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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                               November 2006

November Meeting, Tuesday Nov. 21st, 2006, 7:00 PM, at John Lamberg’s,

14148 Cross Trails Drive, Chesterfield MO 63017-3309, Phone, (314) 434-4467

Arrive anytime after 6:00 p.m.; meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. The club will provide grilled dogs and brats. Attendees may bring a dish or dessert to share, your beverage of choice and lawn chairs.



Presidential Ramblings, By Craig Madsen

Olly Olly Oxen Free!... Meeting at John Lamberg’s House Tuesday November 21st. Arrive 6:30 Menu is Brats/Dogs, - (I know ,you're surprised!) Ice cream bars for desert - You bring the rest! - Chips, potato salad, whatever - Don't forget the drink of your choice.

You wouldn't think it would be that hard to line up a restaurant for the third Tuesday of the month, think again - Culpeppers has three spots to choose from, Olive is booked for the year, Zumbehl apparently caters to a group that watches / chases UFO's,  quite a group, and the vehicles are ladened with all sorts of antennae & dishes - a site to see, I'm told. And the most frustrating would be the newly remodeled Kirkwood, They can now seat double what they used to be able to, and of course that's booked. How far out I'm not sure, but if I'm able, I'm going to reserve November of 2007 & January of 2008! That'll fix 'em!

Creig tells me he wants to forgo the December newsletter in lieu of an RSVP invite to the Christmas party of some sort. Seems fair to me with all that needs to be done during the holidays.  We haven't actually figured the nuts and bolts of the thing yet so bring your ideas to the meeting. Also bring your checkbooks- the sooner you get that out of the way, that's one less thing you have to get out of the way for the holidays!  I issued an invite as we discussed to the MG & Healey Clubs, to the Christmas Party. Creig I believe is going to publish the actual verbiage elsewhere in the newsletter to remind everyone when and what the deal is! There has also been some discussion about extending the subsidized party offer to prospective unsigned SLTOA members contacted during the All British Show. We'll do the vote thing at the meeting.

Still looking for a few good men (&women)!...  would like to have someone that is good with a digital camera to help Creig spice up our newsletter. Shoot photos related to articles, cars, our meetings, drives etc. Also looking for that journalist to do a monthly new member / old member profile. This is where my daughter chimes in and tells me I'm an "OLD" member. Even if you don't want to be held to a monthly column, one offs articles are welcome any time, we're always interested in projects members are working on. - keep those cards & letters coming in!

Issues upcoming for discussion - The Polar Bear Run - see related article elsewhere in the newsletter. See you at the meeting!

Craig Madsen


SLTOA Christmas Party

The following invitation is for anyone reading this letter and was also sent to the MG and Healey clubs:

The membership of the Triumph Club of St. Louis would like to invite you all to attend The STLOA Annual Christmas Party on Friday December 8th. The Party will be held at the Bevo Mill restaurant located at 4947 Gravois. Arrive for drinks at 7:30; Dinner will be served at 8:00.

The STLOA Treasury supplements a portion of the cost for this event for its' membership and will do the same for our Friends in the MG & Healey Clubs. Cost is a mere $10.00 per person, Please RSVP by November 30th to Bonnie David, 500 Marie Drive, St. Charles, Mo. 63301-0500. Please make checks payable to STLOA,

We're departing from our traditional "Trash & Treasure" gift exchange this year in favor of a "Rob Your Neighbor" exchange. Items can be new or used, and do not have to be automotive related. Gag items are in particular are encouraged! Please try to limit the value to under &15.00 for each participant.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone Friday Night!

The SLTOA Membership


Polar Bear Run, 2007, By Creig Houghtaling

Now is the time to start planning for the Polar Bear Run.  The first thing we need is a volunteer to host the event.  Bring your ideas to our November meeting.  If you can’t make the meeting, contact someone who will be there.  One person does not have to do everything with respect to the drive.  We need someone to host the lunch.  It can be at your house or your favorite eating-place.  Then we also need someone to map the drive.  So bring your ideas and let’s have some fun.  This is the one event that is always fun every year!

September 2006 Minutes of the SLTOA, By Matt Gossett

·        Meeting called to order at 7:45 pm at Chuck-A-Burger in St. Charles, MO.

·        President’s Report:  Craig Madsen:

o       The All British Car Show will be held in Creve Coeur Park by the lake on September 16th and 17th.  Volunteers are needed to pick up and drop off food items, drinks and, equipment including gas grills and coffee makers, etc.  Joe Mueller is the contact for this event.

o       Joe Mueller will need assistance picking up the food (which consists of donated hot dogs, bratwursts, hot dog buns, chips and, Rice Krispy Treats among other assorted goodies) and, the beverages (which include several cases of bottled water, Gatorade and, canned soda of various types).  As well, gas grills, tents and, a trip to Sam’s Club (condiments, foil wraps, etc.) will be needed.  Anyone with a truck is encouraged to contact Joe Mueller.  Set up for this event will take about 4 to 6 people who should arrive at the park at 8 am to ensure everything is ready to go for the start.

o       Current SLTOA member, Tom Culverson, is the individual making the food and beverage donation through his employer US Food.  This is quite a generous donation indeed and the attending members have suggested that Mr. Culverson receive one or more of the following items: a SLTOA baseball hat, a SLTOA shirt or, a free membership.

o       The Fall Color Tour will be held on October 22nd at the Smokehouse in Chesterfield at 10:30 am.  The tour will be around 50 miles and take approximately 2 hours to complete.

o       The Scottish Games will be held on October 7th at Forest Park.

o       The SCCA will hold their Fall Color Tour on October 15th.  Check the SLTOA website for more details.

o       The next SLTOA meeting will be scheduled for October 17th presumably at the home of Jack and Bonnie David in St. Charles.

·        Treasurer’s Report: Bonnie David:

o       No Treasurer’s report was given.

·        Dave Massey with an extended Events Report:

o       A 10 day Historic National Road Tour will take place starting on September 18 from Cahokia Mounds in Illinois ending in Cumberland, MA.  For more information go to http://www.nationalroad.org or call 888-268-0042.

o       Massey reminds the members that the Scottish Games will be held on Oct. 7th. 

o       A Halloween Rally will be held on October 28th.  Costumes are encouraged. 

Old Business:

·        None to report.

New Business:

·        SLTOA MEETING MINUTES:  SLTOA Secretary Matt Gossett suggested that SLTOA meeting minutes should be provided to the membership prior to the newsletter for members who were unable to attend the regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  For members who have internet access, this may be a way to keep up with chapter news and events.

·        FOR SALE:  Creig Houghtaling has a pair of sheepskin seat covers available for sale.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

October 2006 Minutes of the SLTOA, By Matt Gossett

·        Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm at the home of Jack and Bonnie David in St. Charles, MO.  Thank you Jack and Bonnie!

·        President’s Report:  Craig Madsen:

o       A nice card was passed around during the meeting thanking SLTOA member Tom Culverson for his generous donation of food and drinks for the All British Car show back in September.  All members were encouraged to sign.

o       The SLTOA Christmas meeting will be held on December 8th at Bevo Mill in South St. Louis City at 7:30 pm.  The SLTOA will be partially subsidizing everyone’s meals so, dinner will cost a total of $10 per person at the door.  SLTOA members have voted in favor of inviting the MG and Austin-Healey Club members to the SLTOA Christmas Party.

o       Attendees should bring a gift for a stirring round of everyone’s favorite parlor     game, “Pass the Trash.”  Gifts should be no more than $10 to $20.

o       The SLTOA has also been invited to the Austin-Healey Christmas party which will be held on December 9th.  Check the SLTOA website for more information.

o       The November SLTOA meeting most likely will be held at the Culpepper’s restaurant on Zumbehl Road on November 21st.

o       3 new paid members were found at the All British Car Show.  Please welcome: Dan Jones, Damien Kosiuk and, Steve Wernsman.  Welcome to the SLTOA!

o       There was a reference to the tax status of the SLTOA.  Crack attorney Julie Madsen will be researching potential benefits of a 501 c3 tax exempt status for the SLTOA organization.

o       GO CARDS!!!

·        Treasurer’s Report: Bonnie David:

o       Bonnie David shares the information from the Treasurer’s report. 

·        Chris Kessler with an Events Report:

o       A Fall Color Tour will be held on at 10:30 am meeting at the Smokehouse in chesterfield on October 15th.

o       A Halloween Rally will take place on Saturday the 28th.  The tour will end at the home of John Mangels.  Costumes are optional but attendees are encouraged to bring a dish.

o       A Lucas Night Rally will be held on November 11th at 6:30 pm leaving from the Target parking lot in Chesterfield Valley.

Old Business:

o       None to report.

New Business:

o       None to report.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.



Interview with Julie Madsen, from Matt Gossett

-----Original Message-----

From: Matt Gossett [mailto:mgossett@clgenterprises.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 7:28 PM
To: Julie Madsen
Subject: SLTOA interview

Hey Julie,

Hope your dinner turned out last night!

Now it's interview time... yea!  Thanks for agreeing to do this for me.

OK, let's see...

1.     What type of car do you have?

2.     When did you first get your car and how?

3.     How long have you owned a Triumph?

4.     What do you like/ hate most about Triumphs?

5.     Tell us about you.

            Where are you from originally?  How old?  likes/dislikes? turn-offs/ turn-ons (yeah, baby!)j/k, education, job, interests, hobbies, whatever you want....

6.     What else would you like to share?

Can you give us at least a page for the newsletter?  That'd be great.

If you could send this back to me as soon as possible that would be fantastic.  I'd love to get this to Creig before he asks me for it.

You're the best!  Have a great day.

Matt Gossett  314-496-6692

-----Reply Message-----

From: Julie Madsen []
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 11:34 AM
To: Matt Gossett
Subject: RE: SLTOA interview

HA!!  I almost forgot again!! Too much bud light...Ok, so the car. 

I own a 1971 TR6.  The original owner of the car flew model airplanes, and lost his in a bean field one day.  He was also a pilot, so he took his plane up to search for his model plane and crashed.  After his death, his father put the car away in a shed, which is where my father and grandfather found it, under a year and a half of dust.  (That part was plagiarized from my dad).  It was apparently some horrendous green/yellow color.  My dad bought the car when I was two or three.  There are pictures of my dad and I next to the primed car, me drooling in diapers, and him with his fab blond curly afro (I have pictures, in case anyone is interested...).  So he restored and repainted it Cadillac Desert Sand and drove it in a few SCCA races and won some trophies. 

He decided he was done with it and my grandfather bought it from him (they can't remember when...).  My grandfather drove it back and forth from the golf course.  During this time I was approaching driving age and still drooling over the 6.  Dad did promise me a car when I turned 16, but since Grandpa wasn't ready to get rid of the 6 yet, Dad bought a TR7 coupe.  I was 13.  The TR7 coupe is still in my dad's garage...in pieces...half painted.  He also bought a yellow TR7 at some point, which I finally got to drive my first summer back from college.  I was 18, it was my first car and I got to drive it for a whole summer.  Then...here comes the shocker...we took it apart.  We haven't put it back together and it is sitting next to my garage covered in a camouflage tarp.  I'm hoping Terry will soon see the light, and realize that his life will never be fulfilled until he takes the car.  But I digress.

After completing a 12 step program, and admitting that I was powerless over Triumphs, and that my life had become unmanageable, I was Triumph free from 1996 until 2003.  Then, I had a significant relapse.  Grandpa decided in 2003 he was going to sell the 6.  Over my dead body.  Dad didn't want it back.  They knew I wanted the car.  But they kept saying something about not being able to reach the pedals and seeing over the steering wheel.  I advised that I definitely could see over the steering wheel and reach the pedals if the seat was moved up.  (We had been having this argument pretty much since the dawn of time, so I think I just wore them down).  This convinced them to let me test drive it.  So, I wore my platform shoes and completely lied about seeing over the steering wheel, and convinced my grandfather and my father that I should own the car.  This is step 5, admitting the exact nature of my wrongs...

After buying my first house, with requisite garage, I finally obtained the TR6 from my grandpa.  I can reach the pedals if I've got on big shoes and the seat is all the way up.  As an added bonus, my dad and I recently changed to a smaller steering wheel, so now I can see out of it.  I drive it to shows, to triumph meetings, to the neighbor's house and the occasional softball game.  I have a built-in free mechanic (thanks Dad!).  It's my most prized possession, not only because I look so fly driving it around (ha) but also because it's part of the family. Now if only I could park the darn thing...


Contribution from John Mangles:

Creig, Attached is an article I did for the MG Club newsletter. I thought the Triumph guys might get some use of it for the TR-7s and Spitfires.  You are welcome to use it as you see fit.  Thanks, John Mangles

Repairing the MGB Rubber Bumpers, By John “The MG Doc” Mangles, owner – All British Car Repair

As a professional restorer, I’ve been asked many times how to repair / refinish the rubber bumpers of the MGB.  After years of use, many bumpers have nicks and scratches as well as a weathered look due to sun bleaching.  In this article, I’ll try to explain how to properly refresh their appearance.

As with any kind of repairs, proper safety equipment is a must.  For this job I’ll use a dust mask, ear & eye protection for grinding / sanding, a charcoal respirator for painting, and rubber gloves for the chemicals.  Be sure to read and follow the directions on all the products.  Some can be hazardous to your health!

The tools needed will be a grinder, a sanding block or DA sander, a small auto body filler spreader, a blow gun (for compressed air), and a heat gun.

Supplies needed will be plenty of clean water; plenty of clean lint-free rags; a Scotch Brite ™  pad; cleaning detergent; wax and grease remover; 80, 180, 220, 320 and 400 grit sandpaper; masking tape; a flexible bumper repair kit; and flexible bumper paint – not to mention plenty of elbow grease.

With this particular repair, I used a paint spray gun for the refinishing; however, the flexible bumper paint comes in an aerosol can if you don’t happen to have spray equipment.  For ease of working, you might want to remove the bumper.  I started with the bumper on the car then removed it for final sanding, cleaning, and painting.

Start by first removing all lights, bumper stickers, and the MG emblem, then clean the bumper with a good quality wax and grease remover.  I used DuPont’s Prep-Sol ™ #3919S following the directions on the can.  Next, wash the bumper with a cleanser such as Fantastic or 409 and the Scotch Brite pad – scrubbing it to within an inch of its life – then rinse it with plenty of clean water.  Now you are ready to make the repairs.

Start by sanding the bumper (every bit of it) with the 80-grit sandpaper to remove any and all of the paint from the surface.  I used a DA type air sander; but it can be done by hand, it just takes longer.  Clean all sanding dust from surface then wash and dry using clean, lint-free towels.

Some dents and deformations can usually be removed using a paint stripping heat gun.  To do this, play the heat on the inside (if possible) and outside of the area until it softens a bit. Be careful not to heat too much or you’ll have more repairs to do.  As the area softens, pull or push the area into place, using your fingers (careful, it’s HOT) or some other sort of tool and then cool it down using cool water.  If the area does not respond properly, heat and cool until it does.

For scratches, nicks, gouges, and some small tears, start by sanding / grinding the effected area to roughen it up a bit and remove any loose pieces.  Fill the effected area by mixing a small amount of the flexible repair filler (following the directions on the package) and evenly coat the entire surface of the bumper using the auto body filler spreader.  You may not be able to cover the entire surface with the amount you mixed so continue mixing more until the surface is covered.  The flexible repair that I used can be worked for about 5 minutes and sets in about 15 minutes.  It will set up faster in warm weather and slower in cooler weather.

When the filler sets up (cures), it will be smooth to the touch.  Filler that has not completely cured will feel sticky and will not sand well at all.  Once the filler has cured, start by sanding with 180-grit sandpaper using a sanding block or sander until smooth.  If there are still small imperfections, spread another coat on the effected area and sand smooth.  When the surface is smooth to your liking and all of the imperfections are removed, wet sand the entire surface with 220-grit, wet or dry sandpaper with plenty of clean water.  Rinse and dry again, using the lint free towels.

With the bumper completely sanded, cleaned and dried, you are ready to start the refinishing.  Again, read and follow all instructions on the paint can and use your safety equipment!

Start by applying two medium wet coats of the flexible bumper paint being sure to let it flash-off (dry to dull finish) between coats.  When dry, usually in about 30 to 45 minutes depending on temperature and humidity, wet sand with 320-grit wet or dry sandpaper again and use plenty of clean water.  Rinse and dry.  Apply one to two more, medium wet coats of flexible paint allowing proper dry time, then wet sand with 400-grit sandpaper.  Rinse and dry, lint free towels again.

The surface should now be ready for the final coat of paint.  Let the final coat of paint dry overnight then reassemble and reinstall the bumper. Your finish should have a smooth, semi-gloss finish.

Products used:

DuPont 3919S Prep-Sol™ solvent (wax and grease remover)

3M Automix™ EZ Sand Flexible Parts Repair

3M 80, 180, 220, 320, & 400 grit sandpaper

3M Scotch Brite™ scuff pad (red or grey)

SEM™  #39104 Flexible Bumper Coater (paint)

All products supplied by Automotive Finishes, INC. St. Louis, MO


Bumper after cleaning with wax & grease remover and initial sanding.        Automix filler before mixing


Bumper after sanding filler.                                                                                            Automix filler


Bumper after filler is applied and before sanding.                                                           Flexible Bumper paint

 After final sanding and ready for finish.

Finished product!



Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at , the address listed below, or 636-326-1623 to place a free ad in this newsletter.


v                 Spitfire rotors - cross-drilled and slotted.  New pair of rotors freshly machined by Steve Street.  Drilling and slotting pattern used by a major vendor was copied.  Except Steve does a custom touch by giving the pair a mirrored angle on the slots.  This means when the rotors are mounted on your car all slots are swept the same direction.          Price $140
Call Steve Street 314-846-2554


v                 Wanted: Late model TR7 automatic rear axle assembly. This unit carries a CM prefix and is equipped with a 3.08 gear ratio.  --  I am currently working on a high speed TR7 project. Craig Leinicke 636 236-8452


v                 TR6 Parts for Sale - Pick up only, 2 rust free doors & convertable top frame from '76 modle $50.00 Julie Madsen 314-949-7054     ---   Need the space in my garage


v                 I am new to the STL area and have inherited a 1968 Triumph 250. It has been in my family for many, many years. It runs, (but hasn’t been ran since the first of the year) and is in pretty good shape. I would like to begin restoration and need help on all fronts. Please send any contacts for body, engine, etc. Thanks! Matt Willis RSG-ST.LOUIS 314-664-0123


v                 Castrol GT LMA brake fluid.  Quart - $5.00  Creig Houghtaling 636-305-1143

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