Frame Off?


Note: This is not a concours frame off restoration. The idea is to go through all the components, clean or replace anything that would ruin my day and have a great time doing it!

What the heck are you doing…or why did you miss the April Fools Run Gary? Story here

OK, what did I do? Evolving story here


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The CT/3795-LO Pit Crew is:

Al Allgood Crew Chief, Lead Mechanic, Chief cook and bottle washer
Dave Allgood: Mechanic, Knuckle Buster, Grease Monkey, Paint Jockey, Coffee maker/drinker

Current TR4 bit identifications:

Body: 4681CT
Com: CT/3795-LO
Engine: CT/ 24893E
Gearbox: 30640
Differential: DBT

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