How hot could it get!!


Well folks it made it. The first run for the Gt-6 was successful. I am so excited about the car not breaking I am almost at a loss for words. Or maybe I am just completely fried from the heat. We could not possibly have had a hotter weekend to go racing. I want to thank the few and the brave that came out to cheer Frank and myself on. You all must have been darn near as tired and hot as we were.

Other than the heat it was a pretty darn good weekend. Frank came home with a first place in the regional and almost got a third in the national on Sunday. A bad flag killed us on Sunday. The driving on Sunday was really something to see. I have yet to see such a close race in G-production.

We were not without some problems. Franks car had two loose wheel studs and a loose steering column. The wheels studs where fixed by one of our fellow competitors and the steering column issue was just a loose retainer that was easily tightened after Saturdays race.

As spectators we saw some pretty wild stuff. A Gt-3 class Gt-6 broke a rear axle entering turn #2 on Sat. and it gave the driver and the car a wild but short ride. Lucky for both neither the driver nor the car was really hurt. The second incident happened while Frank and I were running. Entering turn six a very pretty MG-B went off track for no apparent reason and hit the wall and rolled over. I am not sure what caused it but I can speculate that the driver was overheated and had a lapse of judgment. I did hear that the driver is ok and the car will be racing again. A real shame that it happened. Frank had been setting his sights on beating that MG all year. Sat. was going to be his shot. If you happened to be watching the exit of turn six late in Saturdays race you would have been fortunate enough to see yours truly spin his brand new Gt-6. A bit of a brain fart trying to keep up with a nationally competitive Rx-7 with slicks.  I did not see it but, Frank admits to spinning in turn #2 just a couple of laps earlier. I was wondering how I caught up with him. I was having trouble keeping the car on the road let alone catch anyone.

In all it was a very good but brutally hot weekend. I am still worn out. Writing this short report is evidence. I can hardly concentrate today. (Monday)

We are planning on inviting the Triumph club again in Oct for the final race of the season. We will get together a couple of grills for cooking and some beer for an after race party in the Pits. Kind of an October fest at the Track.

Frank and I have lots to do for the Runoffs in Sept and I have huge amount of work to do to my suspension and tires so I can keep up with the rest of the pack in Oct.


See you all at the track