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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                                                                   February 2008

February Meeting, Tuesday February 19th, 2008 7:00 PM at Nicoletti’s Restaurant – Shopping center, south-east corner of Big Bed and 141.

Presidential Ramblings, by Craig Madsen

Come one, come all - February 19, @ Nicoletti’s to the monthly SLTOA meeting!  Located at the strip mall on the corner of Big Bend & 141. Arrive & eat anytime after 6, meeting usually starts around 7:30 or 8:00.

It's election paloosa not only for our country but March is fast approaching & the club will be holding elections as well. All offices are up for grabs, so feel free to step up and lend a hand. I've found in the last two years, that everyone has a contribution to make if the opportunity avails itself. My term(s) as president have been educational & rewarding. So don't be shy There's plenty to do!  (Editor’s note:  Even if you don’t volunteer to be an officer, there are plenty of other opportunities to help out.)

On that "to do" note, before the next meeting, think about what additional or different things you would like to see the club be involved with, and we'll discuss!

It's been all I could do to contain myself this long in regards to this years Polar Bear Run. Those that let this pass them by, missed a wonderfully relaxing event. Karl Schmitt is one of these individuals I was referring to in an earlier paragraph. He's one of our self starters that isn't afraid to jump in and get his hands dirty! Those that don't know him, will, given any length of time with the club. For as long as I can remember Karl has been Grille Master extraordinaire at every June club picnic I've attended. You'll also find him at the grille next to Jack David at the All British car show in the fall. This event was a total success. We had around 24 cars from various clubs. Departure was timely, there were about 3 groups spread out, a perfectly timed bathroom break at the covered bridge (for me anyway)! A short jaunt to the governor’s log cabin, where we got a brief education along with hot apple cider! The drive back culminated at a restaurant by the name of Jillie’s. The food was good, the company was better, and the weather was great!

Thank you again Karl for everything that you do!

There is Rumor of an upcoming tech session at the hobby shop some Saturday to be determined. I believe we are to witness the installation of a spitfire windshield. Keep your ear to ground as I've also heard noise of maybe an alternator upgrade session as well.  (Ed. Note:  Stay in touch with Arlie King 636-677-0545 for date and time)

Wedge Owners Rejoice! -  Dave Massey has informed me of an interesting reorganization that has taken place. Apparently the former TR8 club of North America/ TR8 club has undergone a positive transformation that now includes TR7 owners. I've just finished reading their latest newsletter and I truly believe they are on the right course. A couple of names I recognized that may be familiar - Tim Lanocha & Woody Cooper are actively taking part in this reorg. I don't want to steal all of Dave's thunder here, Dave is a Regional representative (big surprise!) he loves this stuff! I will try to get him to possibly print out a copy or two of the newsletter and a half a dozen or so of the applications for those that might be interested. This is a perfect case in point where new blood (members), larger numbers and new ideas continue to keep things fresh & fun.

GT6 Club?  I'm recalling a conversation I had with Steve Street, telling me how the landscape of the club had changed - The club used to have an over abundance of TR6's. At one time there was a large number of Wedges, now a lot of Spitfires. Most recently - the GT6's are coming out of the woodwork! In fact, I think 4 of our last 6 members are GT6 owners! So, I thought I would publish the "short list" - of our current members that own GT6's so they can seek each other out, should they choose to do so.  Again - " Welcome"-  to our nightmare!

Bill Wahl - Louisiana  69 GT6     Gary Mazzoala - Ballwin 72 GT6     Bill Love - Belleville 73 GT6     Shawn Joseph - St. Charles 72 GT6  Patrick Hughes - Kirkwood GT6     Jack Fansher - Chesterfield 68 GT6     Jeff Bateman - St. Peters 68 GT6     George Bentz - Imperial 70 GT6   Ron Theel - Festus 73 GT6       If you can't find each other in the phone book, give myself or Creig Houghtaling a call and we'll get you a number from the roster.

If I continue, it would just be babble and I think there's a beer  in the fridge waiting for me. In addition, we wouldn't want the computer to hemorrhage while using the spell check on the last paragraphs of the diddy!  So come visit us at the meeting - we want your input & enjoy your company!                Craig Madsen

Annual dues are due

Please make out your check today for $15 or $25 to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association (or SLTOA) and mail it to Bonnie David at 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301-0500.  Either price gets you full membership in the club with many chances to meet other Triumph nuts who will help you with your own affliction.  The lower price gets you an e-mail note when the newsletter is available on-line.  The higher price gets you a hard copy of the newsletter in your mail box.  Either price is cheap, about the price you would pay to ship a few parts from your favorite Triumph parts vendor, or eat out once, or pay for half a month of cable TV, or buy half a tank of gas…  You get the idea.  Club dues are cheap because many volunteers contribute many hours of work to put together our events and activities.

Minutes of the St. Louis Triumph Owner’s Association, By Matt Gossett

January 15, 2008

Meeting called to order at 7:30

President’s Notes (Craig Madsen):  President Madsen starts by thanking Richard and Annis Etz for lining up the Square 1 Brewery for tonight’s meeting.

The 2007 Christmas Party at Bevo Mill was a smash and it seemed that all 70 participants had a great time.  Madsen has already reserved Bevo Mill for the 2008 Christmas Party which will be held on December 5th, 2008.  Party-goers should arrive at 6:30 pm with dinner served at 7:30. 

Madsen introduces two new members to the SLTOA, Ron Theill who owns a GT6 and a gentleman named John who owns a TR6.  Welcome to the SLTOA gentlemen!

It has been settled that Secretary Matt Gossett will reformat the existing membership form and update the current membership information roster.

The next SLTOA meeting will be held at Nicoletti’s restaurant (Hwy. 141 and Big Bend) at 7 pm on February 19, 2008.  See you there.

March elections are looming so, if you’re interested in really making a difference for an active car club with about 100 members, throw your name in the hat and write up an acceptance speech.

Last year’s Easter Car Show at Forest Park was a big hit thanks in large part to the hard work of Dave Schulz.  Unfortunately, Dave has been incognito of late and we’re looking for a member to take charge of the Easter Car Show for 2008.  If this sounds like something you would like to do, please let us know.

The 2008 Polar Bear Run looks like a great time.  Thanks to the hard work of Karl Schmitt and others to assemble this route.  The Polar Bear Run information was passed out at the meeting but, will be available to all on the Club’s website, www.sltoa.org.  It will be held on January 27, 2008.

Treasurer’s Report (Bonnie David):  Mrs. David presents her information to the club.

Old Business:  None to report.

Upcoming Events:  (Thanks Dave Massey)

           The South Central Reginal VTR will be held in Tyler, Texas (about 600 miles away) on April 16th through the 19th.

New Business:  An idea was raised that the SLTOA reserve some club seats for an upcoming St. Louis Blues hockey game.  Let your voice be heard!

Meeting adjourned at 8:17 pm.

November 20, 2007

Meeting called to order at 8:35 pm

Vice-President’s Notes (John Lamberg):  Vice President Lamberg welcomes everyone to his home.

Lamberg makes a motion that, based on President Craig Madsen’s stellar performance as the SLTOA’s President, he be nominated as President for another term.  The motion is seconded by Dave Massey and passed unanimously.  (Editor’s note:  This was not a real election.  Members were just having fun at the expense of Craig Madsen who wasn’t present to defend himself.  Poor guy was in the hospital having his ticker checked out.  We apologize Craig, but you know you only get this kind of abuse because we love you so much!!!)

Treasurer’s Report (Bonnie David):  Mrs. David presents her information to the club.

Old Business: 

           Fall Color Tour:  A big success.  Approximately 50 cars in attendance drove about 50 miles or, 2 hours on a beautiful day.

           Halloween Rally:  Held at New Towne St. Charles

Upcoming Events: 

           Polar Bear Run:  Specifics to be given at the Xmas party.

           Austin-Healey Club Xmas Party:  Decmber 8th, 2007 

New Business: 

           SLTOA Xmas Party:  Held December 7th at Bevo Mill in south St. Louis City.  Please pay $10.00 ahead of time so we may turn in the final count to Bevo Mill.  We have 34 SLTOA members so far.

           December meeting:  None because of Xmas party

           Next meeting:  To be held at the Square One Brewery in Lafayette Square.  Thank you Richard Etz.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm.

September 11, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:30

President’s Notes (Craig Madsen):  President Madsen thanks the members of Arlie’s garage for having the meeting here. 

            Madsen goes over the specifics for the All British Car Show this weekend at Creve Coeur lake.  Set up people are to arrive at 8 am sharp bringing the ice, coolers, British car flag, petty cash, grill and, food.  All thanks to Tom Culverson for again donating food.  We couldn’t do it without him.  A thank you card is being passed around for his efforts.

            Thanks to Joe Mueller for being the Car Show contact with St. Louis County Parks and for being responsible for this wonderful event.

Treasurer’s Report (Bonnie David):  Mrs. David presents her information to the club.

Old Business:  None to report.

Upcoming Events: 

           All British Car Show: The car show is set for Sunday, 9/16/07 at Creve Coeur Park, next to the lake.

           9/14/2007, Bar-B-Q at Red Roof Inn at Westport

           9/14/2007, Hangar Dance:  World War II theme in St. Charles.

           9/15/2007, Drive through Missouri wine country.  Meet at the Red Roof Inn at Westport.

           Scottish Games:  Held at the Dwight Davis tennis courts in Forest Park

           Fall Color Tour:  10/21/2007

           MG Halloween Party:  10/28/2007.  Meet at Target store in Chesterfield Valley with a party afterwards.  No costume required.

           SLTOA Xmas Party:  Held at Bevo Mill.

New Business:  None to report.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

August 21, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:45

Vice President’s Notes (John Lamberg):  John Lamberg, Vice President, welcomes everyone to his home.  He is presiding over the meeting this evening.

Treasurer’s Report (Bonnie David):  Mrs. David presents her information to the club.

Old Business:  None to report.

Upcoming Events: 

           All British Car Show: Several registration forms are here for the members at $25.00 each for entry.  The car show is set for Sunday, 9/16/07 at Creve Coeur Park, next to the lake.

           9/14/2007, Bar-B-Q at Red Roof Inn at Westport

           9/14/2007, Hangar Dance:  World War II theme in St. Charles.

           9/15/2007, Drive through Missouri wine country.  Meet at the Red Roof Inn at Westport.

            Joe Mueller:  Mr. Tom Culverson has been gracious enough to donate food again for this All British Car Show and we all owe him thanks.  The club will again offer Mr. Culverson a free membership in the SLTOA.

            Set up will be at 8 am sharp.  We need volunteers.  We also need a grill, ice, coolers and, petty cash.  No funnel cakes will be made this year.

New Business:

           Thank you Tom Stark and Anne Wippold

           Next SLTOA meeting on the SECOND TUESDAY (because of All British Car Show) to be held at Arlie’s garage located on Highway 30, 1 mile west of Highway 141.

           Member pages:  anyone wishing to have or update their member page on the website, contact the webmaster at: webmaster@sltoa.org.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Calendar of Regional and National Events. By Dave Massey

March 28 – 29, New Orleans, LA, 18th Annual New Orleans British Car Day, http://www.bmcno.org/Show08/Carshow.htm  Host hotel: Hampton Inn – Elmwood, 5150 Mounes St. Harahan, LA 70123, (504) 733 5646

April 16 – 19, Tyler Texas, VTR South Central Region Triumph Meet.  Come to Tyler in the height of the flower season. http://www.redrivertriumphclub.org/.  Host hotel: Holiday Inn Express.

May 23 – 25, Champaign, IL, Champagne British Car Festival.  http://champagnebritishcarfestival.com/

June 11 – 15, Huron, Ohio, TRA National Meet. Host hotel: Lodge at Sawmill Creek, (800) Sawmill. http://www.triumphregister.com/TRA2008_RegForm.pdf

June 19 – 21, Armagh, PA, Roadster Factory Summer Party.  http://www.the-roadster-factory.com/

July 13 – 16, Port Washington, WI: British V8 Annual Convention.  Host hotel: Country Inn and Suites, Port Washington, WI. (262) 284-2100.  http://www.britishv8.org/British-V8-Meetings.htm

Aug 4 – 8, Ypsilanti, MI: VTR North American Challenge.  Featuring:  The Spinal Tappets, 48 hour Spitfire rebuild, Burt Levy, Triumph Wedge Owners Association Annual meeting. Host hotel: Marriott at Eagle Crest 1275 S Huron Street, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 Register here: http://www.natc2008.com/index.php?pr=Registration

Sept 20, Creve Coeur Lake, All British Car Show.  This is a Saturday.

Sept  19 – 22, Elkhart Lake, WI, Vintage Races at Elkhart Lake.  http://www.vscda.org/

December 5, SLTOA Annual Christmas Party

2008 Missouri Endurance Rally, April 19 & 20, Robert Rushing

Hello Road Warriors!!

It’s time to start preparing for the kick-off event of the year – the Missouri Endurance (soon to be Enthusiast) Rally!  This year the rally will be held later in the spring to see if we can get more of our far-north British car nuts to make their way down to the Show Me State to participate in one of the most fun, most challenging, and least understood events of the year! 

Above you noticed I said “soon to be Enthusiast” well, apparently, Illinois has passed a law that forbids driving events that tests a driver’s endurance.  While the MER is not a test of the driver’s endurance, it is definitely one that tests the “endurance” of our classic cars and since we’re really “enthusiastic” about driving our 25+ year old cars, we’ll change the name to reflect that fact.  I had considered changing the name to the “Missouri Classic British Car Navigational Challenge and Chili Cook-off”, but besides being too much of a mouthful, I realized most people don’t want to be cooped up in a car with someone who ate a bunch of chili.  It’s a sad fact, but never-the-less true.

Mark your calendars for April 19-20!!

As in years past, the MER is about driving our classic British vehicles with their antiquated systems (none of that electronic controlled, computer assisted mumbo-jumbo for us!) over some great roads while trying to test your navigation skills using only paper maps (no laptops or GPS for us either!). Any British vehicle built before 1982 (with no modern engine swaps or modern engine systems) is welcome.   This is all Old School at its best! 

Also again this year will be a full-version and a mini-version of the rally.  I expect both the full rally and the mini rally to be fewer miles than previous years, but with additional stops making navigation more of challenge.  We’ll only be in Missouri this year so you’ll only need your Missouri maps.

For those of you who don’t know, the rally works this way – in the morning of the event you will drive a set course to determine any offset of your odometer.  After the check run, you’ll be given a list of locations that you must go to (you pick the order and the route to take to all the stops).  The team who can successfully navigate the stops while covering the least number of miles – wins.  This is not a timed or speed event.  All competitors must seal their license in an envelope and if opened or if a ticket is given; the team is disqualified for unsafe driving.  Teams must obey all traffic laws and drive in a safe, prudent manner. 

Please forward this to anyone you think would enjoy this event and also send this to your newsletter editors for inclusion in your club’s newsletter.

Attached are the registration forms and simple rules sheet.  You can also find information at www.stlouismgclub.com .  If you are interested in participating but do not have a navigator (or a driver/car for that matter), let me know and I will spread the word to see if anyone else is looking for a partner.

Thanks!            Robert

Polar Bear Run, 2008, By Kay Houghtaling

We couldn’t have special ordered a more perfect day for this year’s Polar Bear Run.  The sun was shining brightly and temperatures climbed to the 50’s last Sunday as about 25 little British cars  (including several of our MG Club friends)completed a lovely drive through the hilly terrain of Jefferson County. Most of the tops were down and the drivers and passengers weren’t even too frozen by the end of the tour.  Karl Schmitt graciously donated his time and energy to map out a terrific route that included stops at the Fletcher House in Hillsboro, the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge, and lunch at Jilly’s Café and Steak House in Fenton. Besides directions, Karl included a great written narrative to accompany our drive which included many interesting historical facts about the sites we were passing.  He put a lot of work into it, and we really appreciate it!    Many thanks to Karl for a fun-filled day – a great time was had by all!!!





























TR250 Engine Installation, By John Maneke

Hi everyone my name is John Maneke and this story is about my TR250. I bought the car four years ago and it sat in my garage up until January of last year. I drove it numerous times during the cold weather as long as the roads were dry with no problems. In the spring the radiator sprung a leak in the webbing and I took to a shop to have it fixed.When last summer rolled around I started having trouble with the car overheating. At first I wasn't sure if the gauge was working properly or not so I replaced it along with the sending unit and it still showed that it was running hot. I tried cleaning out the engine and radiator with chemicals and it still overheated. I thought to myself maybe the shop soldered too many of the tubes shut so I got a new radiator. I checked and rechecked everything that I could think of. Finally I pulled the head and took it down to JCM Machine and Coatings to have it looked at. Charley called me and had me come down to see. The head had cracks all over the place! He said that he could weld it up and grind it down but couldn't guarantee it. OK now what do I do? There aren't any new heads being made for the six cylinder engine at this time, although I have read about a chap over in the UK that is working on an aluminum prototype. I started asking around and Arlie King let me have a used head that he had down at the Hobby Shop. I took that head over to JCM to have it redone and THEN IT HIT ME, as long as the head is off I might as well go hole hog and freshen up everything. The clutch had so much play in it that sometimes I had to push it all the way to the stop to get it to disengage and I had no idea what kind of shape the motor was in. With all of the things that I had found wrong with the car since it's purchase I didn't want to take any chances. I pulled the motor and transmission and took the rest of the motor down to the machine shop and had them check it out. Well 20 over on the pistons, 20 over on the mains and 20 over on the rods. While this was going on I took a good look at the transmission! What a mess!!! The tapered pin was missing and the clutch operating fork was welded to the shaft. One of the pins in the fork was worn almost in half. New bushings and all new hardware and back together with a new clutch. I can't believe its the same transmission, there is no slop at all now. I have been having all manner of problems putting things back together. Although the car is a TR250 not all of the motor is from that year. The head was correct but the rest of the motor is from a later model and that presents a host of parts changes. Some of the parts that I purchased wouldn't fit and I had to send them back and order parts for a later year. I believe that the block stayed pretty much the same but the head, crankshaft and flywheel all changed.

Creig Houghtaling came up and helped me mate the transmission back to the motor and install it in the car. THANK YOU CREIG! I couldn't have done it by myself. I hope to have it up and running before winter is over. I also want to thank Dave Massey for the donation of a later model intake manifold. THANK YOU DAVE. My old manifold wouldn't fit the later model head. I have already given away my old intake to a club member who needed it. There have been numerous upgrades made in the rebuilding process. New cam, roller rockers, double row timing chain and gears and bigger valves to name a few. I can hardly wait to get back on the road.

Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at  , the address listed below, or 314-401-7817 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

For Sale: 1979 TR7 rolling chassis - Texas car, solid floors straight body with exception of nose but have straight replacement sheet metal. Your choice of 390:1 or 345:1 rear end ratios. Additional parts negotiable, details -  636-734-3937  ask for Craig.

Arlie King has a set of TR3 spoke wheels and tires for sale, Call today to get a really low price.  Please call him at 636-677-0545

I’ve got a new supply of Castrol GT LMA brake fluid.  $10 for a quart.  $5 for a 12 oz.  Creig Houghtaling 314-401-7817

Press Release, By Robert Rushing                     January 28, 2008 - St Louis, Missouri

John “The MG Doc” Mangles would like to announce a name change for his business from Hi-Tech Collision Repair to All British Car Repair.  Located in St Louis, Missouri, John has been the owner/operator of his shop since 1986.

He began his career in 1969 after graduating from technical school and focused mainly on collision damage repair.  Around the time he opened Hi-Tech, the British car bug bit him and he restored his first – a 1965 MGB.  Over the course of the next 14 years, John took on a number of restoration jobs as side work to his main business of collision repair.  Eventually, he got so many requests for general repair and restoration work from British sportscar enthusiasts that he decided to go start turning away collision work and only focus on those great English cars.

Beginning in 2000, John began specializing in MG and Triumph repair and restoration, focusing mainly on MGA and MGBs, including V8 conversions; but also performing work on other British marques like Austin-Healey, Jaguar, etc.  John is a charter member of the British Motor Trade Association – www.britcar.org – and is active in several local as well as national car clubs.

Examples of his work and an extensive collection of detailed photos can be found at his website – www.allbritishcarrepair.com, including the beginning-to-end story of the restoration of his famous MGA V8 that he created out of a parted-out rusting hulk of a 1957 MGA.

All British Car Repair is located at 2618 Woodson Road, St Louis, Missouri 63114.  His phone number is (314) 426-1600 and can be e-mailed at mgdoc@sbcglobal.net.


Creig Houghtaling, Editor

36 Copper Mountain Court

Fenton, MO 63026