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www.SLTOA.org†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† June 2007

June Picnic Meeting, Tuesday June 12th, 2007, 6:00 PM, at Minnie Ha Ha Park


June meeting will be at Minnie Ha Ha park by the Meramec River in Sunset Hills just East across the river from old town Fenton.Access to the park is from Gravois Road (not Highway 30) just east of the river.

From Interstate 270 exit highway 30.Southbound exit, follow the correct exit lane for Gravois Rd.Turn right and immediately proceed to the center left-turn lane.From 270 northbound turn left on 30.Stay in the center lanes to Gravois Rd left-turn lane just east of the overpass.Turn left on to Gravois Rd.There will be an immediate right at a stop sign.When the Meramec River Bridge is in sight, turn right into the park.Upon entering the park, the pavilion we have reserved is the first one on the left.

From 141, proceed to the first light just south of 30.This is Gravois Rd.Turn East.Proceed across the bridge and turn left into the park.Proceed to the first pavilion on the left.

From Highway 30 midway between 270 and the river, Rahning Rd. connects to Gravois Rd.Turn right.Proceed to the park.

Please see picnic details on the following page!


Picnic Details

Grill Meister, Karl Schmitt, will provide mixed grill for dinner, side dishes, sodas, and plates/utensils.Individuals may bring other beverages of their choice and/or a small amount of desert to share if desired.But no one needs to bring anything except for themselves.If more info is needed, Karlís number is: 636-797-4203Karl will start cooking around 4, snacks at 5, and dinner at 6.

Do your best to drive your favorite Triumph to this meeting.The parking lot is right next to the picnic pavilion.So we can have an early summer Triumph show!(-;

Presidential Ramblings, By Craig Madsen

Like most of us I'm behind on my projects. The goal was to either to deliver the orange TR7 to my Father over the holiday , or take it to Champagne, neither occurred. The car was willing to make the trip, but I wasn't! It will find it's way back to Iowa next weekend, but that means I won't get to go with John to Louisville. Very frustrating.

I'm overdue for some TR comradery & enthusiasm. Hopefully I'll procure that at our June picnic. I'm excited about our new location. Creig has promised us our cars can be parked in the immediate vicinity of the pavilion.The picnic date is an exception to our 3rd Tuesday of the month rule and is on June 12th. This event is always fun & promises to be even better this year. Iknow it's a week night but if at all possible please try to make your presence know - you won't be disappointed.

Next scheduled stop for me is The Roadster Factory Summer Party. I don't know what I'm taking or how I'm getting there, but that is the plan. I'm sure there's something else locally going on before that so check out the upcoming list of events & pencil yourself in! - maybe I'll see you there. At the very least I'll look forward to seeing everyone at the June Picnic. †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Craig Madsen

Upcoming Events: Please see the comprehensive list of events found on the website at: www.sltoa.org

o       July 13th & 17th ††††† Valley Forge, PA

o       September†††††††††††††† All British Car Show

o       October††††††††††††††††††† MG Halloween Rally

o       December††††††††††††††† SLTOA Holiday party

A Day on the Farm with Mel & Gail Parentin, Saturday May 19th,By Creig Houghtaling

The weather was perfect for a day in the country.Mel and Gail have a beautiful farm just west of Bourbon MO.They invited SLTOA club members and others to enjoy it with them.Mel keeps several acres of hill-side mowed making a wonderful shooting range.Several people enjoyed shooting a wide range of vintage and modern firearms.To add to the entertainment, some of the targets were filled with exploding ordnance that sounded like a large caliber cannon when hit.Boys donít quit being boys just because they get old!

Woodland trails and fishing in a private pond were enjoyed by many.At lunch time, Mel treated everyone to his very special recipe pizzas.Thank you Mel!Thank you Gail!I am sure everyone present enjoyed the day as much as me!

St. Louis Triumph Hobby Shop, By Creig Houghtaling

We have the shop up and running now.Mike Lewis, Arlie King, Dave Massey, Mark Marshall and I will incorporate as St. Louis Triumph Hobby Shop LLC to cover the expenses.If anyone else would like to join the group and share the expenses or use the facilities for a fee, please contact any of the above mentioned individuals.

2007 SLTOA Roster

The roster on the following pages is the most current list of members of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association.New members have been added.Non paying past members have been dropped, till they decide to rejoin.Please take a minute to check the information we have and update is with any corrections or additions.Creig Houghtaling or 636-678-2181

Note:To respect membersí privacy, the online version will not include the roster.All regular members will receive this newsletter in hard-copy form in your mailbox with the roster folded inside.


SU Carburetor Tips,Introduction note by Creig Houghtaling

Jim Taylor is a retired design engineer with over 40 years experience rebuilding SU carburetors and fuel pumps. The following is a continuation in a series of articles on the most common problems that Jim has observed in carburetors that come to him for service.

The following article is reprinted here by permission from Jim Taylor.Please refer to the April SLTOA newsletter for Karl Schmittís introduction of Jim.There are several articles that will be reprinted over next several months in this newsletter.Make sure you keep the April and May copies available for reference back to the detailed SU drawing.

SU Carburetor Tips,By Jim Taylor


In disassembling old SU carbs, the inlet banjo bolts are probably the most difficult fittings to remove. Corrosion occurs between the steel threads on the bolt and the aluminum threads in the lid. The metal in the lid is a thin domed shell without much strength in resisting torque. If the bolt is stuck and brute force is used in turning the bolt you probably are going to break the lid. New lids, if available, are about $39.00 so it behooves one to proceed cautiously. A technique I have used with about 90% success rate is as follows: Remove lid from float bowl. Clamp a 7/8" open end wrench in a vise. Place the boss which the bolt screws into, in the 7/8" open end wrench. The metal in the boss is much thicker and stronger than the lid proper. Apply a firm steady torque to the bolt head with a 13/16" socket in a 1/2" drive rachet handle. If it still doesn't want to turn, squirt an aerosol penetrating-oil through the float valve opening in the lid. Have a colleague gently play a torch on the outside of the boss while you continue to apply torque to the bolt. Aluminum expands more with heat than the steel, thus facilitating the removal. (Photograph optional)


The diaphram jet assembly item #10, figure 10 is a sound design concept. When in good condition it doesn't leak, the jet is free to move without friction in the jet bearing when you pull the choke, and the assembly is protected from external damage. Unfortunately rubber products deteriorate with age and exposure to fuel. If your jet diaphram is over 10 years old it quite likely is hard and stiff and doesn't want to flex properly when the choke is pulled. It eventually will crack and leak. When replacing a jet assembly it is a good idea to have replacement jet return springs available item #12, figure 10. The springs sit down in the lowest part of the carburetor where water collects and will frequently be badly corroded.


On HD carbs, breaking loose the jet bearing locking nut, item #16 figure 10, may be troublesome. After removing the float chamber, jet, and jet housing, access to the locking nut is attained. Squirt an aerosol penetrating oil around the nut head. Rap the head of the nut sharply with a hammer and 3/16" punch around the periphery of the head in about a dozen places. A properly sized Whitworth socket and ratchet handle will then usually easily break it loose.

Carbs that have been in storage in a coastal atmosphere for long periods may present special disassembly problem. The piston may be stuck in the suction chamber and also in the body of the carburetor. There is not much access, nor much way to apply any force. After removing the jet bearing locking nut as described above, the jet bearing, and the suction chamber screws, it is possible to insert a 3/8" O.D. steel tube from the bottom through the hole for the jet bearing and drive the piston along with its suction chamber out of the body. Once removed from the body, the piston may be driven out of its suction chamber by inserting a 5/16" brass bar inside the hollow piston rod in place of the damper. All impact in both steps is on the steel piston rod base and thus does not damage the soft aluminum parts.

Classified Ads:Contact Creig Houghtaling at , the address listed below, or 636-678-2181 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

v                 For Sale: OEM Spitfire / GT6 wide 5" wheels with tires (5). Includes center caps, trim rings (4) and all the lug studs & nuts that were not stripped (10). Tires are 155 R13 with lots of tread left, Pirelli P4s. In 1979 Triumph went to the wider width, from 4.5" to 5" this is an acceptable width for the use of the wider 175/70 R13 series tire. $250 firm. phone 636-734-3937 ask for Craig

v                 "For Sale TR6: 1972 with approx. 55,000 original miles. Stored for 10+ years. Does not run now. White. Wire wheels. "For Sale TR6: 1972 with approx. 55,000 original miles. Stored for 10+ years. Does not run now. White. Wire wheels. Can see it at April SLTOA meeting or call Kim or Roy at 314-421-6272."

v                 WANTED:†† Looking for late model Triumph Stag (1975 - 1977).I am a serious buyer (not rich but enthusiastic) and looking to add another brit car to our household.Only interested in a Stag with a 3.0 litre engine and T-top design.I think the late models all had both features.I am interested in buying one in great condition or a car that needs some work.No project cars please.†† Contact:†† Chris Puricelli 314-409-3621 ph

v                 1980 TR7 Convertible OEM was running when parked about 6 years ago. Brown 5 speed
1980 TR7 Coupe, engine and trans available, not installed. Yellow, 5 speed
1976 TR7 Convertible, medium front end damage. Johns cars Buick V6 conversion. Red, 5 speed
Buick V6 turbo engine There is no set price, we are taking offers and very motivated.
The cars are located in Edwardsville, IL.Contact Julie Fox at 618-466-4231.

v                 Asking $4000.00 for a 1976 280Z, automatic, has 100,000 miles, has been reprinted the org. color was silver.Car will need tires and a battery has sat for 2 years so be sure to change the fluids in it.Very little rust only what you see in picture. Org. decorations on car.BODY -Everything org. except one quarter panel was replaced.Bumper rechromed about 8 or 9 years ago.INTERIOR -Everything org. inside car only one crack in dash.Have $300 leather lamb skin seat covers to go with it.Rebuilt motor at Datson, transmission replaced, gas tank replace purchased from AZThe manager was the mechanic on this vehicle for 15 yrs.Contact Jimís cell # 304-921-2130 about DJís car for saleCar is in North Carolina1976 280Z in NC for sale her work #704-546-7989

Contact Mark Marshall for a complete set of photos that were sent with the 280Z ad above.636-928-6289 Mark.Marshall@BWDesignGroup.comBelow are two of the photos:

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