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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                               August 2006

Meeting, Tuesday August 15th, 7:00 PM, at Ann Whippold’s and Tom Stark’s,

La celebración decimoquinto de Agosto (Celebrate the 15th of August)

The theme for this meeting will be Mexican.  Ann & Tom will provide the basics.  Members can bring side items (salad, dips, chips, deserts) and beverage of your choice.  Arrive anytime after 6:00 p.m.; meeting will be at 7:00 p.m.  Make sure you bring lawn chairs.  If conditions are right the front lawn will be open for Triumph parking.


Presidential Ramblings, By Craig Madsen

Well this would be the summer I bit off more than I could swallow - Those that may or may not know I had a Real Estate deal going, along with everything else I was trying to do. Good news is, (depending how you look at it) it didn't fly. This is actually a blessing in disguise I believe, as I wasn't thrilled at the thought of the physical move. The car parts actually would have been the worst. I had scaled down from the last move, but somehow now there is an entire other vehicle. (and it's associated parts) I don't know who keeps dragging these things home. The actual house stuff wouldn't bother me in the least but all the things in the garage attic, the basement, some items (cars) at my daughters house - it gets ugly real fast. So, I'll take another run at it next spring maybe, but in the mean time I get to continue on doing the things I love to do in the garage that quite frankly I hadn't done much earlier on until I ! had joined the club. Some how the inspiration seems to be contagious, when we get bogged down all we need to do is pick up the phone & if nothing else there's a sympathetic ear on the other end. More often than not your buddy is soon on your door step to lend a hand.

The weather for the July meeting was true to tradition - Summer, had arrived. Still a great turnout, good to see some members that hadn't been visible for one reason or another. Next meeting at Tom Starks' Tuesday August 15 - this is the second get-together this year at this location. We appreciate the hospitality. There was some discussion to the effect that our biggest turn outs are at locations where we can actually have our cars within reach and still conduct a meeting, eat & drink. You wouldn't think that would be as hard as it seems to be to accomplish. I guess that was why the old Chuck-A-Burger was as popular as it was. We still have a couple of months outside left so lets all put on our thinking caps for meeting locations for the months of September,  October & November. A Sonic perhaps?  we have all sorts of creative genius out there, surprise me next meeting!

See you @ Toms!

Craig Madsen

Presidential Favorites, By Craig Madsen

I'm sometimes asked where a person can get a particular service performed, so here's a short list of my favorites.

Chrome -  Highline Plating, Inc.
105 Enterprise drive
P.O. Box 59, Cuba, Mo. 65453
(573) 885-7651

Carburetor Work - Joe Curto Inc.
22-09 126th St.
College Point, NY 11356
FAX- 718-762-6287

Sandblasting - Quality Sandblasting
812 Marshall Road
Valley Park, Mo.63088

Parts - TSI Automotive
108 S. Jefferson St.
Pandora, Ohio 45877
FAX- 419-384-3272

Wheels - Hubcap & Wheel Store
11561 St. Charles Rock Road
Bridgeton Missouri

Thermal coatings- JCM Macine & Coatings
655 Old Hwy 21
House Springs, Mo. 63051

Louvers - Lucky's Louvers
3081 Gipsey Lane
Staunton, Il.62088

RearEnds - B&D Fabrications, Inc.
106 Jamie Ct.
Villa Ridge, Mo. 63089

SLTOA Meeting for July 2006, by Matt Gossett


Meeting called to order at 7:45 pm at John Lamberg’s home


(Special thanks to the Kressers for bringing the fans.  Thank you!!)


      18 months worth of the SLTOA newsletter has been sent to the VTR in response to a   contest.  We don’t know exactly what the chapter would win (perhaps a medal or plaque)      but, it is a good forum to showcase the hard work many members put into the newsletter         every month.  The cost to produce well over 100 pages of newsletter may earn the person       who printed out the newsletters a free membership.


Old Business:



New Business:



Guest Speakers:


·        The SLTOA was honored to have the President of the MG Club speak to our membership.  He was suggesting that there be more interactivity between the British car clubs in the St. Louis region.


·        Next meeting to be held at the home of Tom Stark in Ladue

·        Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at , the address listed below, or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

v                 1975 TR6 in excellent condition: The car has 49600 miles on it.  I brought it with me from Georgia, so it is a southern car and I have kept it garaged always.  It hasn't been driven in the snow, so there is no rust. I would like to get around 12000 for the car if possible.  If you have anyone interested, they can call me at 816-792-0869 and I can tell them more about it. FayTotten

v                 I am new to the STL area and have inherited a 1968 Triumph 250. It has been in my family for many, many years. It runs, (but hasn’t been ran since the first of the year) and is in pretty good shape. I would like to begin restoration and need help on all fronts. Please send any contacts for body, engine, etc. Thanks! Matt Willis RSG-ST.LOUIS 314-664-0123

v                 My name is Matt. I am from Maryland and was wondering if there were any triumphs that need restoring for sale in St. Louis that you or the club may now about. If you could e-mail me back with any kind of information I would be grateful.  I am looking for a triumph TR-4 from the mid or late 1960s, for cheap and a good restoration project. Thanks, Matthew Quier [matthewquier@msn.com]

v                 Hi, Got your email address from the ST Louis Triumph Owners webpage. I'm looking for a TR4 to restore.  I've been watching Ebay for many months, but have seen nothing in this area that's suitable, especially from a price standpoint.  My first car was a new '65 TR4 when I got out of school.  I had a '64 in the 80's.  Wish I still had either one of them.  Anyway, I've got more time than money (and sense?), so I'm prepared to do quite a lot of work on it.  I don't care about the condition of the engine and trans.
Just thought you might know somebody with a candidate.  If so, please let me know.
Thanks in advance. Dick Olds 636-493-0043 cell 314.229.2499 Saint Charles

St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

Creig Houghtaling, Editor

36 Copper Mountain Court

Fenton, MO 63026