Andy Stark, Autocross Video

June 23, 2002, General Motors, Wentzville

Our next event was the shakedown of the Gt-6 at an auto cross. Not much to say except everything went pretty well other than a fan belt being a bit stubborn. The belt kept turning upside down. It was an easy fix by buying a slightly larger belt and replacing the bad one. I ran the car 9 times total and threw it around the track looking for the limits of the suspension. The short video that Creig took shows what happened when I found the limit exiting a turn. I was extremely surprised the car recovered.  I was going way to fast for the car to recover under normal autocross conditions. But it did! I was so surprised I actually forgot to keep driving the course. So as the video shows I pretty much stopped driving and went off course.

The shake down was very successful. No leaks and everything worked as good or better than I expected.

I am not sure how fast my car is going to be compared to the rest of the E-production cars but it is by far the hardest pulling Triumph I have driven to date. Really sets me back into the seat when I put the pedal down!


Andy runs his GT6 for the first time since he rebuilt it for racing.

Click on the image above to view a 15 second video.  The file is 1.34 meg, so it might take as much as 10 minutes to download.  But be patient.  The music from this Triumph 6-cylindar engine is worth the wait.  At the end of the video Andy goes off course.  Obviously he is having fun pushing the limits.

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