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January Meeting, Tuesday January 15th, 2007 7:00 PM  at

Square One Brewery 1727 Park Ave. St. Louis, MO 63104 (314) 231-2537





Presidential Ramblings, by Craig Madsen

Happy New Year and to all a good night!  Wait, no, that's not quite right is it? The Happy New Year part is!

I trust all that attended, enjoyed the clubs December Christmas Party.  I was able to meet new member Randy Kassed at the party, Welcome!  Randy has an early '70's TR6, hopefully we'll continue to enjoy his company.

January's meeting finds us at Square One Brewery on the 15th, Tuesday. For the newcomers that may have difficulty keeping track of meeting places & dates-  We try meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month with the exception of December, possibly the June picnic, & the month of September to help facilitate the food booth at the All British Car Show. Location varies month to month but is posted ahead of time on our website at www.sltoa.org and also page one of this fine monthly publication.

Also, on another page, you'll find additional details of this year’s Polar Bear Run. The event is Sunday, January 27th. The meeting spot is Tesson Ferry & Kennerly, First group off at 11:00. Those not familiar with the area, 270 South on highway 21, landmark is St Anthony's' on the right, meeting place across the street diagonally – (Jack in the Box just south), (look for all those British cars!) You'll find us!  Thank you Jack & Creig for your efforts on this. We will end up at a restaurant/bar called "Jilly's" I also believe there is a historical stop of sorts along the way, so check it out!

We interrupt this column to drive to Greenville to research the sale of a '79  TR7 and various parts.......

Well, that's going to leave a mark! Dave Massey, Creig Houghtaling & I returned from Greenville after viewing a Body tub & a dump truck full of wedge parts which we believe we now own, subject to estate approval. Beware of estate & fire sales! Although especially enticing and reasonable, they're often quite untimely! I'm not complaining really, I've been searching for over 16 years for a suitable & reasonably priced body tub to reassemble my TR8. It's possible the search is over. That also means applecart upset in the previous order of project completion. see our "For Sale" dept at the end of the newsletter if you're searching for a reasonably straight, rust free TR7 convertible body from Texas!

This, after spending 10 plus hours in the car with Steve Street 2 days prior retrieving an overdrive transmission just short of Chicago! Isn't this a great hobby?!

On a more club related note, I'm not sure the status of Dave Schulz as he missed the Christmas party. It's possible he may be overseas yet on assignment. There may be a need to find a volunteer to take charge of Easter Car Show details. We'll know more as we get closer.

All I have for the moment - Keep those TR's & Spits moving; don't forget to bleed the brakes sometime this spring!

See you soon - Craig Madsen


Date: January 27, 2008, Sunday

Time: First car off at 11:00 AM

Meeting location:    Parking lot on South-East corner of Tesson Ferry Rd (Rt. 21) and Kennerly Rd.

Ending location:      Jilly’s Steak House off Rt. 30 (Gravois Rd) at Little Brennan Rd.

Details:  Karl Schmitt is routing a tour through the beautiful hills and valleys of Jefferson County.  These details will be posted front and center on our web site www.sltoa.org.  As soon as the route is finalized that will be posted too.  If there should need to be a weather delay, this note will be posted along with a note on the new date on the morning of the 27th.  Or, you can check with Creig Houghtaling any time Sunday on his cell phone – 314-401-7817.

               Since the party end of the tour will be at a restaurant this year there will be no need to bring food or drink to share.  Just bring money to purchase moderately priced food and drinks at Jilly’s.


Triumph Trans-AmeriCan Charity Drive 2009, By Dave Massey

What is this?  The short answer is it is three month, 10,000 mile charity drive to raise money for Assist (UK) and Gift from Within (USA) charities to help those with Post Traumatic Stress Disease(PTSD).  2008 will be spend acquiring a Triumph Stag and doing a full restoration to make it roadworthy for the 10,000 mile trek across the USA  and Canada (hence the capitol C in AmeriCan) which will be undertaken in 2009.  To learn more check out:


Who’s doing this?  Volunteers from across the USA and Canada.  We will be acquiring a Triumph Stag (preferably a 1972 0r 1973 model) and prep’ing it for the trip by means of a ground up restoration.  The job will be broken up into tasks such as sheatmetal and coachwork repair, undercarriage and suspension restoration, Trimwork, etc.

The main instigator is ex Standard-Triumph employee and ersatz historian John Macartney.  I first met John on the internet.  He was a frequent and entertaining contributor to the Triumph list on autox.team.net group of mailing lists hosted by  Mark Bradakis.  But I met him in person in 1998 on a visit to the British Motor Heritage Museum in Gaydon, UK.  He proved to be every bit as entertaining and informative as he was on the internet list.  And informative he should be since his tenure with Standard-Triumph goes all the way back to 1966.  He worked much of that time at the main sales location in a posh area of London and, hence, saw many of our cars when they were new.  This qualification makes him ideal to hand out reality checks when talk turns to door gaps and other “concours” related matters.  John was on a friendly basis with Ken Richardson and his son Paul and knew quite well other distinguished Standard-Triumph people like Harry Webster and Sir John Black.

John’s life was (is) Triumphs as was his father’s.  His father, Charles Macartney worked for the original Triumph Motor Car Company at various capacities from Service Engineer to Quality Manager starting in 1922 and after the factory was bombed out of existence in the second world war he took on at the Standard-Triumph incarnation of the company until 1961.  You can read about John’s exploits and those of his father in his self published book “In the Shadow of My Father/Life at Triumph.

John is now spearheading an effort to recapture the glory that was Triumph in days of yore.  That is to make a 10,000 mile trek across the US and Canada in the Flagship of the (postwar) Triumph line, the Triumph Stag.

More details next month.

Thank you from the MG Club, By Janel Demick

Chris and Kathy!  Please relay our thanks to the Triumph club for another wonderful holiday party.  I think EVERY MG club member remarked more than once how nice it was, how good the food was, how much fun they had. 

Also, please tell the guy with the elf, he'd best chain it to a fence somewhere!      *Janel*

(Editor’s note)  The thank you note above was written to Chris and Kathy Kresser and was forwarded to the newsletter to share with all the members of the club.

Lucas  Night  Rally, By Charlie Key

11/17/07  Another great rally in the dark. We gathered at 8:00 pm at the Target parking lot in the valley. Everyone was off by 8:30 for a 68 mile dash thru the night. The theme was all about Lucas. The route took everyone over many of our favorite roads, out to Washington, MO and back over many roads we don’t normally use, and in the dark they are all different. Many questions were asked to keep all on the correct route and in the early part of the rally a turn instruction was said to be a left when it could only be a right, this is a trick to make everyone pay close attention, it did get a few people but not many.  All the answers were easy to spot unless you got out of sync or off track. The last of the questions was a conglomerate question decoding a bonus answer which was the correct name of the company; no one got it right because if you had an incorrect answer for one of the decoding questions you would wind up with a different answer.

The drive took about three hours and we gathered at The Fox and Hound in the valley afterward. We all had refreshments or dinner and the awards were given; a first place and a second place, the trophies were fitting being battery powered candles and a very large octagon tin of British cookies. Prizes going to Kate and Bob Horzmann, and Adrianne Key and Jim Kelly, we did lose two of our competitors, Bob Benzinger, who attempted this by himself, and a couple in a new Lotus that started 20 minutes late but passed everyone near the end of the rally and were not seen again. I want to thank everyone that came out to be part of the fun.

On another note; the first tech session I will be hosting at BCA will be on metal forming with the use of metal working hammers, shot bag, English Wheel, and plenishing  hammer, explore the world of metalworking. See you then. 2/18/08 at 7:00pm.       Charlie Key 


Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at  , the address listed below, or 314-401-7817 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

For Sale: 1979 TR7 rolling chassis - Texas car, solid floors straight body with exception of nose but have straight replacement sheet metal. Your choice of 390:1 or 345:1 rear end ratios. Additional parts negotiable, details - 636-734-3937  ask for Craig.

Arlie King has a set of TR3 spoke wheels and tires for sale, Call today to get a really low price.  Please call him at 636-677-0545

I’ve got a new supply of Castrol GT LMA brake fluid.  $10 for a quart.  $5 for a 12 oz.  Creig Houghtaling 314-401-7817

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