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April Meeting, Tuesday April 15th, 2008 7:00 PM at Nicoletti’s Restaurant – Shopping center, south-east corner of Big Bend and 141.

Presidential Ramblings, by Craig Madsen

Gonna buy five copies for my mother! (There WILL be a test!)

All's well that ends well!  We froze our butts off, but we had a good time! I had initially reserved 20 spots for this years Annual Easter Car show. I should know from past experience that reaching that number involves a lot of time & energy. The diehard group pictured on the front cover is a testament of what this club is all about. As cold & wet as it was, the weather didn't dampen the spirits of this group - quite the contrary. Despite the rain & snow, I think I can say everyone enjoyed themselves and each others company. This was the poorest attended gathering (all makes) in the last 4 years. That just means there's only one way to go next year & that is up! It didn't help that Easter was the earliest this year I can ever remember. Something about the first full moon in March, I don't know exactly how it's determined.  The good news is, the Friday prior, I had talked with the organizer, and asked if the club could be refunded for five spots I was unable to get commitments for. The reply was that no one had ever requested that before. (Apparently no one is as optimistic as I am!) Ben said he would ask. Upon returning home from work last Friday I found a letter from the Horseless Carriage Club including a check for the five unused spots and a Thank you for our continued participation, especially for this year’s attendance with the weather being the factor that it was. So, it's true - It never hurts to ask!

While you were out - Elections were held, things pretty much remain the same, (for better or worse) The March meeting was held at Tom & Ann Stark’s home, on possibly the rainiest night in March. Our Thanks go to Tom & Ann for hosting the event & providing the great eats! Apparently, my work here is not yet finished! I chatted last fall with previous president Arlie King as to the Car Show at Lake of the Ozarks in May. It has long been a desire of mine to bring the Triumph enthusiasts of Kansas City, Springfield, St Louis, & encompassing areas together somewhere at the lake. Part of my dilemma was "when". That will largely be determined upon what location is available at any given time. My preference was May, but the Champagne show always seemed to be in conflict. It appears that enthusiasm is dwindling somewhat for that event locally. So maybe the time is right to launch this escapade. I had requested contact info from Dave Massey, which I received previously, but didn't follow through with. So, I will request it again from everyone in the membership. If you know of a contact from the surrounding areas that I might pole as to the interest level of an event of this sort please forward it to me at camadsen_1@yahoo.com or call me at 636-734-3937. With some help from the other clubs, I don't see why we couldn't pull this off. I also thought maybe we could issue ballots to non entrants in the "peoples choice" awards to help neutralize the "he's my friend so I'm voting for him" instead of the car that actually deserves credit. Perhaps to passers by, which would help include them in the process. This might even entice some non owners into the hobby. My vision for the location is Lake Ozark (the strip) which I'm not sure they're receptive to, or if it is a large enough area. The outlet Mall, the down side being no shade & very few food vendors. I'm hoping they'll accommodate us at the strip, though we may be spread out by model as parking is somewhat limited. It might be a win/win for everyone involved.

The April 15th meeting will be held at Nicoletti's Restaurant - South East corner of Big Bend &141 anytime after 6:15. Previously we were to be at the Chesterfield Marriot, but for some reason that was not workable. I hope to see you all there, & I hope one of these days it quits raining!

Cheers - Craig Madsen

Annual dues are due

The following members have not yet renewed: Mel & Barbara Alcorn, Jeff Bateman, George W. & Shirley Bentz, Cheryl Swift/Bob Berger, Keith Bester, Brian & Robin  orgstede, John F. Bush, Tom & Dorothy Chronister, Lisa Ciampoli, Ken & Sue Dahman, Clifford Davis, Gail & Ann Edmunds, Richard & Anice Etz, Byford & Kay Gullett, Mark & Debbie Janosik, Dan Jones, John Kilburn, Edward Kilper, Arlie & Linda King, Damian Kostiuk, David & Jeanne Layton, Chip Logan, Bill & Christina Love, Jesse Lowe, Julie Madsen, John & Carol  angles, Joe & Mary Ann   Mann, Mark Marshall, Katherine Cuba/Michael Mason, Gary & Linda Mazzaola, Terry Merrell, Christopher Nohr, Tony Panchot, Wanda & Charles Rain, Bill & Jacquie Reck, John Ritter, Karl & Barbara Schmitt, Paul M. & Kathy Schuessler, David Schulz, Kurt & Betty Schumacher, Ron Spiegelman, Steven & Sandy Street, Doug Stuhlmann, Michael & Andrea  Thomas, Mark & Darcy Weinstein, Jeff Weintrop

Please make out your check today for $15 or $25 to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association (or SLTOA) and mail it to Bonnie David at 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301-0500.  Either price gets you full membership in the club with many chances to meet other Triumph nuts who will help you with your own affliction.  The lower price gets you an e-mail note when the newsletter is available on-line.  The higher price gets you a hard copy of the newsletter in your mail box.  Either price is cheap

Roster Corrections

Microsoft technical gremlins deleted two names from your roster.  Please add them to your list.  They were:

Gay & Cookie  Wilkinson         210 Aldergate St.         Farmington       MO      63640-2813     573-701-6484

Earl      Yaeger 911 Buckley Rd           St. Louis           MO      63125

Fred Lang added his cars: 1953 Dodge B2B pickup, 1991 Jaguar XJS, and 1974 Triumph TR6

This is the time to make additions or corrections.

Calendar of Regional and National Events. By Chris Kresser

DATE                          EVENT                                                            LOCATION

April 16-19                  VTR Regional                                                   Tyler, TX

April 19-20                  Missouri Enthusiast Rally                                   St. Louis, MO

April 27                        Model A Swap Meet St. Louis, MO                 Gateway

May 16-18                   Carlisle Import/Kit Car Show                           Carlisle, PA

May 23-25                   Champagne British Car Festival                        Champaign, IL

June 1                          St. Louis Euro Show                                         Plaza Frontenac, MO

June 6-8                       Ault Park Concours                                          Cincinnati, OH

June 6-7                       Louisville British Car Show                               Louisville, OH

June 10-14                   TRA National                                                   Huron, OH

June 19-22                   Roadster Factory Summer Party                       Indiana, PA

June 26-29                   Official Spridget Golden Anniversary                 Osage Beach, MO

July 12                         Springfield Car Show                                        Springfield, IL

TBA                             London to Brighton Run                                    London, IN

TBA                             Cincinnati British Car Show                              Cincinnati, OH

August 5-9                   VTR National                                                   Xpsilanti, MI

August 30-31               Kansas City British Car Show                           Kansas City, MO

September 7                 Chicagoland British Car Show                          Chicago, IL

September 19-20         St. Louis All British Car Show                          St. Louis, MO


TBA                             Indiana British Car Union Show                        Indianapolis, IN

TBA                             Memphis British Car Show                               Memphis, TN

TBA                             MG Club Halloween Rally and Party                 St. Louis, MO

December 5                 SLTOA Holiday Party                                      Bevo Mill, St. Louis, MO

Triumphs & Roses

2008 VTR South Central Regional

The Red River Triumph Club is proud to host the 2008 Vintage Triumph Register South Central Regional Convention, from April 16 to 19. 

The site for this event is Tyler, America's Rose Capital, [http://www.visittyler.com/] in East Texas, and the host hotel is Holiday Inn Select.

Please join us for a variety of driving and social events in scenic Tyler, Texas. These events will include the usual Funkhana, Gimmick Rallye, Autocross, and Concours, Welcome Party and Awards Banquet, a silent auction, and several scenic drives for Breakfast or Dinner. A special treat is a tour of the impressive auto collection of local enthusiast Jerry Ball.

Check out the VTR South Central Regional video, [http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/sl/1/en/cwshome/DPRD-769QTL/TYRSB/website/] which shows some of the highlights of Tyler, courtesy of the Tyler Convention and Visitors Bureau.

SCHEDULE [http://redrivertriumphclub.org/regional2008_schedule.html]

EVENT DETAILS [http://redrivertriumphclub.org/regional2008_events.html]

REGISTRATION [http://redrivertriumphclub.org/regional2008_register.html]

RRTC HOME [http://www.redrivertriumphclub.org/index.html]

VTR HOME [http://vtr.org/]

Classified Ads:  Contact Matt Gossett at  or the address listed below to place a free ad in this newsletter.

1974 Triumph, in process of restoration, 90% dis-assembled, over 500.00 in new parts in the suspension,
Chassis completely stripped and painted. All paint to finish body once assmbly is complete, over 300.00 in BC/CC Black paint including epoxy primer, hardner and thinner, 1976 Parts car included.  750.00
New Lincoln MIG Welder, used no more than 2 hours. New conversion kit for GAS, installed never used. 469.00 invested, asking 400
There should be pictures of the chassis on file as they have been in the newsletter.  I hate to do this but I will be moving cross country. Michael Thomas [michaelthomas8@hotmail.com]

For Sale: 1979 TR7 rolling chassis - Texas car, solid floors straight body with exception of nose but have straight replacement sheet metal. Your choice of 390:1 or 345:1 rear end ratios. Additional parts negotiable, details -  636-734-3937  ask for Craig.

Arlie King has a set of TR3 spoke wheels and tires for sale, Call today to get a really low price.  Please call him at 636-677-0545

I’ve got a new supply of Castrol GT LMA brake fluid.  $10 for a quart.  $5 for a 12 oz.  Creig Houghtaling 314-401-7817

Matt Gossett New Newsletter Editor

We now have a new editor of Exhaust Notes.  Many of you know Matt Gossett.  He has been our Secretary for a couple of years now.  Matt has volunteered to put together the newsletter for the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association.  For now, Creig Houghtaling will remain as publisher.  So please send all your newsletter content to Matt at:  Then Matt can collate the newsletter and Creig can publish it.