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www.SLTOA.org†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† January 2007

January Meeting, Tuesday January 16th, 2007, 7:00 PM, at Nicolettis'
in the shopping center on the South East corner of Big Bend & 141

Presidential Ramblings, By Craig Madsen

It's that time again, January's meeting is Tues the 17th, location is Nicolettis' in the shopping center on the South East corner of Big Bend & 141. We've got the back room, or at least half of it - hopefully we'll have a good turnout and some good food!

The Christmas Party is now yesterdays news and those of you that missed it, Yes, you know who I'm talking about.... missed what may have been the largest STLOA Christmas party to date. The Bevo Mill never fails to deliver for us, a good dinner for a really reasonable bang for our buck. I'm suddenly remembering I was to call them & confirm next years date. I will, I was distracted this week doing car stuff! I still need to get the Treasury stuff back to Bonnie so we can have an up to date report for our meeting. The "Rob your Neighbor" gift exchange was a change, I've never played it where you didn't actually open the gift upon picking it, the whole point being you get to see what everyone gets and you know where to go to get what you want when it becomes your turn! That is where the craziness kicks in! Maybe an open me now version for next year if we play it.

A little lesson I learned from the Christmas party, if you're going to be doing any public speaking and you need some notes to keep you on track, be sure to pick a larger Font when you type them up so you can offset the poor lighting & alcohol.....

It was my intent to fill the winter meetings with technical guest speakers, I guess we'll have to settle for beer, because I'm not having much luck in that area this month (bad president)!I will keep trying.

I was looking for inspiration to get this didi started and it came to me as I was working in the garage on Dads' TR7. The Spitfire is taking a "time out" in the storage shed for a little while....(reasons). We're not getting along at present. I drug Dads TR7 home this fall to address some issues, (oh ya.) Nothing that puts us out of commission - the list started with nine items, now as with any list about half of them are easy do's and the other half a little more involved. We want to cross off as much on the list as fast as possible to give ourselves the illusion that we're actually making progress. So we start with the easy / fast ones first, this gives us momentum. I installed a trunk lid stay, so the lid would actually stay up while Dad was trying to load & unload the golf clubs, put on a different steering wheel, I'm crossing two things off my list right? Oh, but then I remember I also wanted to install! l foot vents, rear shocks & put a non-skid cover on the dead pedal.....wait a minute, my list is getting longer! That's OK, I know by now this is the way these things go, I will persevere. The next thing on the list is horns. A handy thing to have, might even keep you from a near death experience. I had previously addressed this problem once before on this car but with no success or determination. This time I'm armed with a new set Harbor Freight horns and I know this would solve all my horn issues. I installed the first one and pulled myself off the floor to check it out, one push on the horn stalk, no horn. Also no horn on the 5 -6 times I pushed it after that. No sweat, probably just a ground issue, I'll install the other one & see how that works, you guessed it - the same amazing results! I battle the connection issue and am quite sure things are good, no horn.This is the time that I stop and reflect back, these are issues that create bonds between owner! & automobile! It doesn't matter what the problem is, the auto suddenly has a name! and an attitude! and they talk - "OK Mr. big shot electrician - game on!" .....It's on alright, that car will have horns for the Polar Bear Run if I have to pull every inch of wire out of it from stem to stern!You would think it would understand there is a reason the Spitfire is having "time out"!That's when I came inside & made supper and hammered out the didi! Just remember, we're all in this together!

Hope to see you all at the next meeting, and I believe our next event is the polar bear run the weekend after the Super Bowl. ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Cheers - Craig Madsen

SLTOA Meeting for November 2006, By Matt Gossett

Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm on 11/21/06 at John Lambergís home

        Presidentís Report (Craig Madsen):President Madsen reminds the members that the holiday party will be held at Bevo Mill this year and that anyone interesting in attending should RSVP to Bonnie David with a check in the amount of $10.00 (per attendee).RSVPís should be submitted by November 30th to guarantee a dinner.Attendees should also be ready to bring a gift of no more than $15.00 to the party.

Invitations to the holiday party were sent out to several new SLTOA members including: Earl Yeager, Lisa Campalli and, Steve Wornsman.Welcome the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association!

The MG Club and the Austin-Healey Club will also be invited to the holiday party.The SLTOA will be subsidizing the dinners of these clubs too.

Madsen received a curious email from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the other day.The email stated that the Post had received the information for the holiday party and was asking for a little more information.Madsen informed the paper that this was a private event and asked several questions of the paper including who had contacted the paper, etc.No real information was received back to Madsen.No money was exchanged for this and it seems that this interesting little transaction is over.

        Treasurerís Report (Bonnie David): Chapter Treasurer shares the expenditures and current account information with the membership.

        Upcoming Events:†† Polar Bear Run:This annual rally will potentially start at John Lambergís home and end up at Gail and Melís home.The route is still being considered as well as the chapter potentially subsidizing member lunches.For more information check out the club website at, www.sltoa.org.

Xmas Party:Held at Bevo Mill, this yearís party will be a slight variation from years past as we implement a new parlor game called ďRob Your Neighbor.ĒAll attendees will choose a random number with the lowest number choosing a gift first.Essentially a person can only be ďrobbedĒ twice.More rules will be given at the party itself but, anyone participating in this event should bring a gift totaling no more than $15.

Old Business:

        Tax Exempt status:Julie Madsen will follow up on the potential tax exempt status of the SLTOA in future meetings.

New Business:

        Dave Massey speaks to the membership regarding some potential new legislation concerning less restrictive motorist laws.For more information, contact Dave Massey.

        Newsletter (Creig Houghtaling):Creig will be sending out individually mailed invitations to the annual holiday party to all SLTOA members.The holiday party will be held at the Bevo Mill, 4947 Gravois Road with drinks starting at 7:30 and dinner at 8 pm.Please RSVP with a $10.00 check to Bonnie David before November 30th to reserve your spot.Bonnie Davidís information is as follows: 500 Marie Drive, St. Charles, MO 63301-0500.636-949-0825.

        Next meeting to be held at Bevo Mill, 4947 Gravois Road for the annual holiday party.Drinks at 7:30, dinner at 8 pm.

        Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Polar Bear Run, By Chris Kresser

Date:††††††††††††††††††††† February 11, 2007, Sunday

Meeting place:††††††† McDonalds on Hwy 141 just north of Hwy 30 in Fenton

Time:††††††††††††††††††††† 11:00 AM

End point: ††††††††††††† Mel and Gail Parentin's

1404 S. Rock Hill Rd.

Webster Groves, MO 63119


Food:†††††††††††††††††††† Italian theme, bring a dish

Additional info:†††††† Chris Kresser / 636-394-3012.

This from Paul at Cars Plus Classics

1/2/2007 9:30:22 PM Central Standard Time, Carsplusvettes@wmconnect.com:

We would like to invite you and your club to any of our upcoming events.

Branson's 6th Annual Car Show Series Extravaganza!

Branson's Spring Fling†††††††††††††††††† April 13, 14, 15, 2007†††††††††† (Open Show)

Branson's Corvette Weekend††††††† June 8, 9, 10, 2007†††††††††††††† (Corvettes Only)

Branson'sFall Festival††††††††††††††††† October 12, 13, 14, 2007†††† (Open Show)

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Could you post this on your website?

Email me a logo and I will add it to our Hot Links page.

Please check out our website for complete details www.carsplusclassics.com

Thank You††††††† Keith L. Goad††††††† President †††††††† Cars Plus Classics/Branson Corvette Club

2007 Missouri Endurance Rally - March 24 & 25, By Robert Rushing

Happy New Years Road Warriors!Yes, it's fast approaching to that time of year that I know you all egarly await - the new endurance rally season!†† The Missouri Endurance Rally and Mini-Missouri Endurance Trial are set for the weekend of March 24-25 and will start from our host hotel in St Louis.

There will be some changes this year that you need to be aware of:Due to the new fuel injection kit that is available for MGB's and the added reliability those systems give, all cars fitted with electronic fuel injection systems will be placed in the new class - Modern British.This will include cars produced from 1981-1995 as well as cars fitted with modern fuel and engine management systems (whether from the factor or conversion kit).The new class will be separate from the regular classes in that they will be competing for a separate trophy.This is a great chance for those of you with 80's/early-90's Jaguars, TVRs, Minis, Morgans, Stirlings, or Bentley and Rolls-Royces or cars that have been updated or built with electronic fuel injection/engine management systems to finally compete in the rally, yet will allow the rally to continue to keep it's focus on the spirit that the event was founded - driving our older cars in the sporting manner in which they envisioned!†† If you know of anyone who fits this new class, please pass the word!

More info will be coming soon!

Robert Rushing

MG Club of St Louis


English Channel Web site, By Dave Massey

As stated earlier VTR has initiated a Web based The English Channel.The English Channel is the VTR forum for disseminating club news throughout the VTR community.It was a printed publication that was at times distributed as part of The Vintage Triumph magazine or as a stand alone publication edited by Kent Howard.

This new format will make the information in The English Channel more current as it becomes instantly available as soon as it is posted.I have started posting information to the site but I need your help.Please send me news and scheduled events you would like posted here.I have started to fill in with some St. Louis events to serve as an example.

Please have a look at www.vintagetriumphregister.org/englishChannel and click on South Central region.Please note that there is no active link to this page but there will be as soon as there is some information posted there.Let's be the first region to do so.I have entered what information I could find but it could do with some fleshing out.More details are needed for the regional in April especially.

Cheers and have a happy and prosperous new year.

Dave Massey

VTR South Central Regional Coordinator

St. Louis, MO

Articles by John Manake

Member John Manake has contributed the following four articles.I think we caught him in a writing mood.From talking to him, I know he has lots more to write about.If you like what he has contributed, drop him a note or give him a ring and let him know.Perhaps we will read more in future newsletters.His email and phone are: acs25m@swbell.net, 314-831-3843

Hi all, my name is John Maneke

I am the proud owner of the most expensive toy that I have ever owned! It is a 1968 Triumph TR250. I had originally gone to look at a TR3 at a business that shall remain nameless. Well the car that I looked at was in much rougher shape than what I was looking for and my wife and I were leaving walking through the front display area. I saw this TR250 sitting there and looked it over. The price tag was a jolt though, way out of the range I had intended to spend. My wife handles the finances in our household and is very good at it. She has kept me out of the poor house as I can be impulsive sometimes. Any how this TR was as white and shiny as could be with a brand new very bright red interior and I just started to drool. I had been looking for a TR3, as that was the very first car that I had ever owned and had a lot of fond memories about. Well we got into our car and started to drive home, about three miles down the road my wife said that she could see that I had really liked the car on the floor room and that I should go back and buy it. I could hardly believe it but I wasnít going to argue. I now own that car! I should have looked it over better. I took it for a test drive and everything worked. BUT!!!!!! When I got home I smelled something burning. My first thought was something in the engine compartment but nothing was wrong there so I walked around the car and smelled a strong odor at the back. I opened the trunk and removed everything there. There it was!!!! A round circle about 12Ē-14Ē across where the white paint was now black if there was any left. That was almost three years ago. The car has been in my garage up on six jack stands ever since. The entire exhaust system was rotten! Somebody had slid a piece of pipe over a totally rusted though spot but the new piece was way too large to clamp to the pipe it was slid over. This allowed the exhaust gas to hit the underside of the trunk. This is where my three year project started. You canít see anything under the car unless it is on a lift. Well once I got the car up and started to look, the more I looked the more I found messed up. The car had apparently hit an immovable object on the driverís side. The driverís side lower an Arm had been driven to the rear. The front bracket was bent out slightly but the rear bracket had been torn almost completely loose from the frame. Somebody had tried to fix it by bending it back with a sledge hammer. Close but no Segar! They then enlisted the aid of someone who knew nothing about welding to fix it. It was not a pretty sight. I cut out all the messed up metal, made my own pieces of replacement frame and welded them in as well as new brackets with the reinforcement plates. My wife tells me that I now have 10,000 dollars worth of parts in the car and I couldnít begin to tell you how many hours. I am not a stickler for originality. I just want a car that I am not afraid to drive on the street. Towards this end I have made numerous modifications. If Creig doesnít mind I will talk about some of them from time to time. Right now I am waiting on MORE PARTS and hope to be on the road early next year.

John R Maneke†††††† 314-831-3843

Can you remember your first car?

I will never forget mine and neither will my two youngest sisters. They were small enough at the time to ride in the back seat of my pride and joy, a 1960 TR3. It was white with red interior. The paint had absolutely no sheen to it at all; it looked to be flat white and the red rugs had holes in them. It used almost as much oil as it did gas and I was in love with it. I could put my arm outside of the car and put the palm of my hand flat down on the pavement! The top leaked like a sieve and so did the side curtains. The car didnít use much oil when I first got it but I did notice when I checked the oil that it was unusually dark. I changed the oil and it immediately turned dark again, it also started to use some oil. To make a long story short someone had started using bulk non detergent oil in the car and it had gummed up the rings. The new high detergent oil freed them up. My dad helped me and we took the engine apart. We put in new rings and bearings and I took the head to a machinist. Boy oh Boy. The head had cracks between the intake and exhaust on every chamber! I was afraid that the head would have to be replaced but the old man running the shop said that if I was lucky he might be able to fix it. He called me back a few days later and I picked up the head. It looked new to me, he had fixed the problems. We put the engine back together and it ran like a top. The carbs were synchronized by using a piece of rubber tubing held next to my ear and the carbs. I had good hearing back then! Ha Ha. The top and curtains were rebuilt and I will never forget the fun that I had in that car. I was nothing like the big American cars on the road at the time. They would lean way over in a turn but not my car. It was like being in a go cart, almost no lean at all. I did find out rather quickly though that I had to watch out for semiís. They didnít always see me. I was going down Broadway one day and was in the middle lane with a semi on either side of me. Well as we got down close to a bridge the street narrowed down to four lanes from six and the semi on my right started to come into my lane. I pressed on the brake and the horn both as hard as I could. He apparently didnít hear me because he never stopped but I was able to get out just in time. I never ever even to this day let a semi be along side of me. In snow or ice the car was terrible, it just had no traction. It probably didnít help any that I couldnít afford new tires back then. Winding roads up here in North County, the wind blowing in my hair, the sound of the engine and the looks from other drivers. Man what a ride! I can hardly wait to get my new car out on the road and create some new memories. I hope that people enjoy this article and others that I have written. I am not a professional writer, just an average guy that would like to share his experiences.

John Maneke

How would you like your engine to rev a little faster and stay a cooler all at the same time!

Well this is a modification that I have made to my TR250 but could be done to any 6cylinder Triumph. First off I removed the factory yellow plastic fan and cast iron spacer. These parts weigh 6lbs 6oz and I replaced them with a kit purchased from R. Patton, 5 Jeff St, Brunswick, Maine 04011 and the kit costs $35 it can be viewed at http://www.topshamautoparts.com/tr6/eliminator.htm . This kit consisted of a retainer machined from billet aluminum, a bolt and lock washer. These pieces weigh 8.35oz and that is a significant amount of weight off of the reciprocating mass. This weight reduction allows the engine to rev faster which is the same idea behind racers lightening up there flywheels. Now that the fan was gone I went searching for an electric fan to replace it with. Now there are all kinds of electric fans out there and most of the ones that I have seen mount to the radiator with a plastic tie system that uses foam buffers. I didnít like the idea of trying to poke an ice pick through my radiator for the tie system. What I did was to purchase a 16Ē fan from Jeggís (part # 771-19126), the legs of which overlapped the edges of my radiator. I then bought 4 bolts small enough in diameter to fit the holes in the legs of the fan. I cut the heads off the bolts and cleaned them up on my grinder. I took the radiator out of the car and placed it flat down on my work bench. Because of the thickness of this fan I set it up as a pusher instead of a puller so the front side of the radiator was up. A smaller fan could be used and set up as a pusher but you would have to custom make your own installation brackets or use the plastic tie system. I laid the fan down on top of the radiator, put the bolts through the feet and placed a washer and nut onto the bolt threads. I had already positioned the fan on the radiator previously and had marked where the bolts need to be. Those four places where cleaned down to bare metal. I then tack welded all four bolts down low away from the fan as much as possible, the fan is plastic remember. I removed the fan and finished welding the bolts to the radiator. The steel that you are welded to is soldered to the top and bottom of the radiator and care must be taken not to melt those solder joints or you will have to take your radiator to a repair shop. A little black paint after everything cools down and you are ready to put it back in the car. Now comes the wiring! I used two relays in parallel just to make sure that the heat under the hood didnít overload one. I bought a replacement intermediate pipe that goes between the water pump and the radiator from Moss Europe but the existing pipe can be used instead. This piece is stainless steel with a bung welded to it for a temp sensor and the sensors come in different heat ranges as far as on and off temperatures. I used a 16 gauge wire from power to the sensor and from the sensor to both relays. The relays were wired with14 gauge wire and have spade fuses wired into the circuit for safety. The spade fuses were purchased from my local Advanced Auto Parts store. I bought the ones with the weather proof cover so that the fuses could be in the engine compartment and not corrode. If anybody has any questions or needs more specific information you can contact me JohnManeke at acs25m@swbell.net or 314-831-3843


In the summer there is too much and in the winter there isnít enough. I can still remember driving my 1960 TR3 back in 67 during the winter. It sure didnít put out much heat. Well driving my TR250 home after purchasing it the heater wasnít putting out much either and as I got close to home it quit all together. This was in January mind you. At the time I assumed that the motor wouldnít be available any more.Soooo I got on the internet and started searching. At that time I knew nothing about the Roadster Factory, Rimmer Bros. or Victoria British. What I found was REVINGTON TR. They have what has to be the best replacement heater around. They have two versions; one is an upgrade that replaces the existing top of your present heater with a new heater core, a modern three speed fan and a new sheet metal top. For those people less inclined to alter there existing heater they have a total replacement with all of the goodies already installed. These units will fit from a TR4 thru a TR6. I myself installed the upgrade to my existing unit. This upgrade also comes with three fused relays, one for each speed and a new dash switch. WOW what a difference. The amount of air coming out of the outlets is just like any modern car. I have yet to drive any extended distance, have to fix the rear camber first but the little I have I had to turn the fan down because it started to get to warm. There are two pictures that I downloaded from there site, http://www.revingtontr.com . They also carry an extremely large selection of parts, on the order of the Roadster Factory or Moss Motors. They also have some performance parts and are worth a look. I myself have my eye on a replacement gas tank that holds 61 liters as opposed to the standard 50 liter tank. Now how am I going to explain why I need this to my wife? Any questions contact me at acs25m@swbell.net or 314-831-3843.

John Maneke

Classified Ads:Contact Creig Houghtaling at , the address listed below, or 636-678-2181 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

v                 For Sale - 1959 TR3A, Restored late 2001, Signal Red, Moss Black Leather Interior, Chrome Dayton Wires, New Tires, Historical Plates. New 87mm Motor. $18,500. There are numerous new parts on this car to list.Sorry No Trades as I am Restoring a TR6 to drive.
Arlie King, 636-677-0545

v                 Wanted - TR6.Excelent to perfect body and interior.Engine doesn't matter.Contact Fred at heartlandservices@semo.net

v                 For Sale - 79 TR7, Good mechanical and driving condition, decent interior.Body is good, but could use paint.Complete Auto Care, 14510 Manchester Rd. Ballwin, 63011 Contact Joseph at 636-227-8583, 636-675-4762, or carcomo@sbcglobal.net Asking $1200 or offer.

v                 Wanted - Late model TR7 automatic rear axle assembly. This unit carries a CM prefix and is equipped with a 3.08 gear ratio.--I am currently working on a high speed TR7 project. Craig Leinicke 636 236-8452

v                 Wanted - I am new to the STL area and have inherited a 1968 Triumph 250. It has been in my family for many, many years. It runs, (but hasnít been ran since the first of the year) and is in pretty good shape. I would like to begin restoration and need help on all fronts. Please send any contacts for body, engine, etc. Thanks! Matt Willis RSG-ST.LOUIS 314-664-0123

v                 For Sale - Castrol GT LMA brake fluid.Quart - $5.00Creig Houghtaling 636-678-2181

St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

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Fenton, MO 63026