Creig Houghtaling

Everyone has been looking at my TR6 for several months now, so I am pushing that down and adding some of my Spitfire pictures.  The top two pictures were taken after I bought the car.  The bottom left picture shows the discontinued restoration effort I bought from another individual.  This person restored the mechanicals, but when he got to the body he gave up.  So I bought the restored frame and engine and put my body on it.  The lower right picture is an Easter car show in Forest Park.  Andy Stark's freshly restored GT6 is parked behind.

63 Spitfire

Off Street parking?

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How many Triumphs are in this picture?


These pictures were taken by Gary Allgood at Babler State Park on Sunday afternoon, October 29.  Gary called me up and said let's meet and take some pictures.  So in many of the pictures of my TR6, you will see Gary's TR4 too.  In the top picture you can make out the reflection of Gary's TR4 in the driver side door of my TR6.  It was a cloudy afternoon, so the lighting wasn't ideal, many of the pictures did turn out pretty nice.


To all other members of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association, we would love to see pictures of your car here too.  We can take pictures and add them in, or if you have photograph prints, bring them to me (Creig Houghtaling) and I will scan them.


Thanks, Creig

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