E-Production Racing

I just got back from Indy helping Frank
Axelrod with his 65 Spit G-production racer. We had a good weekend running
a double regional . We won both races by proxy due to lack of competition.
Overall we did well. Frank finished all the races and beat all the other
classes of Prod cars. We are learning a lot about what it takes to keep one
of these little buggers running. So far so good . Any thing that has broken
I have been able to fix very quickly . 17 years playing with these cars pays
off in the pits.
This experience is further encouraging me to build my own car. Most of the
existing Production racers out there are just worn out and pieced together.
The junk ones are for sale and the good ones the owners don't want to get rid
My car is in the early stages of the big tear down . This week the interior
is coming out . It is kind of gut wrenching to yank such a perfect original
interior but it has to be done. The head liner is the real killer because
it is the only white  one I have seen intact ever. I am carefully boxing
everything so it can be used later if I chose to restore one of the barn
queens . Next the doors and the hood will go the same route. Any really
good stock sheet metal is going to be pulled off and saved. I have several
hoods and doors that will be used in place of what I have now. The saws-all
will be busy this weekend cutting heavy stuff out of the donor doors and
hood. All bumpers and chrome will be coming off as well this weekend. Once
all this is done I am having to wait on the frame. I have not had the time to even
call the sandblaster guys and tell them to start. Once they are done I will
have to have some welding done and then paint it. Then the body swap will
begin. I am going to put my existing tub on the new reinforced frame. This
will entail taking all of my existing suspension and putting it on the new
frame and then transferring the body. Once the body is on I have more
cutting to do. I will have to cut out the trunk area and install a place
for the fuel cell. I will also have to do some firewall modifications for brake
system and safety.
Then it will be off to the roll cage shop. I have not picked a shop yet. If
anyone in the club knows a good shop that has experience with roll cages let
me know.
Once the roll cage is in it will be time to finish up the body work and paint.
After paint it will be suspension and drive train installation time.
Also the whole car will have to be rewired for racing . The fire system will
go in and the new dash . Hopefully all this will have happened by
Thanksgiving so I will have most of the winter for detail stuff like air dams
and duct work . I also hope to have extra time to test and tune the car a
bit before the march drivers school .
I will keep you all posted on the progress as I go .
All this is going to come at a pretty hefty cost . Building a fresh Production
Racer out of an auto crosser is in excess of a $6,000.00 undertaking . If
anyone in the club knows of a some potential sponsors for a Triumph race car
or has any ideas for money raising ideas, all input is welcome . I am
selling off all of my Spit parts and a car I am restoring . That will get me
most of the way on my own but it would be fun to have some sponsorship going
into the 2002 season . Frank Axelrod and I are planning to run as a team.
My car will be in E-Prod and his car is G-prod. This way St. Louis will be
represented by two local Triumphs. At this point we are one of the only
Triumph cities that does not have race cars on the circuit affiliated with a
Triumph club . In 2001 this will change and SLTOA will be represented in
the Midwest and Southeast Coast several times a year and at the big VTR
event next summer. I plan to win the VTR next year with my GT-6 . There is
also going to be a huge all Triumph and MG challenge in 2002 with a record
entrant list . At this point not one Triumph from St. Louis is on the
entrant list. I am planning to enter if all goes well.