Joel Brecount
1969 Spitfire

Frame off restoration in progress

Series of 3 at top: Previous owner had car in this barn for 12 years, he bought it in this condition, did no work to it. Original color is red, but has a thick primer coat on top of paint. Very little flash rust on frame, no rust on body, floorboards, etc. 52,000 miles. Original seats and interior in very good condition. Engine block in place, head, pistons, etc. removed, all measurements indicate original condition.

3 guys and car: Andrew Stark, Hogan Brecount, Joel Brecount - Just rolled the car into the garage for the first time after a rainy pickup

Current status of body off frame: Good progress made, motor and transmission pulled out on first weekend, the boy and I devised a way to lift the body off of the frame with one engine hoist operator and one spotter. Only one bolt (body to frame, above leaf spring, LH side) broken in complete teardown of body and frame.

Here is what she will look like from behind very soon...



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