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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                               October 2006

October Meeting, Tuesday October 17th, 2005, 7:00 PM, at Jack & Bonnie David’s, 500 Marie Drive, St. Charles, MO 63301-0500, (636) 949-0825

Driving Directions:

Hwy 270 north to 370, west to Elm/New Town exit.  Left under hwy & stay on Elm to Marie Dr. – left go approximately 1 ½ blocks (street numbers make no sense).

Hwy 70 west to First Capitol, right to Kingshighway (past Lindenwood College) to Elm – several miles to Marie Dr – turn right.  (See previous.)

Page Extension west to St Charles/Hwy 94/First Capitol exit – stay on first capitol/94 till you cross over Hwy 70  (See previous.)

Presidential Ramblings, By Craig Madsen

Hi all - Attendance at the September meeting at Chuck-A-Burger was sparse probably for several reasons. We had several of our regular members vacationing at the time, we had moved the date to the second Tuesday instead of the third to help facilitate the upcoming car show, directions published instructed us to go East off I 170 instead of West, But mostly, It was just a cold damp night to have a meeting outside! We had it, we got things firmed up for the vending at the show, & that's all that matters!

Two words that best describe the All British Car Show? Success, & Wet! Friday night prior to the show, a nice gathering was had at the Red Roof Inn, complimentary burgers, brats, courtesy of our friend John Mangles, - goodies, (read: deserts) not to mention the great conversations. Saturday some spent a relaxing day waiting patiently at Forest Park for the balloons to lift off. Sunday for me was the icing on the cake. First I need to thank all the superb volunteer help we had, Matt & Brian- Thank you for snagging the grille etc and getting it returned, Joe- I would have been lost without your guidance on this one. Jack - thanks for being on your feet most of the day in front of the grille, & every one for working the booth, Bonnie, Julie, Joe, Jack Fansher, Kurt - thanks for the help in getting coolers on site & your work in the booth. last but not least, Tom Culverson where ever you are, Thankyou for your generous donation of US Food Service goods. This helps us stay afloat & in the black, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

For those that couldn't attend, from a membership recruitment standpoint I'll call it a success! I think we got 11 new names; two new members paid up & were added to the roster. Let me depart here for a second and address our newly contacted friends - the other nine that we took thir names & address will be receiving hard copy of our monthly newsletter through the spring  when our membership fees come due. Hopefully by that time we'll have convinced you to join the ranks & we'll have you as a member. If not, your names get dropped from the mailing list. But, It's SO easy to keep that from happening! Our yearly dues are only $10.00 & $20.00 per year depending on the format you choose to receive the newsletter. E-mail $10.00, Hard Copy $20.00. An awesome value when you consider the benefits, your newly found friends aren't likely to let you allow your "project" or that completed beauty to sit idle in the garage. The enthusiasm factor here alone is worth the dues & the combined knowledge of this group is endless - yours for the tapping & a nominal yearly fee!

I would like to invite you all to stop by at the next meeting & meet your new friends & get acquainted. We want to get you signed up as a member and then signed up for our Christmas party!  Elsewhere in the newsletter you will find directions to the meetings, as they change locations monthly. We're looking forward to seeing you all!

I think Bonnie will have an updated treasures report for this issue, if not certainly she will @ meeting time. The rain didn't help our cause I don't believe, but hopefully we picked up enough to push us past the point of penalizing bank service charges.

While Bonnie is on my mind, a reminder to all, the next meeting is at Bonnie & Jack Davids home in St. Charles Tuesday, Oct. 17th. We have left over Brats & Dogs, so bring a side dish, bag of chips, whatever - and your beverage of choice. Arrive anytime after 6:00- meeting @ 7:00, or when we get done eating & jabbering - whatever works.

A note, Flowers were sent to the Houghtaling residence from the club. Creig’s Mother past away a couple of weeks ago and he had a house full that particular weekend. A couple of weeks prior to that, Kay’s mother past away. So it's been a unsettling last couple of months for them, and we hope things will smooth out there a bit, and return to normal for a great long while.

As the weather arm-wrestles between summer & fall, we all know this is the BEST time to enjoy your Triumph sports car. If I'm not mistaken, the fall color tour is the weekend following our meeting Sunday, Oct. 22. I believe we join up with the MG club on this one, and end up at the Balduci winery. Departure point is The Smoke house in Chesterfield Valley @ 10:30 - Kick off @ 11:00. About a two hour tour at aprox. 50 miles according to Chris Kresser. If you need more info Chris can be reached at 636-394-3012. We hope to see an onslaught of Triumph hardware!

I won't try to remember who won what at the show, but I am trying to get us a print out of award results for this months issue from the MG club. So maybe you'll stumble upon that elsewhere here in the newsletter.

Hope everyone will be back in their places with sun shiny faces (shoot me) the month of October, If I don't see you Tuesday, hopefully, I'll see you Sunday! - Bonus points given for attendance on both days! Points can be redeemed at the March meeting of each year for absolutely nothing!

OK, I'm done!    Hope to see you soon -     Craig Madsen

Fall Color Tour, By Chris Kresser

For the second year in a row the SLTOA will join with the St Louis MG club for a Fall Color Tour on October 22. The meeting point will be The Smoke House in Chesterfield Valley and the time will be 10:30 with departure beginning at 11:00. The route will be approximately 50 miles and should take less than two hours. The tour will end at Balducci Winery where wine and food will be available for purchase. If you prefer you may take a picnic lunch. However, no alcoholic beverages can be brought in. Balducci Winery is west of Augusta on Hwy 94. 

For further info, contact Chris Kresser. 

All British Car Show Results

Class A   Austin Healey
T-1st: Lou Selini
T-1st: Steve & Robin Hurst
2nd: L.M. Tough
3rd: Rich Collister

Class B  Jaguar Saloon
1st:  Jim & Lisa Hendrix
2nd:  John Horen
3rd:  Art & Linda Buechler

Class C  Jaguar XKE
1st: William Brockschmidt
2nd: Robert Ansel

Class D  Jaguar – Other
1st:  Steve Gissy
2nd:  Jim & Lisa Hendrix

Class E  Land Rover
1st:  Chris Heck

Class F  Lotus
1st: Steve Montgomery

Class G  MG-T'S
1st: Mark Stolzenburg
2nd: Charlie Keys

Class H MGA 1500's
1st: John Mangles
2nd: Rick Griffin
3rd: Jeff Allen

Class I  MGA 1600 & MKII
1st: Rick Green
2nd: Tom McCarthy

Class J  MGB ’63 – ‘69
1st:  Chuck & Janel Demick
2nd:  Tom Kohnen
3rd:  Mike Fishman

Class K  MGB ’70 – ’74
1st:  Robert Rushing
T-2nd:  Rich Griffin
T-2nd:  Mike Bould

Class L  MGB  ‘74.5 – ‘80
1st: Simon Dix
2nd: Gary Hayes
3rd: James Geitl
4th: Walt Murphy

Class M  MGB GT'S
1st: Robert Smith

Class N  MGC’s
1st:  Tom Eckert

Class O Midget & Sprite
1st: Terry Fanning
2nd: Bill Paterson

Class P Midget & Sprite RB
1st: Gryfon Ketcherside

Class Q  Triumph TR2 – 3A
1st:  Arlie King

Class R  Triumph TR4 – 250
1st:  Mark Birdsong
2nd:  Dave Layton

Class S  Triumph TR6 ’69 – ‘73
1st: Paul Schuessler
2nd: Kathy Kelly
3rd: Julie Madsen

Class T  Triumph TR6 ’74 – ‘76
1st: Charles Rain
T-2nd: George Johnson
T-2nd: Karl Kenkel

Class U  Triumph TR 7/ TR8
1st:  Dan Jones
T-2nd:  Steve Street
T-2nd:  Dave Massey

Class V  Triumph Spitfire & GT6
1st:  Mark Hudson
2nd:  Matt Gossett
3rd:  Jeff Weintrop

Class W  Rolls Royce/Bentley
1st:  Bill Farthing

Class X  Mini's 20th Century
1st: Don Ruder
2nd: Bruce Morton
3rd: Leslie Jenkins

Class Y  Mini’s 21st Century
1st:  Mick Keenoy

Class Z   Sunbeam
1st:  Byron Golfin

Class AA  British Sports Rdster
1st: Peter Harrington

Class BB  British Saloon
1st:  Bill Fox
2nd:  Adam Key
T-3rd:  Kevin Stewart
T-3rd:  Terry Johns

Class CC  Motorcycles
1st:  Chad Stretz
2nd:  Charlie Key
3rd:  T. J. Roseler

Best of Show
Jim & Lisa Hendrix
1930 Austin Swallow

Diamond in the Rough
Bob Bentzinger

Chairman’s Choice
Peter Harrington
1950 Lea Francis

“Special thanks to our vote counters for delivering fast results under pressure for time.”

Special Thanks, From Creig & Kay Houghtaling

I want to thank all who expressed sympathy to Kay and me for the passing of her mom last month and my mom last week.  SLTOA sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my mom’s memorial service.  They were greatly appreciated.  Kay & I thank everyone for your kindness and support.


Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at , the address listed below, or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

v     Wanted: Late model TR7 automatic rear axle assembly. This unit carries a CM prefix and is equipped with a 3.08 gear ratio.  --  I am currently working on a high speed TR7 project. Craig Leinicke 636 236-8452

v                 TR6 Parts for Sale - Pick up only, 2 rust free doors & convertable top frame from '76 modle $50.00 Julie Madsen 314-949-7054     ---   Need the space in my garage

v     I am new to the STL area and have inherited a 1968 Triumph 250. It has been in my family for many, many years. It runs, (but hasn’t been ran since the first of the year) and is in pretty good shape. I would like to begin restoration and need help on all fronts. Please send any contacts for body, engine, etc. Thanks! Matt Willis RSG-ST.LOUIS 314-664-0123

v     Hi, Got your email address from the ST Louis Triumph Owners webpage. I'm looking for a TR4 to restore.  I've been watching Ebay for many months, but have seen nothing in this area that's suitable, especially from a price standpoint.  My first car was a new '65 TR4 when I got out of school.  I had a '64 in the 80's.  Wish I still had either one of them.  Anyway, I've got more time than money (and sense?), so I'm prepared to do quite a lot of work on it.  I don't care about the condition of the engine and trans.
Just thought you might know somebody with a candidate.  If so, please let me know.
Thanks in advance. Dick Olds 636-493-0043 cell 314.229.2499 Saint Charles

v     For sale: four disc wheels with tires, plus a 4" spare; one set of TR3 hub caps with medallions in great condition. A heater core for a TR3 (make offer)
mgreaves@gtec.com  or phone: 618-639-4978

v     Castrol GT LMA brake fluid.  Quart - $5.00  Creig Houghtaling 636-305-1143

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