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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† April 2007

April Meeting, Tuesday April 17th, 2007, 7:00 PM, at
Square One Brewery, 1727 Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104 - (314) 231-2537

April Meeting, By Richard Etz

And now for something completely different....

Our March 20th meeting was held at the Square One Brewery. †Due to popular demand we will meet there again in April. †This is a nice little brewpub one block from Lafayette Park. It is affiliated with the Augusta Brewing Company but appears to brew beer on the premises.† Informal tasting (purely for research purposes) suggests that they make some good beer.† Food is decent and not too expensive.† Their flank steak chili is one of my favorite selections.† It was a bit of a struggle to explain just what we had in mind for a meeting, but we should have a room to ourselves and will order individually off the menu.† There is a nice bar where we could gather before the meeting. I warned them that some members might drink beer before or after the meeting!

If you haven't been to the Lafayette Square area recently, you will be surprised.† This neighborhood is reviving in a big way!† Anice says that the colorful 1850s vintage houses on the park remind her of Rainbow Row in the Battery section of Charleston in her home state.

There are many ways to get there.† The least confusing route would be to hit Jefferson Ave., turn east on Park Ave, which is at a stop light.† The Brewery is one block north east of Lafayette Park.† Park intersects with Jefferson about three blocks north of 44 and Jefferson, and is a bit farther south of 40 and Jefferson.† So from the west, take 44 east to Jefferson, left (north) on Jefferson, right (east) on Park to the pub.† From 40/64, take 40 east, go right (south) on Jefferson, go left (east) on Park.† From 55 northbound, go west on 44, get off at Jefferson, go right (north), go right (east)on Park.† From the north or the Poplar St. Bridge, take 55 south to 44 to Jefferson.† Westbound 40 has no exit at Jefferson.

For those in a hurry, from eastbound 44 take the Lafayette exit to Truman Parkway, left on Truman, left on Park.

Whew!†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Hope to see you there!††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††Richard Etz

Dues for 2007 are now due

Please mail your payment for $10 or $20 to Bonnie David at 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles MO, 63301-0500.† Ten gets you a monthly e-mail notice that the newsletter is on line.† Twenty gets you a hard copy in your mail box each month.† Any questions, call Bonnie at: 636-949-0825.

Editorís note:† Thanks to those who have already renewed!† If you plan to not renew, please call Bonnie or drop her a note and we wonít ask any more.† If you plan to renew, please do so today so you donít forget.† THANKS!!!!

Presidential Ramblings, By Craig Madsen

OK guys - You can come out to play, the elections are over, results can be found in the March minutes. Obviously you've got me for one more year or you wouldn't be reading this!

Good news is we've secured the brewery for next months meeting. If you couldn't make it to the March meeting for whatever reason, here's a chance to check it out before we move to member residences for the summer. Kudos' to Richard for securing that venue and helping us keep it fresh.

Check out the list of events, don't for get the Model A Swap Meet. An all day testosterone filled event with everything automotive! Surround yourself with rusty metal, rubber, tools & chrome. Food vendors supply everything from coffee & donuts to burgers brats & soda. The only thing missing is beer!

Matt Gossett will be with us for the short term at least, a huge relief in my opinion. Lets hope he finds an employment opportunity locally so we can keep him.

Check out the update on Michael's Spitfire elsewhere on these fine pages. I'm happy to see the new and varied contributions from our membership. That's what makes this thing fun - the sharing of information & techniques and the appreciation of scraped knuckles, persistence & a job well done.

See YOU at the next meeting?††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Craig Madsen

SLTOA Meeting Minutes for March 2007, By Matt Gossett

o       March 24th & 25th †††† Endurance Rally

o       March 31st †††† Tartan Day Parade (contact Dave Massey)

o       April 7th ††††††††† Gateway Healey Wash up/ Tune up

o       April 8th ††††††††† Easter Car Show ($15 to Bonnie David)

††††††††††††††††††††††† Please check the chapter website for the complete list of events.

Old Business:

New Business:

Meeting adjourned at 8:17 pm.

June SLTOA Picnic, By Creig Houghtaling

Our picnic this year will be at Minnie Ha Ha park in Sunset Hills.† It is located right across the Meramec River from old town Fenton.† This is a brand new park less than 2 years old.† It is woodsy, not manicured lawns like DesPeres Park, but the nice part is the parking is right next to the pavilion.† That way people visiting cars and people visiting or eating at the pavilion won't separated so far.† There is a very nice paved walking trail through the woods, around the park, and along the river.† There is also a children's play area and restrooms right next to the pavilion.

Karl Schmitt has volunteered to help out again this year with the picnic.† The date will be June 12th.† Reservations have been made for the first pavilion on the left as you enter the park from Old Gravois just east of the Meramec River bridge.

2007 Missouri Endurance Rally - March 31st & April 1st - By Creig Houghtaling

Last weekend was the 12th running of the Missouri Endurance Rally.† For those not familiar with this rally, the object of the game is to make your way to several stops within the 24 hour allotted period and return with the lowest miles.† My sister Phyllis Wilson and I managed to return in third place with 816 total miles in my 74 TR6.† The challenge this year was every stop was on one side or the other of a river near a ferry.† In almost every case if you could ride the ferry across the river, you could save several miles of driving distance.† But it was impossible to ride every ferry because all but one had daytime only running schedule.† So the object of the game was to pick the stops and ferries you wanted to take during the day and then use bridges on the remaining stops.

Iíll come back to the 2007 rally in a minute.† First I want to talk about the preparation that went into it.† I got out my pen and paper and figured out that I have been preparing for this rally since 2001.† I drove my first rally that year.†† I didnít have anyone to co-drive with me so I did it solo.† I managed a few stops on my own.† After seeing Chad Stretz (from Columbia driving his TR6) for about the third time at my third stop, we realized we were picking the same stops in the same order.† So Chad was generous enough to let me tag along with him for the remainder of the rally.† I would have had a difficult (possibly impossible) time finishing this rally without him.† It takes 2 people to drive and navigate on the long rally.† Later years that became a rule.† The reason I use 2001 as my beginning of preparation for the 2007 rally is that year I knew I needed to rebuild my front suspension on my TR6.† I bought most of the rebuild parts that year but I wasnít able to put it together so I drove on my old parts.† The next year, 2002, I drove with Craig Ingraham in his TR6.† We had clutch problems and had to bail out and return after a few stops.† In 2003 Craig Ingraham let me drive his TR6 with my friend Tom Jones.† That year was the first year for the short rally.† So he and I drove and won that one.† In 2004 Craig Ingraham let Gary Allgood and I drive his TR6.† We managed to complete the rally that year.† But we didnít place because we went to this one town where we thought there should be a ferry, but there wasnít.† Thatís probably where the idea for this yearís rally came from.† In 2005 my sister and I drove Craig Ingrahamís TR6.† We made all the stops but didnít manage to return on time.† Our biggest delay was in this little town at 2 AM in the morning.† We didnít know how to find the site in town that we were looking for so we woke a motel attendant up to ask for directions.† After more than an hour delay we found the site.† In 2006 my nieceís wedding was on the same weekend so I didnít compete that year.† That brings me to 2007.† Late last year I got to be friends with new SLTOA member John Maneke.† He was just finishing a major rebuild/restoration on his TR250.† He asked if I needed help on my TR6 and I took him up on his generosity.† I gave him all my new and restored front suspension parts and I asked him to help me obtain the remaining bolts and miscellaneous parts I needed to complete the job.† Since he had just done his TR250 he was more familiar with everything that needed to be done to assemble the suspension.† After we had most of the parts he came to my garage for a day and helped clean up the frame around the suspension and assemble the parts.† The following weeks I completed the assembly and brakes and got an alignment.† I found a local garage on old Gravois Rd in Sunset Hills.† Their name is Mobile Tech.† I highly recommend them.† Tim is a wonderful person to talk to and deal with.

Fresh suspension with all new bushings, bearings, seals, nuts & bolts, and rebuilt calipers.

My goal was to have my own car ready to drive this rally.† John Maneke helped me obtain that goal.† Thatís quite an accomplishment considering I had the parts sitting on my shelf for 6 years.† Thank you very much John!!!† The years 2002 through 2005 I drove Craig Ingrahamís car.† The first year I drove with Craig.† The other years Craig was planning to drive, but his work schedule occupied his time.† This year he and I could have driven together since he has a new job.† But after spending 6 years to rebuild my TR6 suspension I really wanted to drive my car.† Sorry Craig.† I feel bad about bailing out on you.

Now back to the 2007 rally.† The stops were (in the order that we took them):† 1)† Fort de Chartres outside Prarie du Rocher IL.† 2)† Kaskaskia Bell State Historic site, Kaskaskia, IL.† 3)† Intersection of Third & Merchant streets in St. Genevieve, MO.† 4)† Tower Rock Nature Area, Wittenberg, MO.† 5)† Carnegie Library and Tourist Bureau, Hickman, KY.† 6)† Towoshagy State Historic Site near East Prairie, MO† 7)† Akers Ferry Canoe Rental, Akers, MO.† 8)† Intersection of Hwy J and County Rd 252, Fredricksburg, MO.† Pere Marquette Memorial, North of Grafton, IL.† 10)† Across from Wittmond Hotel, Brussels, IL.

We left the Page/270 start point and proceeded across the JB bridge to our first stop in Illinois.† We planned to cross the St. Genevieve-Modoc Ferry to make St. Genevieve our second stop.† After waiting for 10 or 15 minutes for a ferry that never came we made some phone calls and found the phone number to the ferry operators.† When we called them they told us that the ferry was not operating and would not be in service for several more days.† To get to the ferry we drove along a levee road to save a few miles.† We then had to backtrack to the main road and drive down to Chester to cross the bridge.† So after coming back on the west side of the Missouri we stopped by the Kaskaskia IL site, then the St. Genevieve stop.

As we left St. Genevieve for Wittenberg we realized we had to hurry to reach Towoshagy SHS and Hickman before the Dorena-Hickman ferry scheduled closing of 5:30 PM.† So we took the slightly longer (but quicker) route to Wittenberg.† After stopping at the Tower Rock site we saw a back road out that might save a mile.† After driving down that road a mile or 2 the road was closed for private property.† So we had to backtrack wasting a couple of miles.† Oh well, thatís the gamble you take in this game.† Sometimes the gamble pays, sometimes it doesnít.† With experience you slowly begin to learn when to gamble and when to play it safe so you can complete the rally.

†††††††††††††††††††† Rally start point.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Driving on the levee road.

After not completing the 2005 rally, my sister and I decided to gamble a little less and make sure we completed this one.† We saw our time was too short to go to Towoshagy, cross the Dorena-Hickman ferry to Hickman Ky and return on the ferry before 5:30 PM scheduled closing of the ferry, so we crossed the Mississippi to Illinois at Cape Girardeau then crossed the Ohio to Kentucky at Cairo and took the fastest route we could find to Hickman.† After answering the questions at the Carnegie Library we proceeded to the ferry.† As we were entering the ferry at 5:15 PM to return to Missouri one MG was exiting the ferry to KY.† As we exited the ferry on the MO side there was another MG entering to go to the KY side.†† At that point we were feeling pretty good about our decision because we thought that run back to KY would be the last of the day for the ferry leaving 2 MGs to find a longer bridge route back to MO.† We later found out that the ferry ran an hour later than their normal schedule that day.† If we would have called the ferry and asked their exact schedule for that day or gambled and not gone across at Cape we would have saved several miles by going both ways on the ferry.

We made our Towoshagy stop and began proceeded to Akers with the plan to go to Fredricksburg after that.† Since we would be at the next two stops along the Gasconade river in the middle of the night we were certainly not going to be riding any ferries so we had to make sure we approached these stops from the correct side.† So I called Gary Allgood and he looked up Akers Ferry Canoe Rental on the internet and found that it was on the east side of the river.† Se we entered and exited Akers from the east.† While we were driving east on 60 from Sikeston to Winona we had several miles of one highway that didnít require a lot of navigation.† So while my sister, Phyllis, was driving, I got on the phone to my niece and her husband to look on Google maps to find out where county 252 intersected Route J.† County Rd 252 was not on my Delorme map.† While I was on the phone my sister yelled at me about route 67.† I knew we needed to stay on 60 so I waved at her to keep driving.† As it turned out the main route goes south on 67 and you have to exit to stay on Rt 60.† It didnít register that she was telling me that we were on 67.† Well, by the time she got my attention we were two exits south on 67.† So we had to backtrack again.† We probably wasted 5 or 10 miles on that one.† Once we got back on 60 I got back on the phone and found out that County Rd 252 was just west of the Gasconade river. So with that information I could map the rest of my route to and away from Fredricksburg.

I guessed we would be in the Grafton and Brussels area about 4AM so I knew we couldnít take the Golden Eagle ferry, so we made our way across the Alton bridge to the river road to Grafton.† After the Pere Marquette stop we crossed the Illinois River on the Brussels Ferry.† This one is free and runs 24 hours a day.† It was about 5:30 AM when we finished answering the questions at our last stop in Brussels.† Phyllis and I talked about going to the Golden Eagle Ferry and waiting till they started running at 8AM.† But we decided not to gamble.† If the ferry was oon schedule we would have had plenty of time to return before 9:00 AM and we would have saved about 30 or 40 miles.† But if the ferry was delayed we would have had a DNF if we didnít get back to the Red Roof by 9AM.† So we returned across the Brussels ferry and Alton Bridge to the end of the rally at the Red Roof Inn.

†††††††††††††††††††† Tower Rock†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† End of the Rally on a sunny Sunday morning.

Out of 9 entrants, only 4 completed all 10 stops.† The five that DNF, two had mechanical problems, one was too tired to finish, and two thought they had screwed up so they dropped out instead of finishing.† †The following are the results:

2007 Missouri Endurnace Rally:  March 31-Apirl 1, 2007




Final Milage


Rick Verhey / Rick Ingram

1974 MGB/GT




John Schroeder / Jordan Schroeder

1967 MGB




Ranney Dohogne / Don Gatheman

1972 MGB/GT




Matt Kobe / Brian Montgomery

1972 MGB




Bill Fox / Gary Hayes

1972 MGB




Janel Demick / Kelly Lahey

1975 MGB




Mark J Michalak / Mark Z Michalak

1958 MG-ZB




Nate Runyan / Matt Winingar

1975 MGB




Creig Houghtaling / Phyllis Wilson

1974 Triumph TR6





2007 Missouri Mini-Endurance Trial:  March 31, 2007




Final Mileage


Simon Dix / Jason Mitchell

1977 MGB




Todd Brown / Jeff Camden

1965 MGB




Mary Dobbins / Sean Dobbins

1972 MGB




David Dobbins / Heather Dobbins

1971 MGB/GT




Bob Bentzinger / Walt Murphy

1974 MGB




Bob Smith / Steve Schneider

1977 MGB




HmmmmmÖ..†† Now what can I do to win the next one???


Spitfire Restoration Update by Michael Thomas

Well I guess it has been a while since I sent an update or seen anyone for that matter.

Honestly I have tried to make it to several of the weekly meetings but my travel schedule conflicts nearly every single time. As I manage a nation wide support staff I am out and about 1-2 weeks per month.

So back to the Spitfire, I've spent most of the past year putting together the chassis and suspension, my final delivery of all of the front end components arrived several weeks ago and I spend what time I can putting it all together.† I hope to have the chassis rolling around by summer.

As I work from home when I am not traveling I spent several conference calls in my garage disassembling the engine. I am anxious to get it to the machine shop soon so I can put it on top of all the other work I've done.

When I started this project I told my self I would complete it in stages, bottom up no exceptions. Well, I ran out of Chassis black, and went to pick up a refill. Much to my surprise my wife told me to go ahead and get all the paint supplies I needed to finish.So I went in and place my order, White is, original, then I made a dire mistake, I asked my wife what color she preferred, ok, So Black it is... the hardest color of them all. Sorry Craig, I know you wanted her to stay white.

So now I have the paint, what to do with it, well after a small amount of welding to fill in some pin holes, allot of stripping and some painting and polishing the trunk lid is done. Maybe not in order but getting done none the less.

My plan now is to do components as I have time, materials and the most important item, money.

I am now in the process of moving a little closer, about 20 miles closer into House Springs and still have a '76 triumph that needs to be parted out. Look forward to a U-wrench it get together this summer. There are only a few parts I need from this vehicle so everything else can go not sure how much will be left but it could be fun just visiting.

It's been slow but I know it will all be worth it when I finally get to join you all in a cruise.

Hoping to get to the next meeting,††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Michael Thomas

South Central Region Convention April 26-29, By Jim Wortsman

In looking at the newsletters from several of your clubs, the 2007 VTR South Central Regional Trials are still listed as taking place in Montgomery, TX.† Please correct this as soon as you can, to read Houston, TX.† Most of you are aware of the circumstances that precipitated this move, but for those of you who arenít, this is briefly what happened.† Del Lago Resort in Montgomery was to be our host hotel, but at the end of January, they closed for business, and we were forced to find another host.† There are no other locations large enough to host us in that area, so we were forced to come into Houston.† We have located as far north as possible to try and avoid most of the major traffic and distance of coming through the city.† The upside of this location is that there are plenty of restaurants, shopping locations, and places to see and go.

For those of you who like to autocross, we expect this to be one of the best courses in the history of the South Central Regionals.† If youíve never auto crossed, this would be a great introduction to it.† We are urging everyone who has helmets to please bring them, and if you have extras, please bring them as well.† We intend to have helmet shields for everyone who doesnít have their own helmet, so sweat and ďother stuffĒ wonít get into the helmet liners, so please bring extra helmets.

And finally, all clubs are welcome and urged to bring their club banners for display during the awards banquet on Saturday night.† However, the hotel will not allow anything to be hung on the walls or from the ceilings.† In order to display our banner, the TTR has built a stand using PVC pipe.† This is light and easy to transport, so you may want to consider the same idea.

Donít forget that the cost of registration goes up $10 per car if you donít get it postmarked by 3/31/07.† Many of you have made your hotel reservations, but have not yet registered for the show.† Please do so as soon as possible.† The registration form is available on our website at www.texastriumphregister.org.

Weíre looking forward to seeing you in Houston in April.

Jim Wortsman, President†† Texas Triumph Register

PS When making your reservation for the big event, if the Hilton Garden Inn has indicated that they are sold out, please call the Staybridge Suites.  They are located less than ľ mile away and have agreed to honor the Hiltonís rate.  The Staybridge Suites offers very comfortable ďmini-suiteĒ rooms with kitchenettes and a complimentary buffet breakfast each morning.  Please call 281-807-3700 and ask for the ďTriumph ClubĒ rate.  Their address is 10750 N. Gessner Drive, Houston, TX  77064.  As always, if you have any trouble securing a hotel room at either location, please contact Liz Reynolds for assistance at 713-899-2776

More on Cam Shafts Ė Contributed by Dave Massey

Here is a link to Crane's website concerning cam break-in and ZDDP-reduced oil.† FYI


23rd British Bash in Louisville KY Ė June 1st & 2nd, 2007


4th Annual Beaverdale Brit/Euro Auto Fest Ė June 2nd, 2007

Corner of Beaver and Urbandale Avenues, Des Moines, Iowa

Owners of British & European cars, contact:† Event Coordinators Jack and Peggy King, British Car Club of Iowa Phone: 515-255-5258† Email: jackking143@ishsi.com

Easter Concour's d'Elegance, Photos by John Maneke & Creig Houghtaling

††††††††††††††††† Johnís photo†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Creigís photo


As a follow up to my conversation with Craig Madsen last month, this month I talked with Julie Madsen for her take on the Madsen family of cars.†

Julie, I learned a bit about your dadís love for his Triumphs.† It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

What is the best thing about your TR6?

The best thing about owning the 1971 TR6 is that I feel like I have a little piece of family history.† My dad and grandfather found the car in a barn.† Dad restored it, raced it, and sold it to grandpa, and now I have it!† I think it will be a great piece to hand down to my kids someday (after they are way out of the burning rubber phase).† I also like that itís a hobby that by my dad and I can do together.

Is this car a daily driver for you?

Hardly!† I drive it just a few times a year, mostly to SLTOA meetings and car shows.† Occasionally Iíll take it to a friendís house or to my softball games in the summer.† Mostly, Iím paranoid that my paint will chip, or some genius will hit me and then (after I kill him), my father will kill me.† So, you see, itís really self-preservation.† I fear for my life.

Sometimes the guys tell me these cars are ďchic magnets,Ē do you find your car attracts male attention?

Yes, but I would say that most of the men are moreÖmatureÖthan me and guys around my age donít usually know what the heck Iím driving.† I use my 300ZX (and perhaps a tube top) as a cheap ploy to attract men my own age (or 10 years youngerÖwhatever).

But really, lots of guys come over when Iím getting gas and tell me about when they had one...in high school.† They are always very nice and always tell me that it is in great shape and to keep taking care of it!

How did you get the car?

I got the car from by grandfather, who was threatening to sell it.† I got it immediately after I bought my house, which was August of 2003.

Are the repair issues a problem, somehow I canít imagine you changing the oil or the spark plugs on a regular, if ever, basis?

There is a little rule Mr. President (my dad) installed long ago:† If you donít help in the (ever-ongoing) repairs, you canít have the car.† I do have the built in mechanic, and he does all the heavy lifting, but heís taught me a few things.† I have done body work on several of the Triumphs that come in and out of my Dadís life/driveway/garage and recently had to replace the speedometer cable because my speedometer didnít work.† I must have done a good job, because it still doesnít work.† I think maybe I drive soooo fast it just canít keep up with me.

What car do you think will replace the TR6?

There isnít a car around that has the personal history of my 6, I grew up with it, and itís literally part of the family.

If money were not an object, what car would you love to own?

I used to answer that question with the TR6 and you said money wasnít an objectÖso here goes.† Iíd like the Aston Martin Vanquish or a Ferrari 360 Modena.† Also, Iíd like to add a little muscle and make it a MoParty, with a Cuda, or bring it back old school with the Olds Cutlass.† Word to yo mutha.

Thanks, Julie, for your comments.† It is certainly easy to see you are your dadís daughter.† It is a great story of how the TR6 was found and purchased by your dad and grandfather and passed on to you Ė a wonderful transition from one generation to the next.† It is easy to understand your love for the TR6 and your lust for other classic cars.

Introducing Jim Taylor - By Karl Schmitt

Several years ago I purchased the remains of an MGTD hobby from a former TD owner in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the considerable ďpile of treasuresĒ there were a few newsletters from a now defunct local T-Series club and therein were several articles on SU Carburetors by one Jim Taylor of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. As I had just purchased an TD in need of considerable work, they were of interest to me and I saved them.

Some time later I had the need to rebuild my TD carburetors and did not want to take the time to do so myself. In the Sacred Octagon I found several sources of repair, and one was Jim Taylor, whose articles I had read and saved. This led to phone conversations with Jim and the eventual service of both a fuel pump and carbs. With the serviced carbs I received his work spec sheet and installation instructions, both of which have been reproduced with this introduction.


During a subsequent conversation with Jim, I asked if I could get a complete set of his articles, and if he would give us permission to reproduce them in our news letter. To this he graciously said ďyesĒ, and off to Craig they went. So far pretty easy, but now Craig wants an introduction to lead into these ďmini-articlesĒ, well, OK.

Jim Taylor is older than most of us and has been servicing SU fuel pumps and carburetors for better than 45 years now. He was a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer and is a graduate of the Jaguar Service School. He is well known nationally and in the St. Louis area has provide service to guyís like Keith Bester, Charlie Key, John Mangles Dave, Massey (Craig, you need to confirm this with Dave, Karl)and other former and present members of our clubs. I talked to him the morning as I write this, and yes, he does still service the SU carburetor, but slowly.


The articles were originally written as a series for his local newsletter, and were eventually published in Jaguar, Healy and the MG-T series Sacred Octagon magazines. They are essentially a series of mini-articles, quite technical in content and perhaps of interest only to those who choose to service their own carbs. I consider them, to be a supplement to my service manuals and have used them as such.

As an aside, there is a lot of technical information out there, published in years gone by and not readily available to the new enthusiast of today. I would be willing to bet that old timers (re; ďpack ratsĒ) like Bester, Horzmann, Key, Mangles and Massey, amongst many others, have files (most likely boxes) of articles from the golden years that have not seen the light of day in years and would be of great interest to the new LBC owner of today. So why donít we dust then of and reprint them, which I am sure would be well received by the struggling newsletter editors of today. ††† Karl J. Schmitt

Editorís Note:† The Jim Taylor articles will start next month.† But until then, the following is an example of the paperwork that Karl got with his carb rebuilds.

Classified Ads:† Contact Creig Houghtaling at , the address listed below, or 636-678-2181 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

v                 For Sale, 1970 TR6, British racing green, caramel tan interior, 3 yrs since frame up rebuild, 85% new parts, no rust!, needs new top and minor details. $X,000 (Best offer)†† also for sale, TR6 parts including motor transmission, windshield & more, make offer Hm # 636-926-7880

v                 "For Sale TR6: 1972 with approx. 55,000 original miles. Stored for 10+ years. Does not run now. White. Wire wheels. Can see it at April SLTOA meeting or call Kim or Roy at 314-421-6272."

v                 Wanted - TR6.† Excelent to perfect body and interior.† Engine doesn't matter.† Contact Fred at heartlandservices@semo.net

v                 WANTED:†† Looking for late model Triumph Stag (1975 - 1977).† I am a serious buyer (not rich but enthusiastic) and looking to add another brit car to our household.† Only interested in a Stag with a 3.0 litre engine and T-top design.† I think the late models all had both features.† I am interested in buying one in great condition or a car that needs some work.† No project cars please.†† Contact:†† Chris Puricelli 314-409-3621 ph

St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

Creig Houghtaling, Editor

36 Copper Mountain Court

Fenton, MO 63026