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www.SLTOA.org                                               May 2007

May Meeting, Tuesday May 15th, 2007, 7:00 PM, at Tom & Ann Stark’s

Meeting Details, By Ann & Tom Stark

We are hosting the May meeting at our house, 16 Brazilian Court, Ladue, MO.  Brazilian Court is off Ladue Road about a quarter of a mile west of Price Road.  Our house is a white colonial on the east side of a street light circle, the street numbers are not consecutive.

We will provide the meat: pork loin.  We have a lot of chairs but not enough if the turnout is large so a few extras would be welcome.  We'd like the members to bring a dish to share and whatever they want to drink.  We have a large gas grill and will have lots of ice.  We hope to see everyone there.

Ann and Tom Stark

Dues for 2007 are now past due

To: Mel & Barbara Alcorn, Gary & Chris Allgood, Cheryl Swift/Bob Berger, Mark Birdsong, John F. Bush, Tom & Dorothy Chronister, Richard & Marcy Halbert, George & Paula Hildebrand, Patrick & Rebecca Hughes, George Johnson, Joseph & Kathleen Kelly, Jeff Krensk, Chip Logan, Joe & Mary Ann Mann, Mark Marshall, Gary & Linda Mazzaola, Terry Merrell, Tony Panchot, Bill & Jacquie Reck, Ed Saffell, Kurt & Betty Schumacher, Rick & Karen Sharp, Steven & Sandy Street, Terry Swope, Michael & Andrea Thomas, Jeff Weintrop, Gay & Cookie Wilkinson, Tony Zager,

Please mail your payment for $10 or $20 to Bonnie David at 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles MO, 63301-0500.  Ten gets you a monthly e-mail notice that the newsletter is on line.  Twenty gets you a hard copy in your mail box each month.  Any questions, call Bonnie at: 636-949-0825

To all other members not listed in the first paragraph.  Thanks for renewing previously!!!  But here is your assignment.  If you see someone on the list who you would like to see remain in the club in 2007, give them a call and ask them to renew.  Don’t wait for someone else to volunteer; this is your chance to help maintain the club.  Anyone not renewing will be dropped this month.

Presidential Ramblings, By Craig Madsen

Stop the Madness - I'm pretty sure the level of sanity decreases proportionally to the increase of the number of Triumphs in the driveway. I'm also pretty sure that two would be a manageable number. I had to have a WHITE spitfire. It came home with the usual amount of excitement one would expect if you didn't bring it home on a trailer. We won't go there now, I'm still exhausted.

I'm told we have three new members, and I'm going to try to find out who they are, meet them and get them introduced to the rest of you. Hopefully they'll find their way to our next meeting.

Check out the list of upcoming events, a club favorite -the Champagne, IL. Car Show is May 25th - 27th. I wasn't sure if I would attend this year but after spending a cumulative total of 5+ hours in the seat of the spitfire, I'm quite certain I will not be driving it to the Roaster Factory in July. So if it's road worthy by then perhaps that's a better jaunt for it.

Please try to make your way to Tom Starks house for the next meeting. We're back to members homes for the summer. It's too soft yet to be on the lawn so please don't park there. I guarantee a fine time to be had by all. Anne & Tom always do a bang up job.

See you there!                                                                                             Craig Madsen

P.S. - Also, if you signed up with Dave for the Easter Car Show,  didn't pay, & didn't go, please settle up with Bonnie. These spots are prepaid by the club and nonrefundable. Don't leave us hanging!  thanks - C.M

SLTOA Meeting Minutes for April 2007, By Matt Gossett

Meeting called to order at 7:25 pm at Square One Brewery in Historic Lafayette Square

  • President’s Report (Craig Madsen):     

Thanks were given by President Madsen to Dave Schulz for his involvement in facilitating the club’s participation in the Easter Car Show.  Enthusiastic applause from the members was heard.  A few members who had requested a reserved spot have not paid.  The club needs your $15.00 fee immediately.  Don’t be “that guy.”  At least 2 new members were recruited from the Easter Car Show.  Way to get the word out!

Thanks were also given to Exhaust Notes editor and publisher Creig Houghtaling.  Another excellent issue was produced this month including more interesting articles from members.  Nice job people!

  • Treasurer’s Report (Bonnie David):       President Madsen read the Treasurer’s Report which was produced by Bonnie David.  Anyone who has not paid their dues certainly needs to at this point.
  • Upcoming Events:         Please refer to the comprehensive list of events found on the chapter website at: www.sltoa.org.

o       Model A Swap Meet: April 29th at Riverport starting at 8 am.

o       May 4th & 5th          Derby Day In Kentucky

o       May 28th                  Carlyle, Pennsylvania

o       May 25th & 27th      Champagne, IL Car Show

o       July 13th & 17th       Valley Forge, PA

o       September               All British Car Show

o       October                    MG Halloween Rally

o       December                SLTOA Holiday party

Old Business:          None to report.

New Business:

  • Party at Mel and Gail Parentin’s:  When?  We don’t know.  Where?  At their lovely home.  What? We’re eating, drinking… and shooting guns!  Stay tuned for more information.  (Editor’s note:  See next paragraph.)
  • Next SLTOA meeting is taking place on May 15th at Tom Stark’s charming abode in Ladue.  Tom and Anne Wippold have promised yummy pork loin for dinner and members are encouraged to bring dishes as well.

·        Meeting adjourned at 7:53 pm.

A Day on the Farm with Mel & Gail Parentin, Saturday May 19th

Meet at Steak & Shake near Highway 141 and Interstate 44 at 8:00 AM.  Mel & Gail will lead the way to their farm.  There Mel & Gail will provide an entree for lunch.  Guests may bring drinks and side dishes.  Activities will include shooting, fishing in a beautiful pond, or relaxing with good company.  If you are thinking about driving your British car, remember that the roads are gravel leading into the farm.  If it is wet they are muddy, if it is dry they are dusty.  You might want to drive something else.  If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Mel or Gail at: 314-961-8567 so they can know how many to expect.

SLTOA Hobby Shop, By Creig Houghtaling

For many years, Arlie King has wanted to have a garage where British Car owners can meet to work on their cars.  As of a few months ago Mike Lewis has been looking for a place to keep his auto lift.  So Arlie found a very nice garage for rent just west of Fenton off Highway 30.  The lift is now in and installation will be finished soon.  There is an air compressor, parts washer, and a sand blaster will be in soon.  There might even be a welder and many other specialty tools available soon. 

To help pay the rent and expenses, there are about six SLTOA members who have volunteered to pitch in.  These core members will have full access to the shop whenever they need it.  But the expense is still higher then some in the group would like to spend.  (Me, myself, and I being the primary cheapskates.)  So we will be opening the doors to other British car enthusiasts to work on their cars occasionally.  Perhaps these occasional users will be willing to pitch in a few bucks to reduce the expense of the core group.  We are also going to offer professional services if you have a project you don’t have the skills or desire to do yourself.  Arlie knows a fellow who can come in and do welding.  I have found a business that will send their professional mechanic to work on specific projects in the garage.  We also have trailers to move parts or cars if needed.

If you would like to become one of the core members to gain full access to the facility, contact Arlie or Creig.  Arlie’s home number is: 636-677-0545.  Mine is 636-678-2181.  If you would like to use the space occasionally or would like to have someone else help with your project, give us a ring.  If you would like to volunteer to help set up the shop, please stop by.  John Lamberg and John Maneke have already been a ton of help.  We can’t thank you guys enough.  Thanks John & John!!!  If you have any special skill you would like to offer, perhaps we can put you together with someone with a project that can use your expertise.  This not an invitation for only volunteer effort.  Perhaps you can make a few bucks for your time.  We’re just getting started, so there aren’t many rules yet.  As long as everyone is careful and nobody gets hurt there is no limit to the amount of fun we can have.  Perhaps we will have special days to get together and do oil changes or tech sessions.  Maybe we can use the parking lot to meet for a drive.  Let’s have fun!  The more the merrier!  What is your dream?  Let’s bring it to life.  Literally!

St. Louis' New Moto Museum will Amaze You!  By Kay Houghtaling

On Friday, April 27, St. Louis received a new gem of a museum.  The Moto Museum had its grand opening ceremony, which was paired up over the entire weekend  with the St. Louis International Motorcycle Festival. The museum features over 100 rare and vintage motorcycles from many European and American manufactures dating from 1900 to the present.  It is the dreamchild of founder and owner, Steve Smith. He has amassed his collection from all around the world, as well as augmented it with several cycles on loan to complete the display.  There are several vintage Triumph motorcycles in the collection. Truimph enthusiasts will chuckle to read Steve's comments written up with each cycle about how he searched out and bought each individual bike.  Sound familiar to anyone, finding some old rusty hunk of junk in a corner of an old barn and just having to drag it home??     As if this interesting collection within a beautifully restored building weren't enough, the special stunt shows and exhibitors with the International Motorcycle Festival further amazed us.  Although the Festival is but once a year, the museum will now be permanently open; it is also the workshop and office of the owner (why don't all of our workshops look that good?)

The location is 3441 Olive Blvd, which is just across from St. Louis University at Grand and Olive / Lindell area.  The museum hours are 10 - 4 on Saturdays, admission is $8; it is definitely worth a trip for anyone who is a motorcycle enthusiast, and it was even fun for those of us who aren't. The pictures below show the stunt performance by Extreme Riding presented by ERE Entertainment, and one motorcycle from the collection, a Triumph, of course !  (Triumph TR6C 650 from 1967.)



Chris and I attended the New Orleans All British Car Show in March.  The British cars littered the showing field, but one, in particular, stood out.  It is pink!  Sally Breithoff is the proud owner.  I think you will enjoy her story.  It made me laugh and cry. 

Sally, I love that pink MG, pink chair, pink shirt and pink pen.  I think you love the color pink.  Readers, in case your copy is black and white, Sally used pink ink for her responses. 

Tell me about the pink fascination?  My daughter and I both love pink.  Once you have a color that you really like, you begin noticing things in that color…. And all of a sudden everything you own is pink.

What year is your car and when did you acquire it?   She is a 1977 and we purchased it off of eBay in January 2003.   In 2001, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  I had surgery, chemo, and radiation.   As I was recuperating, my husband, Bill, asked me what kind of car I would like to drive.  I said an MGB and I would like to paint it pink!  We were eating dinner at the time and I thought he would choke… but he survived.  He was a little shocked, partly because he is the proud owner of a Triumph TR8 and partly because I wanted to paint it pink.  But he said that he would start looking for one.  We found Scarlett on eBay, and she lived across the lake.   So we bought her.  She was in good shape and she was already named “Scarlett”.  Her official color was “Damask Red”.

Then in 2004, Bill joined a group of BMCNO (British Motoring Club of New Orleans) club members who were taking a class on body work and painting cars.  That is when she became pink.  Of course, we then had to change her name since “scarlett” reflected her past “red” life.   After much thought, I decided to just add to her past life and name her “Scarlett-Rose.”

Who handles the repairs?  My husband, Bill, does the everyday repairs.  But after Katrina, we had help from Jim Jones, one of our club members.

What actions did you take to save the car from Hurricane Katrina?  Well, we have a lift under our carport where we would normally have one British car on top of the other.  However, we were concerned about the wind from the hurricane rather than flooding because our house was 48 years old and it had never flooded in this area of the city.

So we took the cars down off of the lift and put them under the carport as close to the house as we could so nothing would hit them.  We thought the cars would be safe.   We never expected the levees to break.

How much damage did your home sustain?  Our home had about two feet of water that sat for about ten days before it started to drain.  Then, it was six weeks before we were allowed into the city to check on our homes.  By that time everything that was wet by the water had sat in a closed up house in the heat of the summer.  So between the water and the heat the mold and mildew were everywhere, literally up to the ceilings.  We lost all of the antique furniture that had been in my family for generations.  Many of the wooden pieces just fell apart.  Our home has two stories and we lost most of everything on the first floor.   On the first floor we had a living room, dining room, den, kitchen, laundry room, 2 and ½ baths, master bedroom and a second bedroom that we used as an office for my husband’s business.  Although we lost many treasured things, my sisters’ homes had ten and eleven feet of water – we were lucky in the grand scheme of things.

When your heart and thoughts allowed you to assess the MG damage, what did you find?   Like the house, both cars had two feet of water.  The dip stick in the Triumph TR8 is higher, so it had no water in the engine.  Poor Scarlett-Rose however did have water in the engine, inside the car and the boot.  We drained two gallons of water from the engine before we saw any oil.  We felt that we could bring it back, and we never thought anything else.  There was no such thing as selling her for parts or anything like that.  We just knew that we would restore her.

I noticed the Hurricane Katrina water line on the car, is it a permanent reminder? 

When Bill was washing the outside, he realized that the water-line did not come off with just soap.  He had to use mineral spirits to get the oily line to go away.  Our goal was to get Scarlett-Rose ready to go to the MG Nationals in Gatlinburg, TN in June of 2006.   He thought that it would be a novelty to show the water-line.   Well, I think because of her harrowing experience during Katrina, the attendees at the Nationals truly felt her pain and awarded her second place in her class. 

Well, it has truly turned into a conversation piece.  At first we thought we would just leave it on for a few shows, but people really love to hear the story of how our little Scarlett-Rose survived. 

In a way our lives have now paralleled each other’s.  I am a cancer survivor and she is a Katrina survivor.   It touches my heart because it is love that got both of us through our challenges.

During our brief discussion, you mentioned the car was being restored before the hurricane, what work had to be redone.   As I said before the car was in very good condition when we got her.  So most of the ”re-do” was cosmetic.  Before Katrina, we had refinished the interior which included leather seats, new carpeting, new windshield, new cover (top) and re-painting the body as well as the wheels. 

After Katrina, everything electrical had to be changed as well as the wiring harness, then we took the interior out, cleaned it and re-installed it. 

Did you have insurance to cover the costs to restore the car?  No, silly me, I did not have comprehensive coverage.  Now we do and we are insured with an antique car insurance company.

The car looked beautiful at the show with its driver, the bear with a pink scarf. Who is the bear?   OK….  This is where you find out that I truly am as crazy as you have suspected all along.  The bear’s name is Benjamin.  He came into our family in 1984, when I was passing a toy store and he yelled to me.

I used to tell people that he spoke to me, but it was more of a yell for help.  “Please take me home with you”.   So I did.  And he became the son that we never had… a brother to our only child, Becky.   Those who have tried to raise only children know that sharing is a lesson that is very difficult to teach.  With whom do they share anything? 

When Benji joined our family, she had to learn to share with her brother.   Benji evacuated with us to Memphis for Katrina, in case you were wondering.  He sits on our bed everyday and waits for us to return each evening.  He is a sweet and happy as he could be and never cries or yells anymore…. He just speaks softly to me.

Thank you, Sally, for taking the time to share your story and memories with me.  Your spirit and optimism must have played a big role in helping you and Bill cope with the cancer diagnosis and treatment, survive Hurricane Katrina, rebuild your home and car, and continue with life despite Mother Nature.

SU Carburetor Tips,  Introduction note by Creig Houghtaling

Jim Taylor is a retired design engineer with over 40 years experience rebuilding SU carburetors and fuel pumps. Following is the first in a series of articles on the most common problems that Jim has observed in carburetors that come to him for service.

The following article is reprinted here by permission from Jim Taylor.  Please refer to the April SLTOA newsletter for Karl Schmitt’s introduction of Jim.  There are several articles that will be reprinted over next several months in this newsletter.  Make sure you keep the April copy available for future reference back to the detailed SU drawing.

SU Carburetor Tips,  By Jim Taylor

I.                   DAMPERS

Many of the SU carbs I see have had dampers replaced with the wrong type. Referring to figure 10 it should be noted that the area above the hollow piston rod must be vented, otherwise pressure will build up on the upward movement of the piston and vacuum will occur with downward movement. This will restrict normal piston travel. Venting may be done in two ways. The cap may be drilled to allow venting to atmosphere or the web or gusset on the chamber neck may be drilled to allow internal venting, back into the suction chamber. You must have one or the other but not both. If you have a solid cap and no internal drilling there is no vent and pressure/vacuum conditions will occur as aforementioned. If the cap is drilled and the web is also drilled, then there is a direct air leak into the suction chamber. If the chamber neck, such as found on 1 1/4 " Sprite carbs, has no web then it cannot be drilled internally and must have a vented cap. If the chamber neck, as found on 1 1/2" and larger carbs, has a web or gusset it may or may not be drilled. The only way to know for sure is to remove the damper and look inside the neck. If you have a plastic damper cap which is wrong, you probably should just replace it with the correct one. If you have a brass damper cap which is wrong you can drill the solid cap with a 1/16" diameter drill, or plug the vented brass cap with a short piece of 14 gauge copper wire. Cut the wire just barely longer than the thickness of the cap and peen from the underside with a hammer and punch. Polishing the top surface with a fine wire rotary brush on a drill will make the plug barely visible.


24. Piston return spring

25. Throttle spindle gland

26. Shroud for spring

27. Spring

28. Washer


19. Jet needle

20. Needle retaining screw

21. Oil reservoir

22. Piston

23. Damper


1. Damper cap

2. Suction chamber

3. Piston guide

4. Union for vacuum advance/retard

5. Slow running volume screw

6. Throttle spindle


7. Throttle butterfly

8. Slow run passage

9.Jet cup

10. Diaphragm

11. Float chamber securing screw

12. Jet return spring

13. Return spring cup

14. Jet unit housing

15. Actuating lever

16. Nut-jet bearing

17. Jet bearing

18. Jet








Fig. 10 Sectional view of the S.U. carburetor


Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at , the address listed below, or 636-678-2181 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

v                 "For Sale TR6: 1972 with approx. 55,000 original miles. Stored for 10+ years. Does not run now. White. Wire wheels. "For Sale TR6: 1972 with approx. 55,000 original miles. Stored for 10+ years. Does not run now. White. Wire wheels. Can see it at April SLTOA meeting or call Kim or Roy at 314-421-6272."

v                 WANTED:   Looking for late model Triumph Stag (1975 - 1977).  I am a serious buyer (not rich but enthusiastic) and looking to add another brit car to our household.  Only interested in a Stag with a 3.0 litre engine and T-top design.  I think the late models all had both features.  I am interested in buying one in great condition or a car that needs some work.  No project cars please.   Contact:   Chris Puricelli 314-409-3621 ph

v                 1980 TR7 Convertible OEM was running when parked about 6 years ago. Brown 5 speed
1980 TR7 Coupe, engine and trans available, not installed. Yellow, 5 speed
1976 TR7 Convertible, medium front end damage. Johns cars Buick V6 conversion. Red, 5 speed
Buick V6 turbo engine  There is no set price, we are taking offers and very motivated.
The cars are located in Edwardsville, IL.  Contact Julie Fox at 618-466-4231.

v                 Asking $4000.00 for a 1976 280Z, automatic, has 100,000 miles, has been reprinted the org. color was silver.  Car will need tires and a battery has sat for 2 years so be sure to change the fluids in it.  Very little rust only what you see in picture. Org. decorations on car.  BODY -Everything org. except one quarter panel was replaced.  Bumper rechromed about 8 or 9 years ago.  INTERIOR -Everything org. inside car only one crack in dash.  Have $300 leather lamb skin seat covers to go with it.  Rebuilt motor at Datson, transmission replaced, gas tank replace purchased from AZ  The manager was the mechanic on this vehicle for 15 yrs.  Contact Jim’s cell # 304-921-2130 about DJ’s car for sale  Car is in North Carolina  1976 280Z in NC for sale her work #704-546-7989

Contact Mark Marshall for a complete set of photos that were sent with the 280Z ad above.  636-928-6289 Mark.Marshall@BWDesignGroup.com  Below are two of the photos:


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