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May meeting to be held at Chuckaburger in St. Charles, MO at 7 pm.  Be there or be square!

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Presidential Ramblings, By Craig Madsen

TRIUMPHS RULE - NEXT STOP CHAMPAGNE! for me anyway. But don't let me be your tour guide - check out the events list secretly lurking on a different page of this newsletter. Just because the "whole gang" might not DO an event doesn't mean you can't call your bud & enjoy any of the events listed.

I received a personal phone call from Ben Hillicker (Horseless Carriage Club) Thanking us for our contribution at the Easter Car Show. Even though the dark clouds ran some of us off early, lots of folks enjoyed what we brought to the table. We had 21 cars signed up, purchased 20 spaces & had 18 cars in attendance. Triumph, may have been the largest group of "Brits" represented...Well Done!

I didn't make it to the Regional VTR in Oklahoma, so we'll have to ask Dave Massey how that was. I had the four days off and spent two of them doing housework... what's wrong with THAT picture?!  I AM excited about Champagne (could you tell?). It's a fairly heavily attended event by our club. The three day weekend, (May 26th-28th) makes it a conflict for some, but I'm looking forward to it because I've never attended before. Traditionally it's been a theme show, and this year the theme is Camelot - Kings, Queens, Knights, beggars (not the Kennedys). So dress up, grab a turkey leg & head down the road. It's approximately 200 miles away & good exercise for your Triumph! I need to spend some time with the carburetors on the Spitfire & will wish I had different rear end gearing, so it may take me longer than some to get there but, Oh Well!

The April Meeting was held at the home of Tom Stark and I think I can speak for the group that we all had a really nice time. I can't remember being that relaxed recently, (maybe I'm just finally learning how to relax!)  Anne Wippold was Toms' right hand squeeze - talk about added value! Anne also issued an invitation to visit her at her Alton home and attend an old fashioned concert in the park - See New Business, Invitation in the minutes or the Events Listing for June 1st drive. Did someone say Ice Cream Run?!

The May meeting will be held at the St. Charles Chuck-A-Burger, I always enjoyed the previous meetings at the old location because we were all in close proximity to the vehicles. Hopefully this too will become one of our favorite haunts. Dr. John "Lombard" will be presiding as I'm being required to attend a "Team Meeting" at Bush Stadium that evening. I promise not to make a habit of this, but, ya kinda gotta go when the tickets are available! Hopefully some of the folks we contacted at the Easter Car Show will find their way this month & we can incorporate them into the group. I wonder if the restaurant venues are a better draw for potential new members? I know we handed out a fair amount of membership applications, hopefully we'll see some results from that.

I want to say Thanks again, and an awesome JOB WELL DONE to everyone that contributed to the April newsletter, several comments were made at the meeting as to how much they enjoyed reading it.

I seem to be short winded comparatively, to last month. All I can say is - Enjoy It!  Have a ball at the next meeting, Keep those cards, letters, (& new members) comin' in!


April, 2006 Minutes

o       Thanks were given by the membership to Tom Stark and the lovely Anne Wippold for their generous hospitality while hosting April’s SLTOA meeting.

o       Thanks were given by the membership to Creig Houghtaling (editor-in-chief and production), Kathy Kressler (freelance journalist), Matt Gossett and, the other contributors regarding the March Exhaust Notes Newsletter.  Great job team!

o       The reading of the minutes from last meeting were waived and, approved as written.

§         Report from Chris Kessler:

Chris reminds the membership that all of the SLTOA’s events for 2006 are posted on the chapter’s website, www.sltoa.org.

Old Business:

New Business:

§         SLTOA Car Magnets:  Matt Gossett has volunteered to research prices for SLTOA logo magnets for vehicles participating in club events. 

§         Upcoming events:  Dave Massey has kindly sifted through all the flyers from the Easter Car Show and has produced a comprehensive list of events for the SLTOA.  Look for that list of updated events of the SLTOA website, www.sltoa.org!  Thanks Dave!

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Dues are Due

Time to renew your membership!!  Maintain your membership by making out a check to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association (or SLTOA) in the amount of either $10 or $20 and mail it to Bonnie David 500 Marie Dr, St. Charles, MO 63301.  Ten gets you an e-mail note with a link to the monthly newsletter and $20 gets a hard copy in your mailbox.  If you have any questions you can call Bonnie at (636) 949-0825.  Please renew today!

The following 2006 members have not renewed yet.  We’d hate to see you go!

Steve & Kim Bruzek, Jason Buchek, John F. Bush, Thomas M & Gayle T. Culbertson, Byford & Kay Gullett, William Hoss, Patrick & Rebecca Hughes, Karl & Margaret Kenkel, Charlie & Paula Key, Katherine Cuba/Michael Mason, Mark, Lucas & Ashley Schmidt, Paul M. Schuessler, Ron Spiegelman, John & Joan Strowbridge, Michael & Andrea Thomas, Allan & Sandy Tomey, Jeff Weintrop

Stories about Those Little British Cars -By Kathy Kresser

Linda, when did you and David acquire the TR3?

Kathy, I honestly didn't remember the year we got it.  I had to ask David.  He said it was in 1998. But if you want a good chuckle, HOW we got it is funnier.  We had two TR6's.  Arlie' King’s wife, Linda, LOVED our blue 1998 TR6, so we wound up trading the 1974 TR6 for the 1957 TR3.

At what point was the TR3 considered your car?

He!  (evil snicker)  Some years ago, David bought a TR7 coupe (that horrid mustard yellow) that was SUPPOSED to be "my" car.  He was going to put a V6 engine in it and it would be my everyday driver.  He never did.  Instead, it sat for some years and got rusty.  He bought the TR8 and cannibalized parts off the “7”. "My" car was then sold for scrap.   Sooooooooooooooo.....when we acquired the TR3, I *immediately* began calling it "MY" car.

Tell me about the restoration work that is underway?

Ummmmmmmm....what's to tell?  There's this naked frame in the back of the garage.  The engine is on a spit.  The transmission is lying crosswise on the frame.  The body is sitting on saw horses and I'm not sure where the other bits are....but I'm sure David does!

David sent the fenders, hood, and trunk lid to be dipped to remove the paint.  Okay, if we are gonna be “British” here, I suppose I should use the terms “wings,” “bonnet,” and ”boot lid.”  He is leery about sending the doors because of the wooden frame.

What is the color scheme?

I would like to keep it that baby blue color.  To the best of my knowledge, there was only one other TR3 in the club with the same color.

As for the interior, I have been tossing around the idea of doing a two-tone gray.  I am tired of frying my lower end on the hot, black vinyl.  However, David has been sending me photos of cars with various color options.

What influenced your color choices?

The baby blue color is unusual in the club; most are red, black or British racing green.  Also, I like the fact that the pale blue is an original color for a TR3.

What horror stories can you share about restoration or repair work?

Nothing...........yet.  Keep your fingers crossed that there aren't any!  I promise I will let you know should something come up.  To be honest, David has been very good, so far!  All the car parts have remained in the garage.  However, something may suddenly pop up in the dishwasher later…who knows.

How often did you drive the car?

Well, I drove the car fairly frequently, but the creaks and groans that kept coming from it made me nervous.  Then the synchromesh went out on the transmission, so it just was getting to the point where the poor baby NEEDED to be restored.

Is there a target date for the TR3 to be up and running?

The “goal” is to have the car finished and ready to go for the 2007 VTR Annual Meet (Vintage Triumph Register) in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. I like the target of a 2007 finish as it coincides with the car being 50 years old -- time for a restoration.

Linda, I know you enjoy horse back riding and training with your horse, Ace.  How long have you had a horse in your life? 

Yes, my horse is a Morgan.  You probably remember because Ace’s photo won the “best photo” contest at the 2005 Champagne car show as a “1992 Morgan.” 

How long have there been horses in my life??? My parents could never afford to even give me riding lessons when I was a kid.  After acquiring a job and saving money, I bought a horse.  That was in 1974, over 30 years ago.

I have had three horses.  My first horse died prematurely and broke my heart.  The second horse named Jackson was 28 years old when I purchased him.  Usually the life span of a horse is 25 to 30 years.  Amazingly, Jackson lived 23 more years.  Ace, my current horse, has been with me for a little over five years.

Any other comments or stories you would like to share?

Here is a cute story I can tell you about both my grandmother AND a Triumph.  The first Triumph David bought was a '63 TR4.  It was primer red.  We never got around to getting it painted for some reason.  Anyway, one day I drove the TR4 down to the barn where I had my old horse, Jackson.  My parents were coming down with my grandmother (who was then in her 80s), because Grandma wanted to see this new barn where I had my horse ....and to give her approval!   My grandmother is just that way.  She ALWAYS had to know where I kept my horse and just how good of care was he gonna be getting?

I met my family at the barn.  We did the horsie thing and, in fact, my friend Jeanne gave my mother and grandmother a carriage ride with the new cart she had bought.  Jeanne's mare was broken to drive and they went all over the pasture and my grandmother had a great time.

As we were departing for our house, Grandma saw the sports car and said, "How's it ride?  I never rode in a convertible like that."  So she tied a bandana around her hat to hold it on and we drove up I-44 to I-270 in the TR4....top down...my grandmother holding onto her hat with one hand and grinning from ear to ear as we sailed up the roads!

This is the same grandmother who is now 100 and a bit under the weather these days.

Thank you, Linda, for sharing your thoughts.  I trust when the TR3 is roadworthy you will be grinning from ear to ear as you cruise around town.

Linda and Dave Massey  --  1957 TR3  --  1971 TR6  --  1980 TR8


David Schulz was nice enough to let all of us in on a little part of his life so, without further adieu… Mr. David Schulz!

Tell us about your car… 

My car is a 1980 Spitfire, orange with black and white houndstooth seats and the factory hardtop.  I have owned it since 1994 and purchased it from the second owner with about 42,000 miles on the clock.  It had been “garaged” since 1990 and was not running when I bought it, so I trailered it home.  It has always been a rolling restoration and was “complete” (at least in my mind) when on a summer night in 1998 my oldest daughter had the misfortune of driving it when the #3 cylinder connecting rod bearing cap FELL OFF!  While the rod flailing about buggered the crankshaft, the real damage was caused by the non-combusted fuel-air mixture being siphoned through the #3 cylinder and into the catalyst which must have been glowing like a log at the base of a nice fire.  She was on the highway when it happened, took the next exit because of the racket and when she came to a stop some onlookers raised the bonnet.  Poof; instant car fire!  The fire department graciously coated the entire car in whatever chemical mess they use to douse petroleum fires and we called a flatbed to bring it home.  Needless to say, Rachel didn’t get to the drive-in that night.  Convinced that I could resurrect it, I purchased the car back from the insurance company which had declared the car a total loss and put it in the back of my garage for a couple of years.  In 2002 I decided to tackle the restoration again, set about looking for another engine and all of the assorted underhood parts that were destroyed in the fire.  It took until 2004 to complete the collection of parts and get it running again.  I was intent on keeping the car stock as delivered, and tracking down all of the various emissions related parts was very difficult.  I ran it most of that summer and fall and in the following spring of 2005 it developed a vacuum leak that was extremely difficult to track down.  I put it away for the bulk of 2005 and in January of this year decided to take one last run at it and put it back in shape or part with it in search of a TR6.  This time, after prepping a non-air injection head and losing most of the emissions plumbing, it went back together and has been running well.  If we make it through the summer I plan to have the body painted so I no longer will be so easily recognized by the massive scorch mark on the bonnet directly above the manifolds!

How did you learn about SLTOA and why did you join? 

Learned about the SLTOA when I went to the show at Creve Coeur Park in 2005.  Met Dave Massey there and as we were talking he handed me a beer followed up with a club application.  I thought “hmm, this group just might be ok”.  I travel a bit in my work, so I wasn’t really able to join the meetings until January of this year.  I joined for the obvious reasons; to socialize with people who share a common interest, to gain the benefit of the collective knowledge and experience, and to have some fun with my car.

Why did you buy a Triumph? 

I knew of this car through a woman I worked with and she wanted it to go to a good home.  I had looked at “B’s” and TR6’s and this particular car was a very economical way to get my feet wet with a British car again.  I had a Ford Cortina in college days (the Lotus version with the Weber, full gauges, and the suspension tweaks) and it was a gas, I loved that car.  Also the Spitfire is just a cool little vehicle, very simple and straightforward to work on and with the flip-up bonnet, really accessible.

Is the car a daily driver?  How many miles do you drive a year? 

It is a daily driver.  I’m also not against loaning it out to my kids or my girlfriend’s kids so it gets quite a bit of routine use.  It probably gets 3 to 4,000 miles per year (in the years that it is running).

What do you consider to be a fun car experience? 

My favorite car experiences are usually discovery drives, meaning that I take the most interesting roads I can find from point A to point B.  Last year we went to a jazz festival in Davenport Iowa and took 2-lane and county roads the whole way, 8 hours to make what could have been a 3-4 hour drive.

Tell me about yourself

I’m the 4th of 5 kids, parents were both in education, been in St. Louis most of my life.  My first career was in health care as a medical technologist and my second was in health care information systems.  I’m currently in a role of an applications architect in the mortgage industry.  I like to travel, snow ski, I also own two (almost) vintage BMW motorcycles and two mopeds and I spend quite a bit of time riding them (daily-driver competition!).  I like to spend my free time building or repairing almost anything.  As an example, for Christmas I gave to my girlfriend Carol a built-in wood burning fireplace which I installed the 2 weeks between Christmas and New Years.  I like to learn and feel that any new project is an opportunity to buy another tool.

I have three lovely daughters Rachel, Leah, and Lois (26, 24, and 14) who are straight out of Lake Wobegon (above average and beautiful to boot!) and also the aforementioned very special partner, who has been keeping me company and putting up with me for the last 7 years. 

Lastly, for the club members’ information; I have had pretty severe bilateral hearing loss since I was 4 years old and wear two of the biggest hearing aids the audiologists can fit.  If I don’t respond to you when you think I should be, throw something at me to get my attention!

Great stories David!  Thanks for being a good sport. 

SLTOA Events Calendar  --  Compiled by Chris Kesser and Dave Massey.

May 6  MG Club Spring Fling.  Leaves commuter lot at 270 & Gravois at 10:00 with a lunch stop in Kimswick and dinner in St. Genevieve.  Return home or spend the night in St. Genevieve.

May 13 Cruisin to the Oldies.  Belleville, Illinois.

May 16 SLTOA Meeting at Chuckaburger in St. Charles County, just off of I-370 at Elm

May 19-21 Carlisle Import/Kit Car Event in Carlisle, PA

May 19-21  Blue Grass British Club Spring Thing in Louisville, Kentucky.

May 20 Bridgeton Optimists 17th Annual Antique and Classic Auto Show at Gentry Park, 4211 Fee Fee Rd.  Don Judson (314) 426 1930 or Frank Marchesi (314) 739 6469.

May 26-28 Champagne Car Show in Champaign, IL.

May 27 Spring Fling at Gateway Classic Cars in Fairmont City, IL.  Cash prizes by lottery, $1000 for first place.  (314) 436 2300.

May 28  SCCA Gimmick Rally.  Website:  www.stlscca.org

May 31 - June 3 MotorIoway 500 tour of Iowa via the back roads.  $250 registration fee.  To learn more visit www.motorioway.com

June 2 Impromptu gathering of all make and models at the Stratford Inn located across the "highway" from Chrysler plant.  (This event will re-occur @ 3:30 the 1st Fri of every month through Oct)

June 2-3 Car Show in Louisville, KY

June 4 (June 11 is rain date) European Auto Show at Plaza Frontenac.  All proceeds go to the St. Louis Shriners Hospital for Children.  Rick Siefert (636) 532-1051 x105, Greg White (636) 519-1011, Claudia Poertner (314) 845-6546 or, http://www.stleuropeanautoshow.com/.

June 6th  SLTOA Summer Picnic at Des Peres Park.  Club contact: Joe Mueller.

June 14-18 TRA in Ohio.  Website: www.triumphregister.com

June 18 Cars with Class, hosted by the Horseless Carriage Club at the Museum of Transport.  Tom Robertson (636) 227 0487, John Poerbeck (314) 974 5938 or Bob Radel (314) 991 3590.

June 24 SCCA “Night” Rally.  Website:  www.stlscca.org

June 25 13th annual Gateway City Antique Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show in Civic Park in O'Fallon, MO.

July 1 Indianapolis Concours Grand Prix.  Registation already closed.  Monument Circle in Indianapolis.

July 8 27th annual Auto Show  at Roxana Park, Roxana, IL.  (618) 254 7485

July 9 St. 12th annual Charles Lions Club Car and Truck Show and Swap Meet.  McNair Park on Droste Rd, St. Charles, MO. Rain date July 16.  Art Raymo (636) 441 1831.

July 9 British Boots and Bonnets, Poplar Grove Airport Museum, Poplar Grove, IL (Rockford, IL).  Ginger (608) 752 4689 or Bev (815) 885 3368.  www.britishbootsandbonnets.com

July 18 SLTOA Meeting at John Lombard home

July 19-23  VTR in Dallas, TX.  Website:  www.vtr.org

July 22 SCCA Night Rally.  Website:  www.stlscca.org

July 22 ?? Carthage Show in Carthage, MO.

July 22 ?? London to Brighton Rally in London, IN

July 23 ?? Cincinnati Car Show in Cincinnati, OH

August 10-12 TRF Summer Party

August 15 SLTOA Meeting

Sept 10 Wheels in Motion in West Port Plaza.  Elliot (314) 877 0534, Jack (314) 423 0003 or Al (314) 650 7639.

September 16-17 St. Louis All British Car Show

Sept 17 Moolah Shriners Unique Motor Unit 5th annual Fall National Car Show.  Mark Twain Mall, 5th st and I 70 in St. Charles.

September 19 SLTOA Meeting

Sept 22-23 A Peach of a Cruise and Car Show.  Cruise 6-9 Friday in Historic Downtown, car show Saturday at the Washington MO Fairgrounds.  Rain date Sept 24.

Sept 30 - Oct 6 MotorIoway 1000 tour of Iowa via the back roads.  $350 registration fee.  To learn more visit www.motorioway.com

October 13-15 Euro Auto Festival in Spartanburg, SC

October 15   SCCA Fall Color Tour.  Website:  www.stlscca.org

October ?? SLTOA Fall Color Tour

October 7 Scottish Games Car Show.  Details to be posted soon, or see Dave Massey

October 17 SLTOA Meeting

November 21 SLTOA Meeting Dec X Annual Holiday and Christmas Party - Bevo Mills

Dec 31 Have a safe holiday season and blessed New Year


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