John F. Bush, Jim Clark, Thomas M & Gayle T. Culbertson, Ken & Sue Dahman, Jack Fansher, Byford & Kay Gullett, William Hoss, Patrick & Rebecca Hughes, Craig Ingraham, Karl & Margaret Kenkel, Charlie & Paula Key, Katherine Cuba/Michael Mason, Joan Carroll & Roy Matteson, Gary & Linda Mazzaola, Bill & Jacquie Reck, Mark Schmidt, Paul M. Schuessler, Ron Spiegelman, Steven & Sandy Street, John & Joan Strowbridge, Michael & Andrea Thomas, Allan & Sandy Tomey, Jeff Weintrop,

The Easter Car Show, By Craig Madsen

APRIL 16 marks the date of the 2006 Easter Concourse D' Elegance at the upper Muni parking lot at Forest Park. 'Got a call from Ben @ Horseless Carriage Club wanting a final car count, he was confused, I sent him a check for ten and twelve were on the list.I'm sending him another check for 5 more cars, total of fifteen. that means I'm looking for five more entries (or more, is not a problem) If you haven't settled up with Bonnie for your yearly dues, please do so, and it's real easy just to include your $12.50 entrance fee for the car show on the same check! We're still looking for those TR3's TR6's 250's GT6's TR7's & 8'sSo don't stiff your Pres. with those last 5 entry fees - you know If Bonnie doesn't get paid nobody gets paid! Seriously - the more the merrier. I'll be receiving the Dash Cards soon & will be getting them to you, If you for some reason don't have it by Easter don't sweat it we'll get you in, if you finish your car on Saturday & want to come, we'll get you in even if you're not registered. We ! would prefer how ever, to get it all wrapped up before hand. My cell phone # 636-734-3937See you there!


Checkbook balance 1-17-06$3176.41

-125.00The Horseless Carriage Club - Easter Car Show Registration

-103.11 Creig Houghtaling - February Newletter & Polarbear Run

+30.002 Dues

+50.003 Dues & 1 Shirt

-200.00Bevo Mill - Deposit for 12/8/06 Xmas Party

+205.0011 Dues & 2 easter Show Registration

-29.62Creig Houghtaling - March newsletter less Dues

$3008.68 Checkbookbalance 3-21-06

2006 Polar Bear Re-Run - Review

I want to thank everyone who made the 2006 Polar Bear Re-Run such a great success.We couldn't have ordered any better weather.The sun was shining and the temperature must have been at least 60.

Craig Madsen put together a wonderful grill of dogs, brats, and burgers. Karl Schmitt got us permission to photograph our cars in front of the bridge.He also provided brats and dogs that he kept frozen from a previous event.Then he pitched in and helped with the grilling.Many helped pitch in to arrange the buffet of treats provided by participants.Chris and Kathy Kresser provided additional copies of the written instructions for the route.They saw a need and just stepped up and filled it.Thanks.

Thanks to all who participated.There were several MGs and a couple of Sunbeam tigers present.Everyone's participation really makes an event like this enjoyable.A large gathering like this could be offensive to neighbors, but when you have beautiful cars and nice people, it was quite the opposite.Several neighbors told me they liked seeing the parade of classic cars in many beautiful colors.

We had a couple of incidents along the way.My TR6 died at Gravois Bluffs and George Most's Spitfire was running very poorly because of points.George's points were reset with a couple of thick pieces of card stock to gauge the gap.I went back to get my TR6 after the party and found that there was no fuel getting to the carbs.I didn't feel like working on the car in the Circuit City parking lot, so I went back home and got an empty quart oil can, a pointed dispenser lid off a gear oil container, gasoline, and about 4 feet of fuel line.I filled the quart container with fuel.Connected the fuel line to the carbs and the dispenser lid.Screwed the lid on the container, turned it upside down and filled the carbs.The car started and ran.So visualize this.I drove it home with a quart oil container with a hose connected to it holding it up next to the windshield.That must have been quite a site.But what the heck.It worked!

Thanks to everyone who made this such a fun event.We'll have to do it again next year.;-)

I have one green plastic bowl that I don't think is mine.If it is yours, give me a ring or drop me a note and we'll make arrangements to get it home to it's proper owner.636-305-1143

Stories About Those Little British Cars, By Kathy Kresser

I thought my column needed a different angle for this year and I decided to interview the female part of the Little British Car contingent.And as you probably noticed last year, I will continue to showcase owners and cars from the Triumph,†† Healey, and MG clubs.

This month, I chatted with Janel Demick.She and her husband Chuck own a 1975 MGB rubber bumper and are in the process of a full restore on a 1966 chrome bumper MGB. Janel named her car Emma.In fact, she bought Emma from John Lore of the Austin Healey group.Janel wears her passion for MGs on her sleeve, I think you will enjoy reading her story.

Why did you buy an MG?

When I was in high school, it was the era of the muscle cars, American iron.Everyone was driving Hemicudas, Camaros, 'Goats,' Roadrunners, Mustangs (my first car was a '66 Mustang).When my family would go to Belleville, we would pass by Oliver C. Joseph, the only dealership around that sold MGs.I'd look at those little sporty cars as we drove by.Even convinced my dad to stop once.The only car I REALLY wanted was that little MGB.A shiny red with wire wheels, chrome bumpers.I liked my Mustang, but it wasn't the car I wanted.

Fast forward 35 years, 2 kids, 2 college educations and a mortgage, and I finally got that MGB.October 2004.And you know, I feel like a 16 year old every time I drive it, always will.

Where did you locate your car?

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Emma, 1975 MGB

My brother-in-law Ron actually found it for me.It was Fall, we'd about given up looking for the winter when we were at their house one day.Ron got on the Internet, we started searching around and he found a link to a British car forum.Emma was listed for sale there in the classified section.AND --- the car was local.The bad news was that the initial listing was July, this was October.Came home, called the guy, and YES! he still had the car.We were 15 minutes away, and we were at his house in 20 minutes.And it was RED!

Emma is the name you have given your MG, any particular reason?

For awhile, she was just The B."We're going driving in The B," "I'm taking The B," "Mom can Rob and I borrow The B."I didn't set out to name her, I'd never named my cars.It just happened.I quickly started a long 'to do' list and 'wish' list for the '75.I'd babble about the car and what I wanted to do to her. "I'm going to get new carpet, I"m going to get a cd player, I'm going to get new speakers, I'm going to get an overdrive transmission, I'm going to get dual SUs, I'm going to..."The more I babbled, the more it sounded like this: "Emma gonna, Emma gonna, Emma gonna.""Emma."

Who handles the repairs on Emma?

Chuck.Although I get in the way a lot and know everything.(just ask him)

Who drives Emma the most?

Me.But on rallys, Chuck drives almost exclusively because I'm a great navigator and he's a TERRIBLE passenger.

How often and where do you drive Emma?

I drive her EVERY chance I get.Daily when I can.I won't drive her in the snow and slush, because tin cancer is fatal, but other than that, I drive her year-round.She's my car of choice.

Did I hear you say you bought a second MG?

Naw...that's just a nasty rumor going around about us.

Tell me about this new purchase?

Last fall we were toying with the idea of another MGB that we could fully restore.Chuck's retired, gets under my feet a lot, needed a 'hobby.'We both love the chrome bumpers.††† We found a car for sale in Alabama (thanks to Kelly Leahy, another MG Club member, for the heads-up).We saw the pictures and it *looked* good, for a shell with 4 wheels and 3 colors of paint.After all, what did we know, we're beginners at this.Price was okay and Kelly told me if we decided we didn't want it, he'd take it off our hands.Couldn't lose, right?Chuck & Kelly brought it home early November.The POPTTPO (the previous owner prior to the previous owner) already had disassembled the car 90% or so.The guys pulled up late one evening with the car on a flatbed.Boxes everywhere.The car was crammed full of boxes, as was the back of our truck.Virtually every part on the car was in one of 50+ boxes, with the exception of a few

(This story continues on page 7 following the roster.)

The following pages are the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association roster as of April 2006We figured this was the best time to print a roster because it still has all the members who have not yet renewed.Also, everyone is receiving this newsletter as a hard copy in the mail.The roster on the following pages will not be published on the web site.(Editorís note.The roster has been deleted for this on-line version of the newsletter.All paid members got a hard copy of the newsletter in the mail that included the roster.)

(Continued from page 6)

things like the wheels, heater box, brake lines, wiring harness, gas tank and steering wheel.The car was splotches of red, silver and BRG.I looked at the boxes as the guys were unloading the car and thought, "Oh gawd, we have a B in a box."Binabox stuck.As time progressed, I would catch myself saying, "I need to decide on a color (we still do), and I need to decide on wheels, an' I need to decide on interior color, anna need to order parts, an' I need to have the engine rebuilt, anna need to get the carbs rebuilt, anna need to...""Anna."Although she may always be called Binabox.

††††††††††††††††† Binabox, 1966 MGB, under restoration

The MG thing must be contagious; your son also bought an MG?

Yup.Last November, Brian bought the 1975 Midget that our brother-in-law owned that we toyed with buying but didn't, from Lonnie McMinn who bought it from Al when we didn't buy it.(did you follow that?)~grin~And he's gone from virtually knowing nothing about cars, much less LBCs, to gearhead in 4 months.Littlebritishcaritis.It's contagious, it's chronic.Hmm, or is it hereditary?

Any other comments wish you share?

Yes girl, there is.I want you to get that 'rumf out and drive it, practice, so we can have a 'girls gone wild' rally!I'm shooting the Fall.

Thanks, Janel, and as you always say ďKeeping the top and the pedal down!

I clipped this statement from one of Janelís emails, she is true to her word.††

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "WOW - What a ride!"


Janel and Chuck Demick--1975 MG B rubber bumper--1966 MG B chrome bumper


Welcome to the SLTOA, Matt Gossett!By Kathy Kresser

Please allow me to introduce Matt Gossett.He is a newer member of SLTOA and recently was elected Club Secretary. I interviewed Matt and he shared the following with me.

Tell me about your car?

Thanks Kathy.I really appreciate the opportunity to be a member of the association and I hope to make a worthwhile contribution.Everyone is really great and Iím looking forward to many years of participation.I encourage folks to say hi if you see me and I promise to make the rounds and get everyoneís name down.††

I have a 1978 Triumph Spitfire and it is hands down the coolest thing I own.Even though Iíve owned the car since 1986 I did not get an opportunity to start its restoration until 2002.Since that time however, I have done my best despite a lack of tools, a realistic working space or, any technical knowledge of cars.The list of new parts is extensive and I donít want to bore people but, a quick list of what was done and where follows.

q       Autos of Europe:In the beginning, I just needed to get it running after ten years in a garage.Boris, the Russian owner of the shop, replaced my clutch and brakes, totally replaced my suspension, performed a tune-up, installed a stainless steel exhaust system and, cut out and replaced the rusted floor and trunk pan.

q       Honea Body Shop:The owner, Ken Kirchoffer, kept my car for like, eight months or something but, did a fantastic job.He straightened my frame, replaced my cracked windshield, re-welded the seams and, basically put my car back together again.I bought the bonnet new and assembled and, there is no bondo on the car except for the trunk lid.Ken did a superb job on the paint as well spraying the outside, engine bay and, trunk after rust proofing the whole thing.He also restored and painted my hardtop.

q       Autofit Tops:Did a great job on my custom black cloth soft top.I just think it looks better than the vinyl.

q       Southtown upholstery:Mr. Miller the shop owner put my seats together (I had new foam and seat cushions), replaced the headliner in the hardtop, replaced hordes of interior trim and, has reset all the new carpet and console pieces.He is currently producing a black cloth cover for my soft top when it is down.

q       Auto Concepts:Installed a boominí stereo system so I can actually hear my music over the engine.

How did you learn about SLTOA and why did you join?

Actually, I found out about the SLTOA on the web by accident.I was spending countless hours trying to find parts for my Spitfire and also collecting pictures of different colored Spitfires to determine what color it would finally be painted.

When I ran across the site I was thrilled to say the least.I began sifting through the memberís pages to see what kind of group this was.I considered what cars were represented, how many members and, what the club was doing with its events in my decision to join.

I didnít know at the time that this group was going to be filled with the cast of characters that it holds currently (gentle ribbing) but, everyone has been really great to me and for that I thank you all collectively.The amount of technical and practical information this association commands is overwhelming and I have been the eager recipient of many morsels of information.

Why did you buy a Triumph?

I was a sophomore at Kirkwood High School in 1986 when at the corner of Dougherty Ferry and Lindemann I saw a parked red Spitfire, shining brightly in the sun.I was mesmerized by the vehicleís lines, captivated by the wooden dashboard and, enchanted by the size of the car.It was so impractical: I loved it.

I rushed home to beguile my mother into purchasing the car for me thinking that she would have myriad reasons why not to buy the car.I began to construct counterarguments immediately but, to my surprise, she was also taken with the car.We bought it then and there for $1,200.I spent that entire summer waiting tables at Massaís in Kirkwood to pay her back and it was worth every penny.

At a time when muscle cars were ruling the parking lot at school, I pulled in gleefully with all 60 horses, feeling the looks and hearing the gasps.No one had ever seen a car like this before and it became one of my trademarks.The Spitfire was so different as I pulled in, top down, among the Camaros and Mustangs that people literally walked over to take a look.The Spitfire was so d******** good looking; it was an instant hit, especially with the girls, a welcome by-product of the purchase to be sure.

Is the car a daily driver?How many miles do you drive a year?

My Spitfire was a daily driver through high school and my first two years at Southwest Missouri State (now Missouri State) and for some time after that.I finally gave it up for a 1985 Nissan 300 ZX in 1993.Driving the 300 ZX was like piloting the space shuttle after driving a Triumph for seven years.I did keep the Spitfire though but, it sat in my garage for 10 years collecting dust.I just couldnít get rid of it.

When I finally decided to restore it, I wanted to make up for the last decade of neglect by really doing a good job on the restoration.Although I did not do a complete frame up restoration, I think it looks pretty darn good.I wanted to make sure that I could get in, turn the key, and drive.

I have no idea how many miles a year I put on it because Iíve driven it so erratically between trips to the body shop, the mechanic and, having the interior done.In fact, itís mostly a new car, somewhat removed from the car I loved so much in high school.It has a new, completely rebuilt engine (sounds and drives differently), a totally new color (Volvo arctic silver vs. red), no rust, a totally new interior (no more gasoline + lawn mower smell) and, tunes (I canít tell you how many stereos were stolen out of this car.So many that I said, ďScrew itĒ and it didnít even have a stereo from 1990 on).Regardless, every time I slide in (I enter the car like a piece of a Tetris puzzle) the car magically transports me back to my free-wheeling high school days.Iíll NEVER sell this car for this reason.Itís a bloody fountain of youth!

Although I may be one of the youngest members of the SLTOA at 36 (yes, Julie Madsen, youíre younger than I) and one of the newest members, I have owned my Triumph for 20 years now and, I imagine Iíll have it another 20 years.

What do you consider to be a fun car experience?

You know, I donít need an excuse to drive my baby.

Rallies are fun and all but, even trips to my local grocery store take on new meaning when I drive the Spit.I have several little excursions I take in and around my apartment in Clayton.Driving through Forest Park is fantastic and, many of the streets around my place are shaded by lovely tree canopies making any drive satisfying.Even though the streets are horrible, I find myself driving through the historic neighborhoods of the City with the top down enjoying the architecture and, on most Saturdays, I drive it down to Soulard Market where it can be enjoyed by others as well.

In the end however, I just like to sit and look at my car.Itís so d****** cute I canít stand it!

Tell me about yourself.

Iím a 36 year old, left handed Scorpio and St. Louis native. I am a 1988 graduate of Kirkwood High School and recently graduated with honors from Washington University with an undergraduate degree in political science.I have worked for my familyís 17 year old business CLG Enterprises, Inc. since 1994 which provides real estate consulting services, finance strategies, community and regional planning, site selection and, right of way acquisition among other things.I have been a real estate broker since 1996 and have coordinated some of the largest right of way acquisition projects in the state including two years at Lambert Airport for the new expansion, the Page Avenue Extension and, two MetroLink lines including the latest Cross County Extension into Shrewsbury.I am definitely a city kid and canít wait to move back into the city.I plan on reentering the political scene (after a three-year hiatus working on my degree) and will eventually run for a political office, hopefully an Aldermanic seat in the 6th

ward.I am most certainly a cat person (my kitties Tikhon and Isa Kadira), never been married and have no kids.For Godís sakeÖsomeone set me up!

I donít know if this is the case or not but, it seems that I may have owned my Triumph the longest at 20 years.Can anyone top that?Did any member buy a Triumph as their first car?Does anyone live any further east than me?

Thank you, Matt, for your comments.I love your enthusiasm for the car.You will make a terrific club member.

Classified Ads:Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or 636-305-1143, orto place a free ad in this newsletter.

Ł                           Please help me free up some space in my garage. I have a very rare NOS GT6 MKIII bonnet repair center section panel. $200. I have two GT6 MKIII engines. One ran when removed but smoked under acceleration. $250. One is condition unknown. It does not turn over. $150. $350 for both. If you want to build a Spit6 I have all the parts you need.††††††† Contact Dan Trigg at 636-244-6669

Ł                           Several years ago I owned a 1974 TR6.I recently discovered a few left over parts in my basement and being aware of your club thought some member might want to buy them.Following are the items.$100.00 or best offer takes all.Call Jim at 314-909-0662 or email me at jimhome@charter.net

Bosch distributor cap (new)--Bosch rotor (new)--Fuel filter (new)--4 used brake shoes (appear to be in very good condition)--2 ball joints (new)--1 used master cylinder--1 used Lucas windshield washer tank with pump--1 used heater valve--1 used front turn signal light--1 reconditioned starter motor

Ł                           TR6 Parts - Left & right side doors, passenger side door glass, Windshield ( you remove) Amco luggage rack. 636-734-3937 Craig Madsen

Ł                           Dave Barker at US Electronics just upgraded to an enclosed trailer and is selling his old one.It has a built in Warn winch with a battery only about a year old. Also have real nice heavy aluminum ramps. Built really heavy and pulls great. I had fender gussets and new front jack stand put on in September 2005.Any questions call my cell 314-517-0148

Ł                           TR3 detachable hard top for sale. White in color.Generally good condition but missing latching hardware (which is available at very reasonable cost from several sources - Moss, Victoria British, Smoothline) and weatherstrip needs replacing.††† This top looks like the modelcurrently offered by Smoothline which, I believe, is the old Parrish Plastics design and now sells for an outrageous $1000.†† As I no longer have a need for the top, I'd be grateful if you could pass on this info to those members of your club who might be interested. I'm offering the top for$300 OBO.†††† allen6013@sbcglobal

Ł                           Looking for a Spitfire.. This is another item forwarded to the newsletter by Dave Massey.hello my name is steve;†† I live near aurora illinois and im looking for an affordable spitfire.I was 17 when i purchased my spitfire from elk grove h.s. in 1992.I loved that car. I took it everywhere with everyone.About 3 years later my son was born.Money was tight and i had to sell the car for almost nothing.Im not rich but if you know of anyone that has a spitfire that is in ok to good shape and they are not looking for a lot of money please post this message i hope to hear from some people.†† --†† In a later email he said he was looking for something in the $2,000.00 range.†† --†† NFI.Contact him directly at sid1871 @ sbcglobal.net if you can help him get back into a Triumph!


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