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March Meeting,
October 16th, 2007

7:00 PM


Square One Brewery
1727 Park Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63104

(314) 231-2537



Paul Schuesslerís TR6


Presidential Ramblings, by Craig Madsen

Fall at last - Fall at last!Get that exhaust thumping, those electrons flowing. Time to pump up those brake & master cylinders! We've got a Fall Color Tour coming up. endurance rally's - Halloween parties, lots of good excuses to exercise those TR'S !

Richard has secured Square One Brewery for our meeting enjoyment on the 16th of October. Directions grace page one of this wonderful publication. You won't want to miss this one, Bonnie will have the bottom line regarding our efforts at the all British car show.

Some news I will share with you, and is of importance to me is our ever growing roster total. Our efforts at the show increase this number to an all time high according to Mr. Houghtaling, of 97. Please welcome back - Charlie & Paula Key,Karl Kenkle, & Mark Birdsong!New & old members alike need to mark your calendar for December 7for our Christmas Party.We have three new members - Mike Ligon, from St. Louis, Randy Kassed from University City, & Gary Crosby from Highland Illinois. Hopefully all can join us at our next meeting so everyone can get to know them better. My hope is their investment of time will reward them with encouraging new friends,much knowledge, & our deepest sympathy & understanding!WELCOME one & all!

On another note, the November meeting date falls on the week of Thanksgiving. Past years November has been sparsely attended. perhaps we can discuss the possibility of changing the week,or John Lamberg has volunteered his housefor this get together. We have a limited amount of Brats & dogs left from the car show. I would like to see these gone before next years June picnic! Perhaps between Novembers meeting & the Polar Bear Run we can accomplish this. Food for thought, we can discuss & decide atthe next meeting.

All for now - Keep those Triumphs rolling!†† --Craig Madsen

Fall Color Tour

Balducciís Winery, Highway 94, St. Charles County - October 21, 2007 - First car off at 10AM.

From Chesterfield Valley Target parking lot.

Sponsored by:the Triumph, MG, and Lotus Clubs of St. Louis

All British Cars welcome.Come join us for great wine and food

Abingdon Trials Endurance Rally

The annual Abingdon Trials Endurance Rally and mini-endurance rally will be held Saturday & Sunday, November 3-4 this year in Kansas City. Open to all pre-1981 British made vehicles. Teams will meet in Kansas City, Missouri and rally around Missouri and the surrounding states.

The Abingdon Trials Endurance Rally and Mini-Endurance Trial is a "distance only" rally where teams are given a set of locations to reach (the mini-rally has half the stops of the full-rally). Each team must determine the best order and best route to take to the locations. The team making it back to the start within the allotted time, while covering the least number of miles, wins.

For more information, contact Dave Dobbins daved11@mindspring.com or call (816) 510-2920


The St. Louis All British Car and Cycle Show on September 16, 2007 was a fine event.The clouds kept the day moderate, but no rain.It was a well planned event and many happy show winners.

As you may recall from earlier car shows, I engage in a bit of fun by asking various participants one question.So this year, the question and responses are as follows:

If you were to buy a classic car right now, what would you be interested in buying and why?


Lotus Elite, they are beautiful cars.It is the prettiest Lotus ever built, but I donít have $75,000 to buy it.
Gary Hayes - 1969 Lotus Seven

MGC GT.I consider it a mini Aston Martin.
Robert Rushing - 1971 MGB

A Triumph TR3, I like the styling.
Joann Grossman - 1966 Austin Healey BJ8 Mark III

A Hot Rod, probably American because my 16-year old son is making my life miserable.
Mark Schmidt - 1974 Triumph TR6

Lotus Super Seven because they are a blast and fun.
John Lamberg - 1979 Triumph TR7

Aston Martin DB5, ignoring the James Bond thing, they are the classic British grand touring car, the pinnacle of British cars.
Art Buechler - 1993 Jaguar XJS

Actually, I was looking at a MG TF because it is a basket case, the price is right and it is a left-hand drive.
Mark Stolzenburg - 1949 MG TC

First, I am not permitted to buy one, but it would be a MG TC. I have all the others.It would make my MG collection complete.
Dick Brown - 1970 MGBAlso - MG TF, MGA, MGB GT, MGB Rubber, and Austin Healey.

1968 Firebird.Itís a muscle car.
Derek Scalf - 1957 Triumph TR3

A Belgian built Triumph TR5 because it is rare and it is a Triumph.
Paul Schuessler - 1969 Triumph TR6

An MGB GT or MG Sedan Ė something different.
Ken Biermann - 1969 MGB Roadster V8

A pre-war Jaguar.I am in love with the classic design of the car.The eye appeal!
Lou Salini - 1959 Austin Healey BN6

A pre-war Riley.If you study the evolution of Riley from the bikes to vehicles, they are quite unique in the British marques.
Dale Wirken - 1963 Austin Healey 3000 MK

I were smart, I would not buy anything, nothing but a money pit, but Ö. an Aston Martin Vanquish.
Ken McDade - 1968 Jaguar XKE 2+2

I would love to buy an MGA or a Triumph TR6 because they are the best examples of true British roadsters.
Don Gatheman - 1970 MG Midget

A 1960 Corvette because I donít have one.Had one as a teen and always wanted another.
Jack David - 1975 Triumph Spitfire

A mid 1980s Jaguar XJS convertible because it has sleek, sexxxyyy lines!Also, an MGB GT for rallying.
Carol Mangles - 1958 MGA V8

Lotus Elise if I would fit because they are COOL little cars.
John Mangles - 1958 MGA V8

I havenít really thought about it, but a 1967 Camaro convertible.I always wanted one.
Stefanie Barnes - 1979 MGB

A Lotus Seven so that I could slide around corners better and faster.
Don Reder - 1963 Mini Pickup

A 1963 Mini Pickup.I have lusted after it for a long time.I would make it a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Halfsize.Never enough Miniís.
Karl Strauch - 2002 Mini Cooper S

A Triumph TR2 or 3 because it looks like another fun old British car.Itís simple and easy to work on.
Dana Hallinger - 1948 MG TC

I want Sonny Toughís Austin Healey 100 LM car.It is very historic, and has a really cooool strap across the hood Ė every British car should have one.Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted one of these cars.
Ron Flier - 2006 Lotus Elise

A Triumph TR4.Always wanted one, I have four MGs, it is time for a Triumph.I like the styling.
Mike Duvall - 1950 MG TD

A Triumph TR3.Always liked how it looked and I donít see very many of them.
Linda Watts - 1978 MGB

A Lotus Eclat because I donít own one yet!They are the unloved Lotus.
Bob Horsmann - Owner of 42 British cars

An MGB because it is a classic car.
Mike Fishman - 1965 MGB Chrome Bumper MK1

An MGA because I like the looks
Chuck Demick - 1966 MGB and 1975 MGB

A 1971 chrome bumper MGB GT and I would do a V8 conversion.
Janel Demick - 1966 MGB and 1975 MGB

A Corvette.Just like the looks of them.A bit more uumph than British cars.
Brian Demick - 1975 MG Midget

It would be a Jaguar XK 140 because they are really pretty cars.
Chris Kresser - 1959 Triumph TR3A

An Austin Healey 100 with raked windshield.Always on the top of my short list.
Steve Montgomery - 1998 Lotus Seven

A 1973 Triumph TR6.I met my wife when I owned this car.
Andy Wolf - 1997 Lotus Esprit

A Series 1.5 Jaguar E Type 4.2 liter with synchronos.It would be good for my MoJo.
Eric Nordstrom - 1999 Lotus Esprit.

Tooooo hard!A Lotus Seven.Like the looks of it and the minimalist performance theory behind it.
Tom Thavorides - 1966 Austin Mini

John Mangles MGA V8.I have always thought the MGA was the most beautiful car ever built.With a V8 it must drive as good as it looks.And I say John's MGA V8 because he has done such a beautiful job, it looks like it was designed from the factory.It's not just an old car with a fat engine stuffed in it.
Creig Houghtaling - 1974 Triumph TR6 and others

I hope you enjoyed the responses.I was asked by a participant what is the right answer, meaning what classic car I would buy ------ A 1952 Nash-Healey Roadster because it looks beautiful in the poster displayed over my husbandís desk.

My thanks to everyone who endured the process.And, if I misinterpreted your answer or made some other error, it was not intentional.See you next year at the show.

Photos from the 2007 British Car Show

Arlieís TR6†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Jags

MG Tís†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Wedgies

Get well Linda Massey

Linda had to have spinal surgery a few weeks ago.The club sent her a get-well bouquet of flowers.The following is her beautiful hand-made thank you note.Get well soon Linda, we miss you!

Classified Ads:Contact Creig Houghtaling at , the address listed below, to place a free ad in this newsletter.

1972 Triumph GT6 for sale--This is a car that my father in law and I did a rolling restoration on about 7 years ago. The motor is rebuilt with higher compression pistons, fast road cam, rebuilt carbs and a 6-3-1 stainless header and stainless exhaust. The car was painted and all rust repaired with new steel welded in place. I have pictures of the restoration and most of the reciepts for the parts purchaced. The car has fresh tires and brakes. The car is mechanically solid.
The car comes with lots of spare parts. There are two engines, a transmission, two differentials, starters, alternators, complete front and rear suspension, spare carbs, complete spare exhaust, windshield, doors, rear hatch and glass, wheels, guages, brand new rotors and boxes and boxes of odds and ends. Way more than I could list here.
If you have a spitfire use the spare parts to make yourself a Spit6.
I love the car and hate to see it go but I have too many other toys and some looming bills. It has always been in the garage since the restoration. The last few years have been in a heated garage. For the car and the truckload of spare parts I will take $6500 or best offer.
Dan Trigg 636-244-6669

For Sale: 1967 TR4-A IRSIn storage and restoration process for 25 years, more of less.Body-off restoration not complete.Frame acid dipped, reinforced where necessary (trailing link mounting points), Zeibarted and painted.Suspension, engine and tranny all gone over; valve job on engine, new ball joints and rubber in suspension, tranny was fine when last driven.Body work has been started with new inner and outer rocker panels welded in, new inner fender and wheel arch on front right clecoíed in place but needs final alignment and welding.Have replacement inner left fender if wanted.Usual rust spots at bottom of outer fenders.Car is complete.Have 6 wire wheels with knock-offís.Fiberglass replacement tranny cover.All gauges worked prior to disassembly.$1,000 or best.(God I hate doing this but no place to keep it and she has worn me out).
Curt Shepard, Vice President, Love Funding Corp, 212 S. Central #301, St. Louis, MO63105 - 314-512-8566, 314-922-3121 Cell

Great! I ended up selling the car to the St. Louis Auto Museum. They in turn resold it for around 16,000.00. So anyway.
For sale, TR6 parts Engine, Transmission, driveshaft, differential, Front suspension and steering components, rear suspension swing arms, complete heater, Carburetors, intake manifold and air covers, Complete windshield and frame, door windows, doors, front lt. fender, fiberglass rear fenders and running boards, trunk lid,4 wheels w/center caps and more. All components from 1972 TR6.
Call Fred Lenkman @636-926-7880

Arlie King has some TR6 wheels and tires for sale, some TR3 spoke wheels & tires and I think some Jaguar wheels & tires for sale.Please call him at 636-677-0545

Iíve got a new supply of Castrol GT LMA brake fluid.$10 for a quart.$5 for a 12 oz.Creig Houghtaling 314-401-7817

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