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www.SLTOA.org†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† March 2007

March Meeting, Tuesday March 20th, 2007, 7:00 PM, at
Square One Brewery, 1727 Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104 - (314) 231-2537

March Meeting, By Richard Etz

And now for something completely different....

Our March 20 meeting will be held at the Square One Brewery at 1727 Park Ave. in the city of St. Louis.This is a nice little brewpub one block from Lafayette Park. It is affiliated with the Augusta Brewing Company but appears to brew beer on the premises.Informal tasting (purely for research purposes) suggests that they make some good beer.Food is decent and not too expensive.Their flank steak chili is one of my favorite selections.It was a bit of a struggle to explain just what we had in mind for a meeting, but we should have a room to ourselves and will order individually off the menu.There is a nice bar where we could gather before the meeting. I warned them that some members might drink beer before or after the meeting!

If you haven't been to the Lafayette Square area recently, you will be surprised.This neighborhood is reviving in a big way!Anice says that the colorful 1850s vintage houses on the park remind her of Rainbow Row in the Battery section of Charleston in her home state.

There are many ways to get there.The least confusing route would be to hit Jefferson Ave., turn east on Park Ave, which is at a stop light.The Brewery is one block north east of Lafayette Park.Park intersects with Jefferson about three blocks north of 44 and Jefferson, and is a bit farther south of 40 and Jefferson.So from the west, take 44 east to Jefferson, left (north) on Jefferson, right (east) on Park to the pub. From 40/64, take 40 east, go right (south) on Jefferson, go left (east) on Park.From 55 northbound, go west on 44, get off at Jefferson, go right (north), go right (east)on Park.From the north or the Poplar St. Bridge, take 55 south to 44 to Jefferson.Westbound 40 has no exit at Jefferson.

For those in a hurry, from eastbound 44 take the Lafayette exit to Truman Parkway, left on Truman, left on Park.

Whew!†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Hope to see you there!†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Richard Etz

Dues for 2007 are now due

Please mail your payment for $10 or $20 to Bonnie David at 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles MO, 63301-0500.Ten gets you a monthly e-mail notice that the newsletter is on line.Twenty gets you a hard copy in your mail box each month.Any questions, call Bonnie at: 636-949-0825

Presidential Ramblings, By Craig Madsen

Time to awake from that long winters' nap! No excuses not to see you at the next meeting - Richard Etz has secured a venue for March that promises great food & libations! I'm personally looking forward to this one, directions probably preceding this section of babble. March is the month we elect new officers so it's important that you be there so as not to be elected in your own absence! Yes, I think we may have actually at some point, done that!††

Ron Speigelman - haven't seen you in awhile, rumor has it you tied the knot. Need to confirm or deny, and you don't want to be elected events person by not showing up! Jeff Weintrop -always enjoy seeing you especially after that battle in the hospital, don't be a stranger. Andy Stark - I'm hoping there's no school that night. Dan Jones- be good to see you, we never have enough time to talk. Lisa Ciampoli- you're not that far away...Matt Gossett- I can't remember everything that goes on, we need your contribution! Karl Schmitt - I haven't seen you since Christmas! Shawn Joseph - Don't miss this one!Michael Thomas- we need an update! Mark Birdsong - It would be nice to chat when we're not all soaking wet! Damian Kostiuk - Please at least consider the Easter car show, if you need a place to bunk meeting night give me a call. Jesse Lowe- I know you have an excuse, don't worry if you show up I won't let your beer go to waste! If I haven't personally challenged you here to make the next meeting it doesn't mean you're off the hook. It means I just printed the roster and there's not enough room here to pick on every one. It frustrates me that there are people on this list that I don't think I have met yet. So - end my frustration and show up to make this March the most attended meeting since the Christmas party!

Ok, What have we been doing? A new location for June Picnic was chosen- Mini Ha-ha park in the Sunset Hills / Fenton area on June 12th.

The Easter Car show is fast approaching, April 8th. We've reserved 20 spaces, look for more info from David Schulz elsewhere in this fine publication.

I'm out of ink, have writers cramp, and 'am fast approaching being brain dead. I've been put to double duty this issue, so I'm quite certain if you're not tired of my babbling at the moment you will be by the time you finish this months edition!

Please make your presence known at the next meeting. This just in - Matt Gossett is not going to be available next term for the duties of Secretary. This is a position Creig & I have found that when actually filled makes our jobs easier & the newsletter more interesting & complete. His presence will be missed. If you have skills in that area, and are willing to chip in, your efforts will be much appreciated.

Hope to see you there!††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Craig Madsen

SLTOA Meeting Minutes for January 2007, By Matt Gossett

John and Debra Maneke††††††††††††† TR 250

John Killborn†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1965 Spitfire

Earl Yeager†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1979 TR7 w/ automatic transmission

Tony Panchot††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† TR 250

o       Feb. 11th††††††††† Polar Bear Run.Meet at McDonalds at Hwy. 30 and Hwy. 141.

o       Feb. 19th †††††††† Charlie Keys

o       March 24th & 25th †††† Endurance Rally

o       April 7th ††††††††† Gateway Healey Wash up/ Tune up

o       April 8th ††††††††† Easter Car Show

o       May 4th & 5th ††††††††††† Derby Day In Kentucky

o       May 28th ††††††† Carlyle, Pennsylvania

o       May 25th & 27th ††††††† Champagne, IL Car Show

o       July 13th & 17th †††††††† Valley Forge, PA

o       September††††† All British Car Show

o       October†††††††††† MG Halloween Rally

o       December†††††† SLTOA Holiday party

Dave Massey:

Old Business:

New Business:

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Polar Bear Run Photographs, By John Maneke and Creig Houghtaling

Date:††††††††††††††††††††† February 11, 2007, Sunday

Meeting place:††††††† McDonalds on Hwy 141 just north of Hwy 30 in Fenton

Time:††††††††††††††††††††† 11:00 AM


(Following are Johnís photos)



















End point: ††††††† Mel and Gail Parentin's

1404 S. Rock Hill Rd.

Webster Groves, MO 63119



(Following are Creigís photos)







































































June SLTOA Picnic, By Creig Houghtaling

At our last meeting I suggested we have the picnic this year at Minnie Ha Ha park in Sunset Hills.It is located right across the Meramec River from old town Fenton.This is a brand new park less than 2 years old.It is woodsy, not manicured lawns like DesPeres Park, but the nice part is the parking is right next to the pavilion.That way people visiting cars and people visiting or eating at the pavilion won't separated so far.There is a very nice paved walking trail through the woods, around the park, and along the river.There is also a children's play area and restrooms right next to the pavilion.

Karl Schmitt has volunteered to help out again this year with the picnic.The date will be June 12th because Karl has other commitments on the 19th.

2007 Missouri Endurance Rally - March 31st & April 1st

For more info or registration: Creig Houghtaling 636-678-2181†† or

Robert Rushing ††††††††††††††† MG Club of St Louis ††††††††††††††††† mgslime@swbell.net

Easter Concour's d'Elegance, by Dave Schulz

Attention Triumph aficionado's!Sunday April 8 is the 47th Annual Horseless Carriage "Easter Concour's d'Elegance" and a great opportunity to hobnob with fellow car folk and to show off your labors of love.Each year since 1962, the Easter show has attracted tens of thousands of people to show and see some of the world's greatest cars (such as Triumph's and of course other lesser brands) together in one place in Forest Park.

Unless you request to be judged, the show is a non-judged event.Last year's show had 489 Antique Cars entered, 143 for Judging, 129 for Display and 217 with Local Car Clubs.The SLTOA accounted for 20 of the 217 club entries!

The entry fee of $15 provides a spot alongside the other SLTOA members who will be displaying their cars at the show.A great way to promote the club and the event is to register for the show and to renew your dues with the same check, payable to SLTOA for the amount of $35.

Don't forget the washup-tuneup event at Keith Bester's (115 N. Sappington Rd) on Saturday April 7 in preparation.††

An 81/2 x 11 inch dash card is required of each car to gain entrance to the upper Muny parking lot, the venue for the show.Dash cards available at the March meeting in exchange for registrations fees.Please consider participating in the show and supporting the hobby and the club, regardless of your participation throughout the year in club events.Dave Schulz will be contacting each member to enroll participants.If you want to save him a phone call, leave him a message confirming your participation at 314.471.4909 or drop him an email at Dave.Schulz@gmail.com

It's time to parade your Easter "Bonnet" and show St. Louis what Triumphs are all about!

South Central Region Convention April 26-29, By Don W. Carter

This is to let some of you VTR club leaders and a few of my out of state friends know about our upcoming event here in Houston.We plan a heck of weekend for all!We have a huge Texas welcoming with a Thursday Drive-in Movie, fun breakfast runs, relaxing national forest tours, a concours and participant's choice show, a funkhana, a one mile autocross at the Police Academy's driver training track, and amost festive awards banquet with big-time raffle prizes.Please check our web site for registration information at www.texastriumphreginster.org.Just click on the large logo at the top to see all the poop.Attached is a poster that for the event.Please register soon as the host hotel space is limited, however this hotel has two near by sister hotels for our overflow.Come join us and have some fun.We play nice with others.

Itís Alive!!! by John Maneke

Finally after three years and countless hours, my TR250 is back on the road. I just finished attending my FIRST Polar Bear Run. What a blast! The day would have been perfect except for an accident involving an MG. I hope that the gentleman is OK. The car was running very well. The freshly rebuilt carbs by Jeff athttp://www.paltech1.com/ , worked like a charm. Everyone met at Mel & Gail Parentinís afterward for food and good company. It seemed to me that a good time was had by all.

I have done extensive modifications to my car over the last three years. I am retired now and spend a lot of time surfing the internet looking for parts or articles on Triumphs. One of the things that I read about was a possible problem with the brake piston being forced back away from the rotor on winding roads due to the axle flexing. Well this is one of the pastimes I am looking forward to soooo. The Roadster Factory is now carrying a new and improved axle. I have installed them on my car and they are much thicker then the originals. The kit also comes with a spacer and shims plus new Timken bearings. When done there is absolutely no side play in the bearings at all. The Polar Bear run was a good test of the system and it worked flawlessly. The breaks were always right there at the top of the pedal travel. You can read more about these axles here. http://www.zeni.net/trf/TR6-250GC/index.php?menu=A&page=119

Speaking of breaks I have also replaced the stock rotors and calipers. The new rotors are anodized; slotted and drilled to get rid of out gassing and run cooler they were purchased from the Roadster Factory. I came across an article on the VTR web site about a replacement for our calipers and went to my local Advanced Auto Parts and had them order me a set of loaded calipers for a Toyota four-wheel pickup. They have four pistons instead of two, fit the spacing of our two piston calipers exactly (bolt wise) and have about 40% more surface area. The dust backing plates had to be trimmed slightly and I had to make up a new hard line from the caliper to the flex hose. I bought a short metric steel line and replaced one end with a fitting from the old line. I also replace the four mounting bolts with bolts froma 72-76 caliper. These bolts have the Imperial shank with the metric threads and allow the Toyota calipers to bolt right up. These are part #158668 My car has the minilite wheels so I thought that the new calipers would look better painted. I went to my local Advanced Auto Parts and bought FIRE ENGINE RED caliper paint made by DUPLI- COLOR. Wow can you see them now. They really stand out.

Several people also commented on my emergency hood release. I bought this from TRF also and it was a snap to install. It only took about 5 minutes and now my mind is at ease. The thought of the existing cable breaking always made me nervous as I had read that it was almost impossible to get the hood open if that happened. Below is a picture. You can get them from E-bay or from http://www.lbcarco.com/. The Roadster Factory has them also under part #RFT132.



KK - I talked with Craig Madsen, current President of SLTOA, and Julie Madsen, Father and Daughter, about their interest in Triumphs. I found their stories fun and interesting.

KK - Craig, I think your spirit for these classic Triumphs is hard to beat. How did you come to admire them? When did you acquire them?& Tell me about some of the cars you have owned.

CM - All this Triumph madness began with a ride in a '68GT6. My first car was a '62 Beetle, banana yellow, chrome reverse rims (wheel adapters) gold shag carpet - after all, we're talking 1969. Believe it or not, that car, was a chick magnet. It couldn't get out of it's own way, which was probably a good fit for me at the time. My first open air experience was in a modified relative of the same car, and probably the most unsafe vehicle (looking back) I've ever driven. The original Dune Buggy, shortened floor pan, fiberglass body, fiberglass seat. I think the only additional metal on it was the motor & roll bar. Red metal flake paint, not metallic, the big flakes, another attention grabber. My friend Lee and I would trade cars when we got bored with our own. 36 + whopping horse power, it seemed like it flew. There was no weight to speak of.††

My next car weighed allot, a 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible. Long on looks, again short on power 350, 2 barrel carb, coupled to a 2 speed automatic transmission. Parents work in mysterious ways, my father thought I should buy this car. Another slug, this time surrounded by heavy metal which by coincidence is my first preference in music. Not a sports car, pretty spongy, until I changed it. Itwasn't nimble like the dune buggy. When I got out of the service I bought a 1971 Firebird. I think every body either had one or wanted one of these or a Camaro at some point. I stuck allot of cash & work into that car, it still wasn't doing it for me. Heavy, not nimble, although we were increasing the speed threshold. It was during this period when I took the spin in the GT6. 'Lasting impression. although I've never owned that particular model, its' influence is tremendous.

My first Triumph was to be a 1971 TR6, still in the family. After a face lift, a few years of auto-crossing, it went to my Father to haul golf clubs back and forth to the golf club. It earned its' keep, the car dominated G stock for 3 years running, rode hard & put away wet. There's about three boxes of trophies in the basement from that car. It's retirement and parade life were well earned. It's now the pride and joy of my #1 daughter Julie. She was about 3 years old when she was introduced to the marque.

When Dad bought the TR6, I purchased a used TR8. Finally, small car, big motor, no top! It took some work to get that car moving properly.1980 the auto industry was trying to figure out how to keep the air clean. This thing was pretty choked back on both the intake and exhaust, now it's 25 years later and I don't have to worry about emissions.... That car had a brief stint on some road racing courses, Brainerd International, Black Hawk Farms, & St. Louis. An unforgettable experience and lesson. This is a sport that will consume (if you let it) ALL of your time, and your money. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. The rub comes when you are trying to raise children & support a family. it's not a fit unless everybody is on board and is as enthused as you are, especially the wife.

KK - How fast have you driven one of these cars?

CM - I can't say for sure how fast I've actually gone, the speedometer wasn't real accurate to begin with is these cars. Add different diameter tires and throw in a gear change & who knows where you're at. Brainerd at the time had the longest straight away in the world, the ticker said 132 which isn't really all that fast. It did seem fast though at the time, but the inside of a race car is very noisy & very hot. Things are very intense and things happen very fast. There is absolutely nothing that compares to the feeling of the first time you put that car in a perfect four wheel drift through a corner at speed. We're talking better than sex. It's like having your very own amusement park, the problem, is the trade off.

The race car was dismantled and I searched for a suitable body to return the parts to the street. I'm still searching, but another addition to the family came as a result of that search. The orange (Vermillion Red) TR7 which is my Fathers current golf club hauler, I get to maintain also on a regular basis. That car shows up locally occasionally, the latest being the Polar Bear Run, previously an Easter car show. It goes back to Iowa in time for golf season and I get to start on a different car!

KK - Why is it that driving fast in the Triumph is a bigger thrill than a contemporary convertible?

CM - I have a theory that the closer your bottom is to the wheels, the more fun the ride is. Go cart verses Cadillac.

KK - Obviously, you have influenced your Daughter, Julie, as she owns a Triumph. What wisdom or insight would you share with the younger generation to encourage the purchase of these cars?

CM - The most fun Triumph and the biggest bang for the buck in my opinion Is the car I snubbed for years. The Spitfire, these are initially affordable, there are parts for these everywhere. Nimble is the definition of Spitfire, followed by fun.I've had more fun with the Spitfire than any of the others, hands down.

It's easy to work on, totally cute, handles like it's on rails - you just have to remember it's a Triumph & will need attention in all the areas Triumphs need attention. I would have to recommend the Spitfire to the youngsters. When you stop and think about it, it's a great learning experience. These cars are really basic so they're great vehicles to learn systems on and they're pretty simple to work on. The stories I've heard from present & previous owners alike all rave about the experiences they've had in the Spitfire.

KK - One last question, what cars do you currently own?

CM - Currently two TR7 coupes, a Spitfire, and there's a TR8 in pieces waiting to be put back into a convertible body.

Thanks Kathy - My pleasure.See Julie's response next month.

Classified Ads:Contact Creig Houghtaling at , the address listed below, or 636-678-2181 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

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